Hyatt Improves Best Rate Guarantee Policy

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The major hotel groups have been putting a lot of effort into getting you to book directly with them rather than through online travel agencies like Orbitz, Expedia, etc. That’s because they have to pay a commission of 10% (or sometimes more) when you book elsewhere, which they don’t have to pay when you book directly with them.

This is one of the main reasons that hotel groups have been offering member only rates, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi for those who are members of their loyalty program and/or those who book directly with them.

On top of that, the major hotel chains all offer best rate guarantees. The intent is that they’re guaranteeing you’ll find the lowest rate for their hotels when booking direct, in an effort to discourage you from booking elsewhere. If you find a lower rate elsewhere, they’ll not only match the better rate, but also give you something to sweeten the pot (either bonus points or a further discount).

Some hotel groups have been making their best rate guarantees worse, which is largely because a lot of people have made a game of finding lower rates elsewhere, and automation has no doubt helped with that.

One hotel group is countering that trend, as Hyatt has just made some positive changes to their best rate guarantee.

Previously Hyatt’s best rate guarantee offered to match the rate you found elsewhere, and offer you a $50 credit to be used towards a future stay within one year. That’s better than nothing, though not exactly a huge reward for finding a lower rate.

Effectively immediately, Hyatt’s Best Rate Guarantee gives you a choice of two rewards if you find a better rate elsewhere. You can either choose:

  • 20% off the room rate they’re matching
  • 5,000 World of Hyatt bonus points

Personally I value World of Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, so to me those points are worth $75, and that’s already a better reward than the old option. However, for a stay of $300+, getting 20% off (equivalent to $75) seems like the better value.

In the process Hyatt has also made some other positive changes to the best rate guarantee. For example, they’re now including most Thompson brands, and rates found on membership sites are eligible, assuming the membership is free.

There are lots of restrictions to be aware of here, so make sure you read the full terms & conditions.

Bottom line

This is a genuine improvement to Hyatt’s best rate guarantee, both in terms of the reward, as well as in terms of the restrictions associated with taking advantage of this.

A reward of 5,000 bonus points or 20% off the room rate is something that could be worth going out of your way to get.

  1. A ton of the hotels hyatt recently brought into their group are much cheaper when booking at the hotel’s website directly rather than hyatt’s. Are these rates eligible for price match, too?

  2. Just earned a $50 gift card in a price match. Would have much preferred 5k points. Oh well… at least it’s proof that these guarantees are possible to redeem if you track prices closely.

  3. Thanks for this – Priceline had my hotel SKUed up for a whole *$1* less than’s AAA rate (before taxes and fees). I elected to take 20% off my next stay, though I’m not too hopeful the request will be granted as I am but a lowly ~Explorist~. >.>

  4. Actually, after reading the T&C, seems my timing window’s closed, and the AAA Rate, even though it’s roughly equal to Priceline’s *normal* rate are going to be the nails. Oh well, worth a shot. vOv

  5. I just booked a room at a Hilton and price matched it. I got 25% off and in the process of booking a second room for the same rate.

  6. I could accept if SLH did not have the full price match guarantee… I would ne happy with a not getting totally ripped off pledge. The cash spreads from OTAs on those are just stupid. They seem to be only good for points, which I guess is something.

  7. My theory is that they are offering a nominal resort credit to the orbitz and Expedia’s of the world so when you attempt to invoke this “Guarantee” it is not applicable because it is not apples-to-apples. I battled this and lost, just last month. I wouldn’t get too excited.

  8. SLH are not Hyatt owned or managed, so no they never no control over their rates and with guarantee them

  9. Didn’t they have a percentage off before? I thought they went to “price match” somewhat recently. Glad it was temporary.

    I’ve found them to be resistant to approve, but that’s the state of affairs on these “guarantees.”

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