Hyatt Diamond Challenge: Rules And Tips

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Probably my favorite hotel elite status is Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond. While I have top-tier status with a few hotel chains, I find Hyatt Gold Passport does a phenomenal job managing expectations. It’s a fairly generous program to begin with, and on top of that I find they under-promise and over-deliver.

As a reminder, some of the Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond benefits include:

  • Club lounge access, and for hotels without a club lounge, full breakfast in the restaurant
  • Best room available, excluding suites
  • Free internet
  • Guaranteed 4PM late check-out (subject to availability at resorts)
  • 30% Gold Passport points bonus
  • Four confirmed Diamond suite upgrades annually, which can be used to confirm a suite at the time of booking for up to seven consecutive nights

Diamond status requires 25 stays or 50 nights annually, though Hyatt also offers those with status at a competing chain a Diamond challenge. Up until 2010 Hyatt would actually outright match status, though since then they’ve been offering various types of Diamond status challenges.

So I figured I would cover the basics of Hyatt’s current Diamond trial offering.

Who can request a Hyatt Diamond trial

Elite members with the following programs can request a Hyatt Diamond trial:

  • Hilton Honors: Gold & Diamond
  • Marriott: Gold & Platinum
  • Starwood: Platinum
  • Priority Club: Platinum

In practice it doesn’t seem to matter whether you earned the status through a credit card or through actual stays, as long as you have valid status with one of the above programs. You also need to prove that you’ve made at least one stay with the program you’re status matching from.

How to request a Hyatt Diamond challenge

There are two ways to request a Gold Passport Diamond trial:

  • Email Gold Passport at [email protected]
  • Call Gold Passport customer service at 800.304.9288

Regardless, you’ll want to reference offer code DMD14 and provide your account activity from one of the above chains.

It’s worth noting that as of now Diamond trials with the below terms are available through April 30, 2014. We don’t know what will happen after that. Hyatt could continue offering the same trial, or may offer a new kind of trial — it’s anyone’s guess, but that’s the date till which they’ve published the current challenge rules.

Requirements for completing a Hyatt Diamond trial

It’s worth noting that when doing a Diamond challenge you get the status upfront, and you have 60 days to complete the challenge.

To complete the challenge you need to stay 12 eligible nights at any Hyatt worldwide within 60 days. “Eligible nights” include published rates, corporate rates, AAA rates, senior rates, and even Points + Cash bookings.

If you successfully complete the challenge then the status will be valid through February 2015.

The other awesome thing about the challenge is that Hyatt gives you 1,000 bonus points per night for your first six eligible nights, so you earn 6,000 bonus points if you complete the challenge.

The last thing worth noting is that while you have exactly 60 days to complete the challenge, the trial status is valid through the end of that month. In other words, if you begin a challenge on April 15 you would have until around June 15 to complete the challenge, though even if you don’t complete it the status would be valid through June 30.

Diamond suite upgrades with the challenge

What I consider ridiculously generous is that not only does Hyatt give you the Diamond status upfront, but they give you four confirmed suite upgrades as well, which will be valid until February of next year.

Each of these suite upgrades can be used to confirm an upgrade to a suite at the time of booking for up to a seven (consecutive) night stay. As long as the hotel’s “base” suite is available you can redeem a suite upgrade for it. You can even redeem the suite upgrades after your Diamond trial expires, should you not be able to complete it.

Suite at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island

Why Hyatt Diamond status has become more valuable for leisure travelers

Back in November Hyatt announced some pretty major changes to their Gold Passport program, which kicked in January 7, 2014. The changes began with an award chart devaluation, and the following week they announced some positive changes like Points + Cash awards and special elite rates.

While the devaluation sounded bad, I think the changes on the whole have actually been a net positive. As a Diamond member that earns status through “personal” spend, what has always frustrated me a bit is that award stays didn’t count towards status. However, Hyatt has thrown us a bone, because Points + Cash bookings are now eligible for:

  • Diamond suite upgrades
  • Points accrual
  • Promotions
  • Elite stay/night credit

Given what a spectacular value Points + Cash bookings are, going forward a vast majority of my award redemptions will be for Points + Cash bookings. That’s almost exclusively what I used when booking Park Hyatts for my dad’s upcoming “big” birthday.


It’s tough to beat 12,500 Gold Passport points plus $150USD per night for stays at properties like the Park Hyatt Maldives, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, etc.

So this makes it considerably easier to requalify for Diamond status as a leisure traveler, and it gets even better since Hyatt is transfer partners with Chase Ultimate Rewards, meaning you can supplement your points balance with Ultimate Rewards points when you’re first starting out. You can’t beat the earnings rates of:

To be honest now I’m having a hard time choosing whether to transfer Ultimate Rewards points for Korean Air SkyPass or Hyatt Gold Passport.

For more information

The single most comprehensive source for Hyatt’s Diamond tier-matching program is the FlyerTalk thread on the topic.

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  1. Ben;
    If I get the Hyatt Chase credit card, the two free nights can be had at a Park Hyatt? Is that correct? any blackout dates that you know of?

  2. I just started the status challenge a couple weeks ago. I’m doubling up with the “Endless Possibilities” promo that they have, so I’m getting the bonuses from the trial, Hyatt cc spend bonuses, PLUS if I complete the match, it will have fulfilled all 20-night requirement giving a total of 50k points right there alone.

    Unfortunately I don’t have that many hotel stays planned right now, so it’s almost entirely manufactured. The cost is going to be somewhere around $2k, but I feel like it’s worth it since I’ll be getting +65k points. I’ll use the points at the Park Hyatt Vendome or something to make sure I get my money back 😉

  3. Can you upgrade to a suite using the free category 1-4 award? Can you upgrade to a suite with a points and cash reservation?

  4. HI and thanks for this great info!

    If I get the Hyatt Credit card with the two free nights, can those 2 free nights be combines with the Suite Upgrade Certificate?

  5. @Mileswhore, you can upgrade a cash+points reservation – I just did.

    I successfully completed the challenge last month, and received my four suite upgrades, that “expire” on February 28. That means they must be attached to a reservation by then, but that reservation can be for a future booking after February 28 (though changing/canceling said reservation will result in the upgrade being forfeited). Hyatt told me I will get four MORE suite upgrades on March 1, for use during the subsequent 12 months. Very generous!

  6. Back in about 2003, I got a Gold Passport Diamond status based on a MATCH of HHonors Diamond status. I know that a “match” is generally assumed to be “once in a lifetime”, but do you think Hyatt would allow me to sign up for a “challenge” in spite of the “match” history?

  7. Hi,

    I’m getting married at a Hyatt in July and was thinking of doing the Diamond challenge in the beginning of July. I have booked multiple rooms from different Hyatt hotels here in NY during that week for me and my family. If I booked two rooms in the same nights at the same hotel, will that count as only one night stay or two?I also have rooms booked in the same nights but at different Hyatt hotels. I assume those will be counted as night stays.I have a Hyatt CC. Any advise you can give me to get the most points and best way to tackle this challenge would be great. I’m also using my Hyatt CC to make my reception payments to the Hyatt to get 3X points. Thanks.

  8. @ Rami — Correct, they can be used at any Hyatt property. There are no blackout dates — as long as a standard room is available you can redeem points or use free nights from the credit card for it.

  9. @ jmd001 — My understanding is that if you’ve done a match in the past you can’t do a challenge, though it can’t hurt to email and ask.

  10. If my son stays in a hyatt place under my name (he is 21) will it count towards my diamond status challenge? thanks

  11. Great post……..I’ll finish my Challenge at FTU in Seattle in April then use it at Paris Vendome in June…..while learning all the techniques to do it here on Boarding Area……….Thank You!

  12. @ lucky What about if I have rooms on the same nights but at different Hyatt hotels? Do they count as separate night stays towards the challenge?

  13. Lucky:

    Once you initiate a Challenge, is it possible to confirm upgrades for reservations you have already made? In this case, I don’t want to have to rebook because the award reservation was made using the old award chart.

  14. A faster way to get to the Diamond status would be to sign up for The United MileagePlus card which gives automatic Platinum membership in the Hyatt Gold Passport global loyalty program. After 5 qualifying stays or 15 eligible nights in a calendar year, you will enjoy automatic upgrades to Platinum membership that lets you experience a premium level of benefits and rewards 🙂

  15. Let’s say I stay 9 nights during the challenge but not enough to complete it for the 12 nights. Will I still earn 6,000 points?

  16. @ Romer — As of now Hyatt has only announced this promotion through April 30, so it’s a gamble to wait. While it’s likely they’ll continue to offer it past that, there’s no way to know for sure.

  17. Flyertalk wiki notes “Limit one trial tier offer per member.” Is this… like a lifetime limit? I don’t stay at hotels normally for 25 stays/50 nights, so if I can only do this once, would rather do it when I can line up vacation plans with Hyatts, like maybe in 2015.

    Need to get more client matters involving travel if I want to become a hotel loyalist. (Either that or get a HHilton Reserve or Surpass.)

  18. Lucky,
    Love the blog, love this advice & may act upon if for a Hawaii trip next year (Andaz Maui looks great). I would humbly suggest something to consider for future posts.

    When you use a phrase like “What I consider ridiculously generous is that..” I know you’re trying to convey to us that this key point is a value driver for this program. Just know that someone in Hyatt is reading this and substituting the words “And this benefit is much more generous than your competitors therefor you could reduce/ eliminate it without apology”. Maybe a bit more subtlety for the next post.

    Keep up the great stuff!

  19. 2 questions.

    1) If you have already participated in the diamond challenge in the past and it has now been a few years, can you go for it again or is it once a lifetime per account?
    2) Do multiple rooms per night in the same hotel count as only 1 stay/night?

  20. Hey Lucky,

    Thanks for the heads up.

    If I do the challenge, and complete it, getting status to 2015 February, how can I extend this to 2016 February? Do I have to complete 25 stays in 2015? Or if complete 25 stays in the second half of 2014, will it count?


  21. Lucky, wrong again on doing a Diamond challenge more than once. I know quite a few people who have done it multiple times.

  22. Seems like nice benefits and a generous status match programme, now they just need to massively increase the number of properties they have and I’d move across quite happily!

  23. @ Jaimito Cartero — Whoops, had six nights in the first part and seven nights in the second part. Corrected it.

    As far as multiple status matches go, from the same Gold Passport account?

  24. Lucky, yep, same account. Year 1 diamond challenge, Year 2 earned diamond, Year 3 only earned plat, Year 4, diamond from year 2 expires at the end of Feb. After June, applied for Diamond challenge again. Completed. Good until 2/15.

  25. wxguy:

    What did they charge you in points to upgrade to a suite with a points and cash reservation? Which hotel and room did you get, if you don’t mind?

  26. Did I read correctly, even if you fail to complete the Diamond trial, you still get to keep and use the 4 upgrade certs?

  27. I got a Hilton Surpass card to get gold with Hilton so I’d get Diamond with Hyatt for my Hyatt-o-rama this fall in Paris and London, so I’m bummed to see this could end on the 30th. If they do in fact end it, do you think they would match it with a special request?

  28. Just completed the Hyatt Diamond Challenge – had to do a bit of mattress running but only to the tune of ~$550 which I felt was worth it since I have some upcoming Hyatt stays in Europe + Asia which will make it pay off pretty quickly. Thanks Lucky for the inspiration!

  29. @Stacey, how’d you do it for $550? Are you referring to total OOP cost or net of points received? Did you mattress run for all nights? I thought about it but I’d have had to mattress run the entire 12 nights at $75 a pop here in DC not worth it to me.

  30. You might want to mention the option of waiting until June 1st to do the challenge, so that your Diamond status would last until 2016. People should consider that option.

    Also you can’t do a Diamond challenge if you are currently Diamond, at least that’s what they told me. Got Diamond thru a Milepoint deal, and I have to wait for that to expire this month before I can try for it. Or so I’ve been told by Hyatt.

    Also, I don’t understand how doing a Diamond challenge and then meeting the Diamond requirements in 2014 would get you Diamond until 2016. Please explain.

  31. @ Jamie — I’m fairly sure they’ll keep offering it, but it may just be a different version. They may change the number of nights required, the thousand bonus points per night, etc. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  32. @ SJ — They do offer a challenge, but it’s not nearly as lucrative, as they don’t even give you the status upfront. I’ll have a separate post on that in a bit.

  33. @ Glenn — True, but we don’t actually know what they’ll offer past April, which is why I don’t want to infer too much.

    If you earn Diamond status the “hard way” then it’s valid for the entire following year, and through February of the year after that.

  34. Jaimito Cartero – i had a similar situation with you. difference is that in 2008 or 2009 (cant remember) Hyatt status matched my Diamond status instead of asking me to do a challenge. i maintained it for 2 additional years, and for 2012 and 2013 i was merely a plat with the Hyatt Chase card. June 2013 when i requested for the diamond challenge, I was expecting to get shot down, but low and behold, i was put into the challenge. it was also during the period where there was ambiguity whether MGM properties counted. i completed the 12 nights as requested, with 8 of them coming from MGM properties, so naturally i complained and complained until they finally caved. Diamond until Feb 2015! woo hoo. anyway, your data pt gives me hope that come June 2015, i will have a chance of getting in on the Diamond challenge again. the cash and pts booking definitely helps. transfer a bunch of pts over from Chase UR, make a few cash and pts bookings for 12 nights, and boom, another 2 years of diamond. this sounds too easy.

  35. Jaimito Cartero, were the requirements of you first challenge years ago the same as the requirements for today? thinking that similar to chase considering visa/mastercards as different products, Hyatt may consider these two challenges as different challenges (different in terms/requirement, etc), therefore, any member is eligible for additional challenges so long as the terms keep changing.

  36. @ Jeremy – I had some paid nights already planned for a business trip so those I would have had to pay for anyway… so the $550 includes pure mattress runs that I needed to meet the 12 night threshold. Like I said, for me I felt it was a worthwhile investment considering the travel I have planned over the next year, but for others it may not be worth it (especially if you don’t have any international Hyatt stays planned in which case I can understand why it wouldn’t be worth it to you…)

  37. yea, diamond status is worth at least $550. several thousand in my book, but of course, depends on how often you stay at hyatts, which hyatts, and whether you get 1 or 2 years worth if hyatt status.

  38. @ italdesign — Nope, they can’t be used at the Park Hyatt Maldives. In general they can be redeemed on a Points + Cash stay, though not on an outright award stay.

  39. Lucky-

    I emailed and was granted Diamond status and I was wondering, (if I read it correctly) we are granted 4 confirmed suite upgrades upon signing up for the trial, how do I redeem one? I have a stay at the Hyatt Place Indianapolis and Hyatt Place Dallas (though I considering staying at the hotel, suggestions).

  40. @ Fernando — You have to call in order to apply them. That being said, keep in mind that many Hyatt Place properties don’t actually have premium rooms, so there may not be anything to upgrade to.

  41. i read message # 20- is it correct???

    is this true that you would need only 5 nights to get to diamond after getting platinum via the united credit card??

    i could not find any confirmation on this.

    why would you not need 20 nights to get to diamond??

    thanks for any help anyone can give me on this

  42. Lucky-

    I meany Hyatt Regency Indianapolis and Dallas. I know that the upgrades expire on the 28th of this month and since I signed up for the challenge yesterday, I pretty much lost those 4 right? My next stay at the hotel is March 7th.

  43. Lucky-
    If I go for the diamond challenge today, I get 4 suite upgrades that expire on 2/28/15. If I meet the challenge (12 nights), do I get another 4 suites that would post in March 2015 that would expire February 2016?

  44. @ WISluggo — If you complete the challenge your status would be good through February 2015, so you wouldn’t get suite upgrades then. If you requalified for Diamond, though, you’d get suite upgrades for the 2015 year (valid through February 2016).

  45. @ WISluggo & Lucky — if I read FT thread correctly, if you manage to sign-up for the challenge before 2/28 (not a certainty because it may take a few days), you’d get 4 upgrades that expire 2/28/14 and then on 3/1/14 you’ll get upgrades that expire 2/28/15.

  46. Hello Lucky,

    I sent an email to Hyatt to request the Diamond trial, they said I have to at least get 1 stay from another hotel membership. I have IHG Platinum, but I have no stay. And I am not planning to have a stay. What should I do? Thanks.

  47. @ Mike — Doesn’t sound like there’s much of an option unfortunately. If you want to do the challenge you’ll have to do a stay with IHG first, it sounds like.

  48. @Mike – I had the same thing happen, but I said I had not been able to travel in the past 6 months for work reasons. I showed them a screen shot which was empty and they moved me into the Diamond trial.

  49. Lucky, I just received the diamond trial and the status is now reflected in my online HGP account. Where do I actually see my 4 suite upgrades? Are they listed somewhere in my account? Thanks!

  50. How would this status match work if I have Marriott Gold and Hyatt Platinum (through the Hyatt card)?

  51. My wife and I are both platinum members and only I am a Hilton Gold member. We just booked an award reservation under her Hyatt account in the past few days. Is she eligible for the Diamond challenge given the fact that I am Hilton Gold? If I do the Diamond challenge, can we still get free breakfast and upgrades in our upcoming Hyatt stay, even though it was booked on her award number?

  52. @ Stephen — If she doesn’t have status she couldn’t do the challenge. You could if you have status, though. She should be able to make a Hyatt award reservation in your name with her points, and then your Gold Passport number could be added to the reservation.

  53. I just started a challenge this week and I can’t over emphasize how professional and fast Hyatt did this…..they did ask for a statement which showed at least one stay at Hilton as a Diamond (my last). Once I saw all the raving about the Park Hyatt Paris and how I just had to be a Diamond for this June’s 6 night stay (132k points) I decided I couldn’t be a true member of Boarding Area without drinking the koolaid………Hyatt is such a great brand……..

  54. @ HT
    It’s the United MileagePlus Club card with the $395 fee which gives automatic Platinum status with Hyatt Gold Passport. The “5 qualifying stays or 15 eligible nights in a calendar year” you describe is what it normally takes to get to Platinum NOT Diamond, so not sure why you even mention it.

  55. I have some upcoming stays planned with Hyatt starting the end of May and then June, July so I’m thinking to do the challenge. One of the earlier comment mentioned about waiting until June 1. So what would be the difference if I start the challenge mid-May vs. June 1?

  56. @ JW — I believe if you qualify June or later then status is valid the entire following year as well, as opposed to just through the following February. But you should be able to start it in May and it won’t make a difference.

  57. Hello, do I sign up for the challenge before or after booking my room at Hyatt? I am thinking of using my 2 free nights from the Chase Hyatt credit card to stay at a Hyatt property in the US. Thanks.

  58. @ Ben — It doesn’t matter whether you sign up for the challenge before or after booking. You want to sign up for the challenge based on when you stay, not based on when you make the booking.

  59. Hi Lucky,
    If I get the diamond trial now and use one of the confirmed suite upgrades for a cash and points stay immediately, say for December 2014 reservation, and I don’t complete the diamond trial, do i get to keep my suite upgrade in December? assuming now changes to the reservation? or will they bump me back to a standard room on check-in knowing that I won’t be diamond at the time.


  60. Hi, Lucky. Is my understanding correct that Diamond members get club lounge access and free breakfast even on award stays in a non-club level room? Thanks.

  61. @ airgypsy — That’s correct. If there’s a club lounge you get access (along with all the service offered in there), and if there’s not a club lounge or it’s closed you get restaurant breakfast.

  62. Lucky, are the upgrades valid on cash and points or award bookings?
    Also I have Hilton gold but don’t have any stays posted with them and probably won’t when I apply for the challenge. Do you think that will be a problem?

  63. I did the challenge last year but didn’t stay enough nights. Can you do the challenge for a second time?

  64. Lucky,

    With Diamond status do you prefer to have breakfast in a lounge or in a restaurant (for hotels with no club lounge)? (I’ve never had been in Hyatt lounges before so I don’t know how good the breakfast is). Tossing around Hyatt Regency Churchill vs. Andaz for our stay in London. Also will be using suite upgrade so that’s a factor. What do you think?

  65. @ Jamie — I typically always prefer restaurant breakfast, as I like fresh eggs. That being said, the Hyatt Regency Churchill offers an a la carte menu in the lounge as well, and both are great hotels, so you can’t really go wrong either way.

  66. Hi,Lucky! I’m wandering why the status only valid through FEB 2015. If we still need to keep our membership in the rest of the 2015, are we gonna have to stay extra 25 stays or 40 nights? Normally I think stay 25 stay will keep the member sip until 2016 feb, is that correct? Do you think it’s worth to challenge now?

  67. @ GEORGE — Correct, if you want status through Feb. 2016 then you’ll have to stay 25 times or 50 nights. Completing the challenge will only get you status through Feb. 2015.

  68. If you meet the challenge now are the 4 suite upgrades all that are coming? No more at beginning of 2015? How the suite upgrade at Olive 8?

  69. @ JustSaying — You would get four more at the beginning of 2015. At the Olive 8 a suite upgrade confirms into a “Luxury King,” which is a nice, large suite.

  70. Just FYI, I called to enroll and emailed them my HHonors Gold screenshot. They mentioned they needed my full statement because they require one of the above statuses plus at least one stay in the past 12 months. This mattered for me because I have zero YTD Hilton stays (but had one late last year). My recent stays are all SPG, where I’m Gold, but that’s not one of the qualifying statuses.

  71. I received the invitation about a month ago but I just, ( May 2nd ), enrolled for the challenge and was accepted, nice thing is….. If I can make the 12 nights I will be diamond through Feb 2016.

    What qualifies for the challenge ? Can I book rooms for a friend ? If I spend more than one night at a property will all the nights count ?


  72. @ Mick — Yes, one stay of 12 nights would qualify. The reservation has to be in your name to qualify, though.

  73. Is there any updates on MGM properties counting towards the challenge? I emailed Diamond desk and they said no.

  74. OK – I had done a trial unsuccesfully about 6 months ago – and want to give it another try – as I know, I can do the 12 nights within the 60 days… I know, they most likely wont do it on my current account – could it be done via another new account – get the trial and then merge them together?

  75. I emailed Hyatt and they said I can do the challenge for a second time (didn’t complete the first one).

  76. Lucky, I plan to apply for the challenge in June. If I complete the challenge successfully, when would the status expire? Also, I know that some hyatt offer online checking in. Would it work if I check in online but don’t show up at all? If not, I’m thinking adding a guest to the reservation under my name and let him check in for me…Would that work?

  77. I have 4 nights booked on points only in a Hyatt property. Can I use the suite upgrade if I change one of those four nights to points + cash while keeping the other 3 nights points only?

  78. @ Carlton — As a courtesy the hotel may let you keep the suite, but no, technically the whole stay needs to be a non-points booking in order to qualify.

  79. Lucky,

    My Diamond challenge travel plan.,
    Hyatt San Francisco
    Arrival 01 July – Depart 04 July (my actual stay @ San Fran will be from 01 – 03 July and from 03 – 04 July will be in New York but have the room @Hyatt San Fran until the 4th due to cheaper rate)

    Hyatt New York
    Arrival 3 July – Depart 04 July

    Would I get both elite qualifying nights from 3 – 4 July at San Fran & New York as well? All res are under my GP number.


  80. @ Royalfirst — Yes and no. Technically/automatically not, but if you call Gold Passport and explain why you wanted to do it that way (for example, you took a redeye and wanted to make sure your room was ready) they will sometimes make an exception.

  81. My question is the same as Winston’s in post No. 117. What about online check-in? Would that work?

  82. @ Linda — With hotels, online check-in doesn’t actually do anything. So no, that wouldn’t make it count as a stay.

  83. Lucky- I’m just now reading all your wonderfully comprehensive posts on this. I have a quick question.

    As a Hilton Diamond (earned the hard way via butt in bed accrual), this is a great chance to jump ship.

    I am writing this from the Savannah ANDAZ where I am on night #2 of a 5 night stay. If I act fast, do you think I can get credit for these 5 nights as part of the challenge?

    Thank you!

  84. Okay–I read all the qs and answers, here, as well as about 30 pages on FT and still can’t find the answer to this: may I book a room in my name and let someone else use it (in a town I will not actually be in)? I’m in the midst of the challenge, and can’t use all 12 nights, though I’m going to book them. I’d love to “give” a weekend to some friends to enjoy, and pay for the room, but will it count and will they be able to check in?

  85. “You also need to prove that you’ve made at least one stay with the program you’re status matching from.”

    Beside a statement from Hilton (my program) can you send other proof of your stay (like recent stay receipt) and your status with the program? The reason I ask is since my stay with Hilton will be within a short period of time (a week or two) before my stays at Hyatt. Thanks.

  86. Hi. I did the diamond challenge and have platinum through February 2016 and we are LOVING their program!!! Quick question–do we get more suite upgrades in Jan 2015? And how many stays do I need to maintain this after Feb 2016? Read the info myself, but I am confused.

  87. @ Kathy — If you requalify you get four more in February 2015. To requalify you need 25 stays or 50 nights.

  88. Ben, how long will it take for my Hyatt account to show my new status? Successfully have been enrolled in a diamond challenge today but online account still shows gold status and not diamond.

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