Hyatt Launching “Pay My Way” Booking Feature

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Hyatt has been making some improvements to their website and app recently.

For example, the World of Hyatt app now shows when your room has been upgraded. Hyatt is also piloting a new digital check-in experience at 34 Hyatt properties, allowing members to select their room, offering more transparency with room upgrades, and more. Previously Hyatt’s online check-in was completely worthless, so that’s a welcome development.

Now Hyatt has announced another potential improvement to the booking process, which is currently being piloted.

World of Hyatt’s new “Pay My Way” feature

Starting today, Hyatt is launching a “Pay My Way” booking pilot for all Hyatt properties. This is initially only available to a small audience of World of Hyatt members.

The plan is to test and refine this over the next several weeks, and then to roll it out on by the end of the month, and on the World of Hyatt app a few weeks after that.

This new “Pay My Way” feature allows World of Hyatt members to book their stays using multiple payment types in a single transaction.

In other words, in the past if you wanted to book a two night stay and pay for points with one night and cash the other night, you’d have to make two separate reservations.

This new feature allows members to book multiple rate types under a single reservation. Currently members would have to book by phone in order to be able to do this.

With the Pay My Way feature:

  • Members can book a combination of cash, points, free night awards, or Points + Cash rates, on a single booking
  • This will initially focus on rate plans without restrictions, including the World of Hyatt member rate, standard rate, and other flexible rate plans; other rate plans (like advance purchase rates) may be added at a later point

I asked a Hyatt spokesperson if a Globalist confirmed suite upgrade could be used for a booking with this new feature. A Globalist suite upgrade covers a single stay of up to seven nights, though historically if you’ve needed to make multiple reservations, you would also need multiple suite upgrades.

Unfortunately suite upgrades are not in the scope for the first pilot release, but it’s something they may roll out at a future point.

Bottom line

It’s nice to see Hyatt enabling an online feature that allows guests to book multiple rate types on a single reservation. There are all kinds of circumstances where you may otherwise find yourself booking back-to-back stays, and having everything under one reservation sure makes it easier, for both the hotel and the guest.

It doesn’t look like my World of Hyatt account is targeted, though I look forward to seeing it “live” on my account later this month. I also hope that they roll out more features associated with this, like the ability to apply a single Globalist suite upgrade to a reservation containing multiple rate types.

Does anyone see this new Hyatt “Pay My Way” feature yet on their account? Would you benefit from this feature?

  1. Ben, if you’re able to clarify with Hyatt, can you see if we’ll be able to combine free night certificates on these bookings too (similar to Marriott)?

  2. This will also be especially useful when hotels are enforcing some sort of minimum nights stay to show points availability when you want to book one night with a free night award and the other with points. Seems to happen a lot that I search for one weekend night and there’s no availability, but then when I search for both Friday and Saturday night, voila, there’s availability! Couldn’t even book 2 separate reservations in that situation.

  3. How about using Hyatt Gift Cards?!?!? Really silly you have to use those only in person at check out. Ben can you ask them about this? Thanks!!!

  4. It’s about time. I recently had a stay where I wanted to use a free night certificate plus points. I had to call my concierge to make it happen without multiple reservations.

  5. Yes, you can combine all the various types of free night awards, cash, points + cash, etc. I was targeted as part of the interview process this past summer during which time I previewed this and gave them my detailed thoughts as to its functionality, design, etc. Took almost 1.5 hours on a zoom call and was very interesting! Glad to see it launch!

  6. Very excited for this feature. More than once I was told that my reservations were combined, only to have my key not work when returning to my room…

  7. How about merging multiple nights booked separately? Hyatt will generally quote you the highest rate for all nights. Booking one or more nights separately sometimes gets you a price break…

  8. This is a great feature, especially when using free night certificates. Those certs only cover one night and in the past I’ve had to ask my concierge to make a booking for multiple nights, one of them using the cert and it always ends up with multiple reservations.
    I will also use that feature for combining points and cash on one booking. Now they need to add the possibility to use GSUs on these bookings!

  9. I’m wondering will they give parking waiver for the entire stay for globalist if they redeem one night using points and the rest paid? or would they only waive parking for the one night. If it was the former, this would be awesome!

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