How does Westin define “Heavenly Beds?”

I’m a bit confused, and I’m wondering if I’m the only one. One of the reasons I love Westin hotels is because they have Heavenly Beds. I realize bed preferences vary based on the part of the world you’re in (Beds in Asia are consistently firm, in my experience), so for me Heavenly Beds are a selling point for Westin hotels.

However, the past few Westin properties I’ve stayed at internationally have advertised Heavenly Beds, though most definitely didn’t have them (including my stay at the Westin Nagoya). The Westin Nagoya has Westin toiletries and the Heavenly Bedding, but the mattress itself is anything but “Heavenly.”

So does anyone know what standard Westin uses when advertising a Heavenly Bed, or if it’s downright false advertising?

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  1. The bed at that hotel made me feel like don’t come knockin’ when the trailer’s rockin’. No joke.

  2. And how do you know what a heavenly bed is supposed to be like? Perhaps it is nothing else than an alias for a ‘comfortable’ bed šŸ™‚

  3. I’m not sure about other parts of the world but I can speak for Asia itself. They’re all quite consistent that theres no particular one I have stayed thus far failed me.

    In contrary to this, I have stayed in Sheraton Towers Singapore twice in what I thought they would ave used the same mattresseses. Their beds are pretty comfortable too that you find it hard to wake up the next day. No joke as islet in through my appointment (only woke up at almost noon). Thankfully client cancelled on me that morning. *phew*

  4. Many friends have been reporting that they have been disappointed by the westin beds at recent stays. These are not the same beds that made the westin beds famous.

  5. It’s a Japanese thing to have hard beds. I just stayed at the Hyatt Regency Saipan (the island is like 90% Japanese tourist) and the bed was a rock! Actually, I thought Park Hyatt Tokyo beds were firm too (but not rock hard) but the nicer hotels in the Tokyo area are even softer than the Japanese standard I think.

    Or Hyatt here is cheap.

    As for labeling it heavenly… idk.

  6. Just stayed at the Westin in Princeton, NJ and the bed was like a rock. I’ve stayed there several times before and they’ve always had what I consider to be the Heavenly Bed so I was quite surprised and uncomfortable to find that my room didn’t have one

  7. I wish I knew! I was looking forward to one in Paris so much, and then we got there and were totally disappointed. Lame, Westin…lame.

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