Can these two rooms really be in the same hotel?!

I’m staying at the Hotel Nagoya Castle for two nights right now, and upon check-in last night they could only upgrade me to a deluxe room on a smoking floor, which I accepted over a standard room on a non-smoking floor. However, they said they’d have a suite available today, so I made the switch this morning.

Obviously the suite is larger, though I can’t believe the contrast in the quality of the rooms. A good example is the bathrooms. Take a look at the bathroom in the deluxe room, which felt like a cruise ship bathroom:

And here’s the bathroom in the suite, featuring Bulgari amenities:

Is this really the same hotel?!

And the views of Nagoya castle are pretty awesome as well…

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  1. That is really surprising. That bathroom looks like it is from an Emirates flight lol. Is the deluxe room the same as the club room? Someone told me there was also a club room.

  2. @ David — Both are in (what I believe are) renovated rooms. Neither room was on the club floor, though.

  3. Hi Ben

    Good timing on this post -I am staying there for the first time next month…

    I’ll have to touch base and ask for a suite ^-^

  4. This is quite a contrast in rooms lucky. The suite looks nice. The NGO castle is pretty cool, and do check out the big park in NGO as well.

  5. The Westin Nagoya is an old hotel that (in my opinion) shouldn’t really be under the Westin name anymore.

  6. That first room is just bizzarre. Just like an airplane lav (a nice one, but still an airplane lav).

  7. actually I am not surprised, one of the perks of having a suite/club instead of a deluxe/standard/superior rooms is branded bathroom amenities and an interior that looks more grand and sometimes premium teas or Nespresso machine.

  8. @Xin Li

    Even so, for a deluxe/standard room, that’s a very spartan looking and designed bathroom. A little tiling would have made it look less…cheap, I guess.

  9. That first room reminded me of a small standard room I spent a night in when I was in Japan a few years back. The hotel didn’t have a standard room for me so for the first night they put me in a small room intended for tour guides only…and the bathroom looked just like it.

  10. All rather strange. I was in Nagoya a few weeks ago. The castle was fun. The downtown fish market was awesome for a large city.

  11. @ Andy Bluebear, true.

    I guess in Japan you would expect this, having stayed in a few hotels and ryokans in Japan before, the toilets looked almost the same, I suspect they were prefabricated as a whole or something.

    Elsewhere in Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong, I haven’t seen this before.

  12. This deluxe bathroom is actually quite typical of bathrooms found in many Japanese apartments. It seems the deluxe in this hotel gives you an authentic Japanese experience while the suite provides a non-traditional bathroom.

  13. The first of your two rooms is what I’d expect to find at your average Japanese hotel chain. Given the Westin Nagoya is an older hotel, I’m not surprised by this. Westin Kyoto (if you haven’t gone through there yet) will be a different experience, though will still likely be a plastic waterproof box style bathroom, just meaningfully bigger.

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