Hyatt’s App Now Shows Room Upgrades

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Historically World of Hyatt hasn’t displayed room upgrades through their website or app. In other words:

  • If you use a Globalist Suite Upgrade to confirm a suite at the time of booking, that upgraded room doesn’t actually show up online
  • If a hotel upgrades you in advance (as many hotels do if you have status), that upgraded room isn’t actually reflected online

This is in contrast to Hilton, IHG, and Marriott, all of which show room upgrades online.

Well, it looks like Hyatt has updated their systems in this regard, and hopefully it’s a permanent change. World of Hyatt’s app now seems to show when a hotel has upgraded your room type.

When I visited the World of Hyatt app yesterday regarding a reservation for the same day, I noticed a message saying:

“Your room has been upgraded! Mobile check-in is now available for your upcoming stay.”

Not only that, but when I clicked on the “Stay Details” section, the reservation showed the room type I was actually blocked in (because I used a Globalist Suite Upgrade), rather than the type of room I booked.

An upcoming reservation also shows an upgraded room type.

I believe this is new, as I don’t recall seeing this before, but it’s also possible it has been live for a little while and I just didn’t notice it?

I’m happy to see that Hyatt seems to have finally added this functionality. It’s always nice to know what to expect for an upcoming stay, and hopefully this update is consistently applied across properties.

For all the hotel groups that seem to show upgrades in advance, I would note that:

  • If you’re not using a confirmed suite upgrade, sometimes you may be shown as being blocked in a certain room, but then when you arrive you might not get an upgrade that’s quite as good; there are a variety of factors that can cause inventory to change
  • Some hotels seem to somehow provisionally upgrade people in advance without actually updating the system that members can see, so there may be situations where you’re upgraded in advance but it’s not reflected online

Hyatt has also told me that they’re currently piloting a new digital check-in experience at 34 Hyatt properties, including hotels such as the Grand Hyatt San Francisco, Andaz New York, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Andaz Shanghai, and more. This is currently available at, and will soon be available through the World of Hyatt mobile app.

This pilot features:

  • Transparency of room upgrades (based on tier/preferences – high floor, etc.)
    • Globalists are entitled to an upgraded room including standard suites based on availability at check-in at participating locations; this feature allows them to check-in day of arrival and see their upgrade without having to be at the front desk
  • Confidence in using mobile entry available at 324 properties (91,891 rooms)
  • Flexibility to select the room best suited for their needs

Have you noticed this new Hyatt app functionality that seems to show room upgrades?

  1. Use of a TSU has always reflected the new room type on the Hyatt site and app for me.
    Complimentary Globalist upgrades never have though, so that’s new.

  2. Is it still best practice to check in at the desk to get the best chances of an upgrade, or is upgrade eligibility fully automated now?

  3. @ nohohon
    TSUs have displayed for paid reservations. They never have displayed for points reservations with a TSU applied on top.

  4. I have a points reservation at a Park Hyatt and used a suite night upgrade, it doesn’t show the upgrade in the app.

  5. Have a Reservation this weekend at Hyatt Regency burning 3 cat 1-4 certs -, so couldn’t use a GSU, but got the same notification on the app and upgraded to a suite, which is now on the Stay Details,

  6. Does anyone know if this shows up if you used a Club upgrade? I don’t see it anywhere on an upcoming stay at the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve (confusing name) in Puerto Rico, and I had called in to apply that last month

  7. @Ted: Club upgrade just gives you Club access, it’s not an upgrade to a Club Room, so it won’t show in the app

    I’ve noticed this change during my 3 Hyatt stays last week and I’m quite happy about it. Upcoming reservation with GSU shows a suite when paying cash, but they still haven’t upgraded their system for points booking so it still doesn’t show up (I believe concierges still call up the hotel front desk to confirm GSUs on points bookings)

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