Hyatt Diamond Challenge To Return In 2015

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For a long time Hyatt offered one of the most generous status challenges in the world, with their Hyatt Diamond Challenge.

Hyatt’s previously very generous Diamond Challenge

Basically if you could prove any status with another hotel chain you’d immediately receive Diamond status, along with four confirmed Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards.

If you stayed 12 nights within 60 days you’d get to keep Diamond status for the rest of the program year. Plus they’d give you 1,000 bonus points for each of the first six nights you stayed during the promotion period.

Not surprisingly, the opportunity was ripe for abuse, whereby people just used it for the confirmed suite upgrades. So in November Hyatt discontinued the Diamond Challenge.


2015 Hyatt Diamond Challenge details

While it hasn’t been published yet, an inside source has told me that apparently the Diamond Challenge will be returning in early 2015, and it will look as follows:

Enjoy the elite benefits of Hyatt Gold Passport® membership faster with our Elite Tier offer. All members earn five Hyatt Gold Passport points for every eligible dollar spent at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts® worldwide to use toward free nights with no blackout dates. Add elite status and receive point bonuses, complimentary Internet access and so much more.

Upgrade To Platinum Status

Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum membership provides you with exclusive benefits including a 15% point bonus on eligible spend, preferred rooms, complimentary in-room Internet access and more.

To participate:

  • Register by May 31, 2015 to receive a 60-day trial Platinum membership.
  • Stay six eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within 60 days of enrollment to maintain Platinum status through February 2016.
  • Receive 1,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points on your first six eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within 60 days of enrollment.

Fast Track To Diamond Status

Once you’ve earned Platinum status, you will automatically be registered to achieve Diamond membership, our most elite status, faster. Diamond membership provides additional exclusive benefits, including a 30% point bonus on eligible spend, exclusive access to the Regency Club® or Grand Club® lounge, suite upgrades and more.

To participate:

  • Stay an additional six eligible nights for a total of 12 nights within 60 days of enrollment and enjoy Diamond status through February 2016.
Already A Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum Member?

Fast track to Diamond membership with the Hyatt Gold Passport Elite Tier offer and enjoy the benefits of our most elite status, faster.

To participate:

  • Register by May 31, 2015.
  • Stay 12 eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within 60 days of enrollment to maintain Diamond status through February 2016.
  • Receive 1,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points on your first six eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within 60 days of enrollment.

So if I’m reading this correctly:

  • You don’t actually have to prove status with another hotel chain, so everyone is eligible
  • You receive Platinum status upfront, and have to stay six nights within 60 days to keep it through the end of the program year
  • You earn 1,000 bonus points for your first six eligible nights
  • You receive Diamond status if you stay an additional six nights within 60 days, though you don’t get the status upfront

To clarify, if I’m reading this correctly you don’t get any further advantage if you’re already a Platinum member. In other words, you still have to stay the 12 nights within 60 days.

As a reminder, this offer isn’t yet live, and I can’t guarantee they won’t change their minds. But I’m unofficially being told that this is what the Diamond Challenge will look like when it returns in early 2015, subject to change.

Bottom line

While definitely not as generous, I think this is a perfectly reasonable challenge. The previous version of the challenge was too generous, so offering something like this was the most logical option. At the same time, this does greatly increase the “switching costs” of going from Hyatt to a competitor.

I think the only other reasonable alternative would have been to keep the terms similar, except require those partaking in the challenge to not only prove top tier status with a competitor, but to also prove that they’ve stayed 50+ nights with that competitor in the past year.

What do you think of Hyatt’s new Diamond Challenge, if/when it goes live?

  1. lucky,

    What about nights stayed between now (or Jan 1, 2015) until this registration opens up?

    Do you think they would credit back stays into the 12 required to get Diamond from Platinum status?

  2. So anyone with a Hyatt CC, and who therefore already are Platinum, do NOT receive Diamond status during the challenge? Only upon completion?

  3. Terms are perfecly understandable… the biggest drawback for me, however, is the deadline 31-may-15, as this means no more status for remainder of the current year + 14 months extra… bummer… it appears challenge would be only for current year + 2 months…

  4. It’s a little vague and I don’t have time to think hard about it now, but it looks like to me that if you’re already Plat, you get the same old challenge just like before where you get 60 days of Diamond and extend your Diamond for a year+ if you do 12 nights.

  5. it says if you are already platinum and you register then you have a chance to “maintain ” diamond status until 2/16. Does that mean you get 60+ days of free Diamond status just by being a platinum who registers?

  6. Sorry if you Diamond pros already know this one.

    If the offer is good on January 1st, and you complete the 12 nights by January 13th, does the status last until the end of 2015 or 2016?

    @MSPDeltaDude I’m also looking at Points + Cash stays as well, do those count?

    Thanks lucky

  7. To expand on my above comment, “Stay 12 eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within 60 days of enrollment to maintain Diamond status through February 2016.” “Maintain” implies you already have Diamond status as a result of the Challenge.

  8. I agree with you Ben in one regard. I think those proving that they stayed 50 nights with another chain should get Diamond immediate status. Otherwise why would I switch my loyalty if I value the upgrades? Without immediate status, I have to spend 12 nights without uprades or the free breakfast benefit that I get at other chains. Makes no sense for me to switch loyalty.

  9. Agree with @HansGolden above. “Stay 12 eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within 60 days of enrollment to MAINTAIN Diamond status through February 2016.”

    This implies to me that in order to maintain status it must be given to you. Or maybe I’m just hopeful and I’m reading this too literally 🙂

  10. What about suite upgrades? Do you get them right away if you complete the challenge? If you did the challenge in January, do you get suite upgrades that expire in Feb and then more after Feb?

  11. I wish they gave you diamond status up front but just waited to give you the suite upgrades until after you completed the challenge. It seems like that was probably their biggest cost with the program so that would fix that and would still allow the diamond challenge to show people how nice it is to be diamond, which was the point all along.

  12. As somebody who just made Platinum this past year (I had 8 stays at Hyatts, more at a few other chains), and wants to be Diamond, this could be good.

    It looks like when a Platinum enrolls, they get Diamond status, according to the portion Ralph quoted earlier.

    If my planned stays work out, I could do this challenge and start enjoying the benefits (I’d eventually hit 25 stays/etc sometime, but that may take all year as opposed to doing a fasttrack)…

  13. @ John DELTA — I don’t know when this will go live, but until it’s introduced I wouldn’t count on anything being backdated.

  14. @ AJK — That’s my read on it, though the language is somewhat vague, so I could be interpreting this wrong.

  15. @ Miro — Hyatt always publishes an expiration date on this offer, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar offer in the second half of next year.

  16. @ Gavinmac — You could be right, I find the verbiage to be a bit confusing. In the past I know they’ve let some people do it multiple times. Not sure this time.

  17. @ Bruce — Agreed, though in fairness most other chains don’t have generous challenges either anymore. Starwood only gives you status after the fact, for example.

  18. @ Tom — With Hyatt you automatically get suite upgrades when Diamond hits your account. So you’d receive four for the 2015 program year, and then four more when you requalify, valid for all of 2016.

  19. @ mwwalk — Yeah, my understanding is that it was a technological limitation, whereby they couldn’t issue Diamond status without the suite upgrades.

  20. What had always seemed bizarre to me with their challenge is that you can attempt it unlimited times. I think they need to change that.

  21. At least the moochers will have to stay at least six nights (even if they use manufactured points plus real cash) before they can be granted temporary diamond…

  22. I completed the diamond challenge this year. Had to do a 4 night mattress run on top of 8 P&C. If they didn’t offer diamond status during challenge and the DSU, I wouldn’t have done it since I didn’t need to spend money for any of the hotel nights. $1400 could have bought me a lot of breakfasts!

  23. Ho-hum. I have Lifetime Hyatt Platinum status which is meaningless compared to what Marriott Gold and Hilton Gold offer. I once had Hyatt Diamond status years ago and it was enjoyable, but compared to Ritz Carlton and the higher end SPG products, I just can’t seem to find the inner persuasion warranted for a challenge.

  24. I’m a current Hyatt Diamond Member (as a result of previous challenge) valid until Feb 2015.

    Have stay @ GH Istanbul at end of January. Is it possible to sign up to challenge (for next year’s diamond status) while a CURRENT diamond member, as it is a new calendar year?

  25. lucky,

    I know that this is all preliminary (and not yet official), and it states “Register by May 31, 2015” but when do you think this can go live? Or the start (earliest) date to begin registration?

    What has been their pattern in the past with start dates?

    I have hotel stays beginning in January already and want to get these scooped until into my 60 day qualifying period….

  26. As current diamond from completed challenge last year and in throes of last five nights of 25 stays this year to keep status, it would be great to be able to complete said challenge again but in mlife hotels.

  27. We all love a game, but I”m just wondrin’ for those of us out here gaming the system. You do realize that as you game the system, the system is gaming you ;-1

    Have a great Christmas.

  28. @ John DELTA — I have absolutely no clue. Wouldn’t be surprised if it went live in the first week of January, but that’s just speculation.

  29. I’d happily consider make a switch to Hyatt (I’m getting tired of Hilton), but two things with the proposed offer seem off.

    1) It would make more sense to go Diamond straight away as Plat at does not seem to offer much such as lounges, free Bfast etc, especially if you are coming from other elite programs. Why be without benefits for the first 6 night stays?

    2) Should the status not be good till Feb 2017? After all if anyone else earns elite level at Hyatt during 2015 their status would be till 2017 as well.
    I know Hilton match works like that. If you manage to earn elite in early 2015, you would be good for full 2 program years.

  30. Just tried calling Gold Passport – no luck. They indicated that members would receive an email before 1/15 with new offers. Has anyone had any success signing up?

  31. I had no luck either! Was told new Diamond Challenge was only for members that had 40 nights or 40,000 base points in 2014. No other offer was available. Frustrating since I just booked 15 nights with Hyatt and was willing to give them a try with Diamond status after being a long-term Starwood Elite. Had over 100 nights with Starwood last year and this would have gotten me to move some business to Hyatt in excess of the couple of nights I gave them last year.

  32. The amount of misinformation and lack of information is crazy. Every other hotel chain has a pretty set standard.

    Hyatt took their set standards, blew it up, and now is confusing members and potential members. Some people are told “sorry, we have no status match.” Some are told “it’s a targeted promotion only…” and now some are being told “you need to contact your local Hyatt sales staff.” So, which is it? Hyatt officials on various message boards have said both “it’s coming…” and “nothing exists at this time.”

    This is very confusing and I would like to change my loyalty in 2015, but with this level of mismanagement, is it worth it?

  33. Christian is correct and I wish he was wrong. I don’t know where you guys get all your information, but in this case, it is incorrect.

    Its amazing how fast this information goes viral like a bad norovirus on a carnival cruise from FLL.

    Easy come, easy go. Hyatt just lost 2400 bucks of revenue from us. We’re not in a market to stay at 59 dollar hyatt places.

  34. Lucky, can you please update this post with additional information, as it was supposed to start Jan 1.

  35. lucky, et al….I think this is a DEAD DEAL, and perhaps a LIE

    I got an official email today from Hyatt:

    Good evening Mr. John DELTA,

    Thank you for contacting Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. My name is H** C*** and it is my pleasure to assist you.

    Hyatt Gold Passport is no longer offering any type of Diamond Trial or any other tier matching program at this time while Gold Passport evaluates the success of the previous trial offers etc. The only way to become Diamond at this time is to complete 25 stays or 50 nights in 2015. I apologize I couldn’t be of further assistance regarding this.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Best regards,

    H** C**
    Guest Services Specialists
    Global Contact Center – Omaha

    9805 Q Street Omaha NE 68127
    T: 800.323.****
    E: h**.c**

  36. @ John DELTA — Not sure what’s a lie here. No one said it would be back within the first week of the year. And they’re not going to tell you the exact date it starts if they’re not ready to publish that information yet.

  37. @lucky –

    Quote from “View from the Wing”

    “I’ve confirmed the details of the offer with Hyatt, and that it will become available January 1.”

  38. I called Hyatt today and told that this promotion would be by “invitation only”, but was not given details on who would receive the “invitation”. I do want to qualify for Diamond status anyway this year, I am a Platinum member with Starwood as a 5-Star owner in their Vacation Ownership program so I might as well throw my hat in the ring with Hyatt. I stayed over 50 nights in 2014 with Starwood, Hilton, and Hyatt combined.

  39. The flyertalk thread on this is stating that some people are getting it, while many more aren’t and are being told it’s a targeted promo. Lots of conflicting information on this.

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