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I was in Ahmedabad from around 4AM until 11PM, and my plan was to mostly sleep, since I was coming off two overnight flights. While Marriott/Starwood and Hyatt have a fair number of hotels in Ahmedabad, none of the Marriott/Starwood options seemed particularly good.

So I ended up booking the Hyatt Ahmedabad. The cash rate was reasonably cheap, though given the high hotel taxes in India, redeeming points was the better value. This is a Category 1 World of Hyatt property, meaning a free night cost just 5,000 points.

I ended up just booking my stay for two nights, to ensure I could stay in the room the entire time. I could use the elite qualifying nights anyway to requalify for Globalist status, so that worked out well for me.

I arranged an airport transfer through the hotel, which cost 20USD one-way. The driver was waiting for me in the arrivals hall, and the drive to the hotel took about 20 minutes (though that was with zero traffic).

There was a security check to enter the hotel, and then reception was located to the right.

Hyatt Ahmedabad lobby

Even though it was 4AM at this point, the check-in associate was extremely friendly and thorough, without being overly talkative.

Within a few minutes I was escorted to my room, and the elevators were on the opposite side of the lobby of reception. Overall the lobby was pretty nice, as was the lawn just outside.

Hyatt Ahmedabad lobby

Hyatt Ahmedabad lobby view

I was assigned room 1703, located on the 17th floor.

Hyatt Ahmedabad hallway

Hyatt Ahmedabad floorplan

This was a proper suite, with a separate living room and bedroom. The living room featured a couch that could seat three, a chair, and a wall-mounted TV.

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite living room

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite living room

Right by the door was a glass desk as well as an office chair. The glass surface of the desk wasn’t properly attached, so it really wobbled and seemed like it could fall and shatter pretty easily, so I didn’t use it.

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite office area

Then in the opposite corner of the living area was a coffee machine as well as a kettle. I appreciated just how much bottled water there was all around the room, though that’s sort of needed in India.

Hyatt Ahmedabad in-room coffee

There was also a minibar in this area.

Hyatt Ahmedabad in-room minibar

Then there was a door leading to the bedroom. Just inside the door and to the left was a small closet.

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite closet

The room had a king size bed, which was extremely firm. It was way too firm for my liking, though fortunately I was so exhausted that I still slept without issue.

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite bedroom

Across from the bed was a chair and a TV.

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite bedroom

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite bedroom

Then the bathroom was at the far end of the room, and featured a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower.

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite bathroom

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite toilet

Hyatt Ahmedabad suite shower

The bathroom had Portico toiletries, which I was under the impression Hyatt discontinued, but I guess not.

Hyatt Ahmedabad Portico toiletries

The one thing to note about the bathroom is that it smelled really bad. I’m not sure if this is just because of the general water quality in Ahmedabad or what (it smelled especially bad when I turned on the shower, which is why I suspect that), but I tried to limit breathing through my nose in the bathroom.

My room sure had an interesting view. While it faced bigger buildings in the distance, the immediate view was of what appeared to be a small carnival.

Hyatt Ahmedabad room view

I know I’m nuts, but I didn’t actually go to sleep when I arrived at the hotel. I worked for a bit, and by the time that was done it was about 6AM, and I knew breakfast started at 7AM, so I figured I should check that out for pictures. So I ended up staying up for that, and at 7AM went to breakfast, which is served in the hotel’s 24/7 restaurant, located one level above the lobby.

Hyatt Ahmedabad restaurant

As a Globalist member I received complimentary buffet breakfast, which was an excellent selection. I’ll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

Hyatt Ahmedabad breakfast buffet

After breakfast (I was only there for a few minutes, primarily to photograph it) I went to my room to sleep. Much to my surprise, I managed to sleep until about 4PM, so I got a solid eight hours of sleep. YAY. I then walked around in the immediate area of the hotel for a bit.

The Hyatt also has a club lounge on the 17th floor, which I checked out, though it doesn’t seem that they actually operate it fully. At least I didn’t see any evening happy hour, which I found odd.

Hyatt Ahmedabad club lounge

Hyatt Ahmedabad club lounge

The lounge did, however, have some very basic snacks, soft drinks, and a coffee machine.

Hyatt Ahmedabad club lounge

As far as the hotel’s other features go, the hotel has an outdoor pool.

Hyatt Ahmedabad pool deck

Hyatt Ahmedabad pool

Hyatt Ahmedabad pool

There’s also a fairly basic 24/7 gym.

Hyatt Ahmedabad gym

Hyatt Ahmedabad gym

Then there’s a spa. While I didn’t have time to get a treatment, here’s the spa menu:

The gym, pool, and spa, are all located two levels above the lobby.

In the evening I ended up ordering room service, since I had a bit of work to do and needed to leave to the airport. I wanted to order something local (not just Indian, but from the region), though I had no clue what just about everything on the menu was, and even Googling didn’t help. So I phoned up room service and asked the guy to just recommend the most popular Indian vegetarian dishes that people like in Ahmedabad. He enthusiastically provided some recommendations.

The dish on the right was tasty, though too fried for my liking, while I didn’t love the dish on the left.

Hyatt Ahmedabad room service dinner

At around 8PM I headed back towards the airport. This time around the drive took about 30 minutes, which is faster than I was expecting it to take, given that I assumed traffic would be awful during rush hour. Driving in Ahmedabad is nuts, so at some point I just had to close my eyes, because I lost count of the number of close calls we had.

Hyatt Ahmedabad bottom line

At only 5,000 points per night, the Hyatt Ahmedabad was an excellent value. All the employees I interacted with were extremely friendly, and the Globalist treatment was generous. Overall the hotel was also well maintained, minus the problem with my desk, as well as the smell of the bathroom.

All things considered I’d recommend the Hyatt if visiting Ahmedabad.

  1. The lack of happy hour service in the club lounge probably has to do with Gujarat being a dry state, your minibar doesn’t seem to have any alcohol either.

  2. I told you try and TAJ for once…the TAJ next to Ahmedabad Airport has a bar where you can get alcohol. All people who are not Citizens of Gujarat can get alcohol permit easily.

  3. The dish on the top left is a steamed cake called dhokla, and the one below is called khandvi. They are snacks endemic to the state of Gujarat, of which Ahmedabad is the biggest city.

    The dish on the right is a savoury called dahi papdi chaat. Chaats are found throughout northern and western India, and are not Ahmedabad-specific.

  4. Why do people in the comments always desperately need alcohol? Just enjoy life on water and you’ll be more happy.

  5. Curious how you picked the Hyatt and not the Hyatt Regency. There are two Hyatt’s and I much prefer the latter.

  6. +1 on this – “Driving in Ahmedabad is nuts, so at some point I just had to close my eyes”. I did exactly the same thing when I was there. Crazy. Stayed at the Hyatt Regency closer to the river and thought it was fine. Not a big fan of the city overall.

  7. I have a question. If I arrive in AMD at 7pm on EY226 and then take off at 11pm on SQ531 to SIN, is it enough time for transit and do I need a VISA? It seems both flights are at terminal 2.

  8. @Ryan
    I just had to laugh at your comment.

    I gasped seeing that there was no alcohol in the minibar. Then no happy hour! I obviously wouldn’t even consider staying in this hotel! Where’s ma drink?!

  9. At least with driving in Indian cities the speeds are not that high in traffic, so accidents are not as bad when they happen.

  10. I stayed at Courtyard Ahmedebad and was upgraded to a suite. Good experience. This is the hotel used by Singapore Airlines crews.

    If you want an alcoholic drink you can apply for a permit at the hotel. The alcohol ban extends across the state of Gujarat.

    Also stayed at Renaissance Ahmedebad. Excellent experience also.

  11. I was surprised, and totally underwhelmed, to find non-branded Chinese-made toiletries at the Hyatt Regency Dubai. Just the Hyatt logo on the tubes and that’s it. For those of you who stay at Hyatts regularly, is this common?

  12. Always enjoy your comprehensive hotel reviews, Lucky, especially the excellent photos.

    Love the buffet spelling of pan au chocolat and the mixed up eggs and fried potato labels. Breakfast being my favourite meal of the day, I always scrutinise your food pix.

    India is one of the few less developed countries I would like to visit. I have business connections there but everything is done online – Indian English is delightfully quirky and my contacts’ service standard very high.

    Maybe one day.

    Keep ‘em coming.

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