My Strategy For Putting Spend On The Hyatt Credit Card

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As I wrote about a couple of days ago, I just recently got approved for The World of Hyatt Credit Card.

As a Hyatt Globalist I’m really excited about this, because the card will make it significantly easier for me to requalify for status for years to come.

The perks that make this card worth holding onto

The World of Hyatt Credit Card has a reasonable $95 annual fee, and for that it offers a variety of benefits just for having the card, and also for putting spend on the card.

Just for having the card you receive:

  • Discoverist status for as long as you have the card
  • Five elite qualifying nights towards status every year
  • An anniversary free night certificate annually valid at a Category 1-4 property

Those benefits alone more than justify the annual fee, though what has really impressed me is the perks that Chase and Hyatt have added to make it worthwhile to spend money on the card, as you receive:

  • An additional two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent on the card
  • An additional anniversary free night certificate when you spend $15,000 on the card in a cardmember year

At a minimum I think it’s worth spending $15,000 on the card per year. Then you’d receive a total of 11 elite nights towards status annually (the five you get just for having the card, plus the six for spending $15,000), and you’d also receive a second anniversary free night certificate.

Those two anniversary free night certificates are also elite qualifying when you use them, so that potentially gets you up to 13 elite nights right there.

My strategy for spending on the card

We’re less than a month from 2019, so I’m being quite deliberate in how I put spend on the card. While I don’t think I’d do so otherwise, I’m making sure I spend less than $5,000 on the card in the remainder of the year.

Why? Because I’ve already requalified for Globalist status for 2018, so I want to make sure that I complete my first $5,000 of spend in 2019, rather than 2018.

Then when I concentrate on putting spend on the card in early 2019, I’ll receive:

  • The five elite nights for 2019 just for having the card
  • Two additional elite nights for spending $5,000 on the card
  • Two additional elite nights for spending $10,000 on the card
  • Two additional elite nights for spending $15,000 on the card
  • An additional anniversary free night certificate for spending $15,000 on the card

So yeah, I think that’s my strategy for now. I’ll try to put $15,000 of spend on the card every year, and if I find myself in a situation where I think I won’t requalify for Globalist, I might put even more spend on the card.

For those of you who have The World of Hyatt Credit Card, what’s your strategy with putting spend on the card?

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  1. it’s even better – at $15K spend that means only 40 paid (cash or points) night annually for globalist re-qualification because the other 15 come from 5 WOH credit card, 6 WOH credit card for $15K spend, 1 free Cat4 from WOH credit card consumed, 1 free Cat4 from WOH credit card $15K consumed, 1 free Cat4 from WOH 30-night award consumed, 1 free Cat7 from WOH globalist re-qualification.

    and the $15K spend really has zero opportunity cost as most globalists will spend close to $15K/yr on getting those 40 paid (cash or points) nights, which earns 4x WOH points

  2. I’m also pursuing something similar.

    Question about the timing of reaching the $5,000 and posting of elite nights credit: if your statement closes on Jan 10, 2019, can you complete spending $5,000 before then (on Jan 2, for instance) and have it count towards your 2019 status bid? Or do you needy to wait to reach the $5,000 threshold on Jan 11, 2019?


  3. Question that still wasn’t answered from the last post on this topic… is a current Hyatt credit card holder eligible for this card and the signup bonus?

    I’ve so far received the offer for the measly 2k points for an upgrade to the new card but didn’t bite.

  4. Damn. I thought the free night after spending $15,000 was per calendar year. Well, thanks for the heads up.

  5. Did you have the old Hyatt card? I am debating of closing it, waiting a month and the reapply or just upgrading the card (I think there is a small upgrade points offer). I am under. On one hand I dont want to mess with chase, on the other would love the 60000 points. What would you do?

  6. I’d say most globalists are on company paid travel, and most of those have a required company credit card, so there is a big opportunity cost.

  7. @Grant: I was able to get the signup bonus but I had to cancel my older card, ensure I was 24 months out from the last time I got the older card’s bonus, then reapply. When you cancel your first card, give it a week or so for their system to clear it out before you apply, otherwise you may get rejected for your application to the new card while the old one is still on file.

    I found it useful to call Chase to confirm when their records have me as getting the last bonus. HUCA was useful too as the first rep I spoke with was unwilling to give me a date. My date was Aug 25, so I also waited until Sept 1 to apply to be safe.

    Also, don’t forget it seems true that Chase expanded 5/24 to this new card…

  8. I called Chase WoH customer service and asked for clarification:

    * 2 Tier-Qualifying nights for $5k spend:
    It’s a continuous-spend meter that does >not< reset on Dec 31st. In other words, you could spend $4999 in 2018. When you spend that last dollar (the 5 thousandth) is when the 2 night credits are triggered. The date in which the transaction posts is the date in which the spend counts, not when the statement closes.

    Points from spend on the card, and Tier-Qualifying bonuses, are reported to WoH when the statement is generated (generally the day after the statement closes). In my experience so far, these points appear in my WoH within a few days

    * CAT 1-4 certificate for $15k spend
    I did not ask about this one, as I didn't plan on having that much spend. But now I am curious as to if this is an calendar-spend meter, or a continuous-spend meter. I will be calling back to confirm this.

  9. I wish WOH would offer more of an incentive to upgrade to the new card without the hassle of having to cancel the card, wait, and they reapply for the new card. They’ve only offered 2,000 points so far to switch which I’ve not responded to.

  10. I just wish that points earned for this card would be noted as such on my WoH statement, instead of just labelled “Bonus”.

    I also wish Tier-Qualifying nights earned from this card would be noted as such, instead of just being added to the total with no indication whatsoever.

    Hyatt IT leaves a lot to be desired

  11. Adding my thanks to @mojo – I’m gunning for first-time Globalist this year, and I’m hoping the 4 nights from $10k spend post before Dec 30, when I start a 6-night stay. Sounds like they will (I’m at about $9k), but I’ll keep a close eye out.

  12. Let me see if I get this straight. Spending 15,000$ to get two free night certificates, whereof you get one anyways, even if you spend 0$.

    Now, what value can you get out of a cat4? Maybe 200$? Then, spending 15,000$ to get 200$ is a return of 1,3% give or take. Even if you consider the 2nd free night certificate it´s not completly outstanding. If you mix this up with the signon bonus, ok. But second year this is a useless endeavour.

  13. “That means you only have to spend an incremental $6,000 to unlock all the benefits of $15,000 of spend per year.”

    I’m confused, how does $6,000 + $6,000 = $15,000? What am I missing?

  14. @ Ira,

    You do realize that for your 6-night stay (that you said starts on Dec 30th):

    * Your (6) night credits (along with base-point earnings) for that stay won’t count toward your 2018 totals, but instead toward you 2019 totals.

    When it comes to stays that straddle the 12/31~1/1 calendar time-frame (i.e. check-in during 2018, check-out during 2019), it’s the *check-out* date that determines which calendar year those credits get applied to, >not< the check-in date.

  15. @ James N,

    You didn’t miss anything. His math is off / typo.

    Very typical (and I’m not judging here – blogging is a lot of work) of bloggers racing to get their article posted as soon as possible, without proof-reading first. “Publish or perish” 🙂

  16. I use it for spending at Hyatt obviously, and for international non-bonus spend. My AMEX Preferred has Forex fees, no Forex fees on the Hyatt card. Between those two I ought to get at or close to the $15k.

    Hopefully yoga and martial arts counts as a gym… will pick that up as well.

  17. Surprised no one mentioned that there is a huge opportunity cost compared with Sapphire Reserve/Freedom Unlimited for non-Hyatt spend. I will earn 50 percent more Hyatt points through the combo than through the Hyatt card. I did get the WOH card and will give it $15,000 per cardmember year to get the free night certificate , but that is it.

    @John—you only value a Cat 4 at $200? I have two nights at Cat 2s coming up that would have cost me $250 per night!

  18. Is there anyplace in ones WOH account or in the CC statement that tells you how many points you’ve accrued in the calendar year or anniversary year (Whichever counts for the certificate for one nights stay) so that you can easily track your progress and perhaps pull the car out and start using it if you getting close to the goal? I would love to start doing this in 2019 but I dont want to spend the time tracking multiple cards With differing requirements.
    Oh yeah I think there’s a guy that does it for you LOL

    You can be planning for vacation or you can be on vacation. But when I am planning for vacation when I’m on vacation something is seriously wrong LOL.

  19. I’m planning on applying for the Hyatt card in January 2019 so I can basically track everything as a calendar year. I’m along the same thought process with spending $15k on the card per year. I picked up Ink Cash and Ink Biz Pref earlier this year so I’m giving Chase some space before I go at the WoH. 5/24 isn’t an issue (I’m at 1/24).

  20. @mojo

    My first 2 elite nights for $5000 of spend posted to my Hyatt account the day after the billing cycle closed.

    Sept 13 – start of new cycle with $3100 of spend since card opening.
    Sept 21 – spend crosses $5000.
    Oct 9 – last transaction of cycle, spend is $6200.
    Oct 12 – statement closes, Hyatt bonus points post to Hyatt account, including 60,000 sign up bonus.
    Oct 13 – Two elite nights post to Hyatt account.

    I am confident that my next two elite nights will post on January 13, the day after the statement closes, even though I will cross the $10000 spend mark around December 16.

    The five elite nights for holding the card posted the day after card opening.

    The $15,000 of spend for a free night cert is per card member year, not calendar year.

  21. @mojo, yes, I’m counting on it. Planning to hit Globalist BEFORE the 6 night stay so that the whole thing rolls into 2019 (and I get free breakfast). Only catch is my statement closes Dec 9 and I need to spend another thousand or so. Figuring out what I can prepay now…

  22. @Ricardo For what it’s worth, I had the old Hyatt credit card for years, canceled, waited just a couple of days, applied for the new card, was accepted, and earned and received the entire 60,000 point bonus for the new card. There is not a need to wait 30 days for your account to “clear” unless you’re having problems being approved for the card. Note that Hyatt was pretty slow to post the full 60,000 points, but they did eventually post.

    Love the terms of the new Hyatt credit card, and love the WoH program generally. They have really taken care of us over the years.

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