Earning Elite Nights With The World Of Hyatt Credit Card

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I’ve written extensively about The World of Hyatt Credit Card, which was introduced within the past week. I feel like Chase and Hyatt are spot on with their strategy on the card, as they’ve created a card that’s compelling to spend money on for anyone who likes to stay at Hyatts. I’ve written about the general perks of the card, about how you can earn Globalist status through credit card spend, and about how you can upgrade to this card from Hyatt’s old co-branded credit card.

In this post I wanted to focus specifically on the nitty-gritty of how you earn elite qualifying nights with this new credit card, so let’s dig a bit deeper into that.

You receive five elite qualifying nights every calendar year

Just for having The World of Hyatt Credit Card you receive five qualifying nights towards status with Hyatt every year. There’s no spend required to get this, and the primary cardmember will receive these for each calendar year in which they have the card.

You should see the credits in your World of Hyatt account within eight weeks of when you open the card, and also within eight weeks of January 1, on an ongoing basis. So even if you sign-up for the card mid-year, you’d still get the nights towards status for that year (in other words, this can still get you five nights towards status in 2018).

You don’t get any elite nights for the card’s Discoverist status benefit

One of the perks of The World of Hyatt Credit Card is that you receive Discoverist status for as long as you have the card. Discoverist status ordinarily requires 10 elite qualifying nights per year. As a reminder, here are Hyatt’s elite thresholds:

One common point of confusion is that people assume this card really comes with 15 elite nights per year. They assume you already get Discoverist status, and then five elite nights on top of that. Note that while this card offers Discoverist status, you don’t get the corresponding elite nights.

This means that if you have this card on an ongoing basis you’ll have Discoverist status and five elite nights every year, though you’d still need 25 additional nights to earn Explorist status, for example.

Earning an additional two elite nights for every $5,000 of spend

Not only does The World of Hyatt Credit Card offer five elite nights every year just for having the card, but you can earn further qualifying nights towards status for credit card spend.

Specifically, you earn a further two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 you spend on purchases in a calendar year. These elite nights will post to the primary cardmember’s account, and any qualifying purchases on the account (whether made by the primary cardmember or authorized users) count towards that spend threshold.

Hyatt says that it can take up to eight weeks from the last day of the calendar month when you qualify for three credits to be added to your World of Hyatt account. However, while they may post with a delay, they should count towards your status in the same calendar year in which you complete the spend (in other words, if you spend $5,000 in November 2018 and the credits only post in January 2019, they’d still count towards your 2018 status).

One of the perks of Globalist status is complimentary breakfast

Hyatt Credit Card elite nights don’t count towards lifetime status

Hyatt’s lifetime Globalist status is based on earning one million base points in the program. World of Hyatt members earn five base points per dollar spent on Hyatt stays, meaning you essentially have to spend $200,000 at Hyatts to earn lifetime Globalist status. Credit card spend, and any elite nights earned through The World of Hyatt Credit Card, won’t count towards lifetime Globalist status. That’s because the qualification criteria is based solely on base points, and not based on elite qualifying nights (in which case it would count).

Hyatt Credit Card elite nights do count towards any threshold bonuses

Any elite nights earned with The World of Hyatt Credit Card would count towards threshold bonuses in the same way actual Hyatt stays would. This is a worthy distinction because in the past Hyatt has offered some status fast track opportunities, and in some cases they didn’t come with all the benefits. That’s not the case here, though.

In other words:

  • If you earn Explorist status through credit card spend, you still receive the Category 1-4 free night certificate
  • If you earn Globalist status through credit card spend, you still receive the Category 1-7 free night certificate, four Globalist Suite Upgrade Awards, and access to My Hyatt Concierge
  • If spending money on the card gets you to 70, 80, 90, or 100 qualifying nights in a calendar year, you can choose to receive 10,000 bonus points or an additional suite upgrade award at each threshold

Globalist members receive four confirmed suite upgrades per year

Bottom line

There are many things to love about The World of Hyatt Credit Card, though the ability to get a fast-track towards status is probably my favorite perk of the card. Hopefully the above answers some of the most common questions regarding how earning elite status with the card actually works.

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  1. Any info on whether or not Chase is offering its “standard” 5,000 pts bonus for adding an Authorised User to the account with this new card?

  2. @ mojo — Nope, they aren’t offering that on this card as a part of the welcome bonus.

  3. Do you know if spending at MGM resorts (like Aria) will receive 4 Hyatt points per dollar? Thank you.

  4. I called to upgrade to the new card at 6pm on Friday. By Saturday morning, the five EQNs had posted. #Suite!

  5. Lucky, how do you know the elite qualifying nights earned through CC spend count as a normal “head in bed” night? Last year I did the 20 night to Globalist challenge for Hyatt CC holders, and found out that the Globalist status earned was really Globalist lite because it did not come with any confirmed suite upgrades, did not come with the concierge, and did not come with 55-night requalification. And, my suite upgrades at check-in have been abysmal in the first half of the year. A couple months ago I decided to try the Amex Aspire which comes with Hilton Diamond status, and I’ve been upgraded to suites at 100% of my Hilton stays (all in Asia). ‘

    I’m all for this new CC and will probably upgrade to it, but I’d like to see some actual language on a Chase or Hyatt website that says nights earned through CC spend are treated like actual nights earned for Globalist status.

  6. Does your credit card number stay the same? Can spend start counting right away? I have a lot of nights to spend in Scottsdale in the next couple of months and could really leverage if I stay at the Andaz. Only problem is it is the worst Andaz out there….dark rooms and no desk.
    PS I highly recommend the Hakone Hyatt Regency next time you’re in Japan – very tranquil and great food.

  7. Was told by Chase that have to make at least one purchase to trigger the 2,000 points upgrade bonus just like the Marriott upgrade.

  8. I hope someone still checks these comments and will be able to answer, but any idea on when the elite night credits earned via CC spend will post? Do they just post at the anniversary of your CC or do they just pop up every 5K you spend? I am wondering because I am hoping to use the CC spend to fill in the huge gap I have to get Explorist but a lot of it will depend on when the nights post since Hyatt’s year end is February 1 right?

  9. @Tiffany
    Thanks for responding, I read the article but thought it was about the initial 5 nights, not the 2 nights per 5K spend. But I see in the comments that people are talking about it posting a week after statement close. Thanks for linking me back. Sigh, I sure wish there was a Category 1 HP or HH around here to do some mattress runs.

  10. I want to sign up for the Hyatt credit card the new one with 60k sign up bonus.

    I also want to obtain globalist with Hyatt through this status match below. It states I only need 20 nights in 90 days to obtain globalist status. The card states that if you spend $5,000 you get 2 nights. Does this mean I can just spend my way to globalist with just $50,000 within 90 days or do these nights don’t count? Please answer me I am a huge fan!


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