Hong Kong Airlines Ending US Flights

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There’s now one less airline competing between the US and Hong Kong. Hong Kong Airlines has announced that they’re cutting their route to Los Angeles as of February 8, 2020.

Hong Kong Airlines’ History Flying To The US

For a long time Hong Kong Airlines was expanding significantly and was poised to become a truly global airline, giving Cathay Pacific a run for their money. In the past couple of years the airline has taken delivery of some Airbus A350s, which has enabled them to offer nonstop flights between Hong Kong and the US.

Hong Kong Airlines’ A350 business class

The airline had added nonstop flights from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and San Francisco, both of which are also Cathay Pacific destinations. The Los Angeles route was launched in December 2017, while the San Francisco route was launched in March 2018.

Hong Kong Airlines’ US Route Cuts

Unfortunately Hong Kong Airlines is in a bad financial situation — the airline is owned by struggling HNA Group, which has largely been trying to sell off assets.

In July it was announced that Hong Kong Airlines would be ending flights to San Francisco as of October 4, 2019. Now the airline is announcing that their remaining US route, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, is being cut as of February 8, 2020.

It could even be that the route is cut before then, as Hong Kong Airlines says they will closely monitor market demand and “decide if the suspension or flight consolidation needs to be implemented earlier.”

This change is being made as Hong Kong Airlines “has been operating in a challenging business environment for some time,” noting both strong competition and overcapacity in markets, as well as the recurring protests in Hong Kong, which have impacted demand.

The airline says that alternative travel arrangements will be offered to passengers already booked on the flight, presumably in addition to the option of a full refund.

Hong Kong Airlines’ A350 business class

Bottom Line

Hong Kong Airlines’ US service will have lasted for just over two years. It’s unfortunate to see both the financial situation they were in to begin with, combined with the protests, which have reduced demand and yields.

I’ll be curious to see what the airline decides to do with their A350s…

  1. Arrgggggg!

    Just booked two months ago. Flying out of LAX in January 2020 and returning in mid Feb. 2020.

    What to do?

  2. With their financial problems, I didn’t understand why they honored their mistake fare in business class last year. I was able to take advantage of the fare and likely flew my one time LAX to BKK in business class. It was an experience that I won’t forget. Now, I just need to figure out how to use the FF mileage that I gained on that flight.

  3. Glad I got to take advantage of their mistake business class fare last year (LAX/BKK). Dont know what I can do with the earned miles. Cant even log in. Should have traded them out on points.com but even that is no longer an option.

  4. I’ve been flying them LA BKK a little over a year. Just landed in LA 2 days back from BKK on their flight. First of, they offered incredible low rates such as $420 round trip LAX BKK. Cathay charged twice that. Granted Cathay makes you feel special, and HK merely tolerates you, but paying half to get from A to B and back is a trade off the packed occupants are willing to make. I’ll be sad to see them go, and concerned about my own booking end of Nov.

  5. HK airlines was pretty meh. The only real benefit was the cheap one way fares, but the product was very unspectacular and was constantly delayed. At least you can still fly it from YVR.

  6. I keep wondering if I am getting jaded with Business class travel as the last three airlines I flew on (QA, CX, Hainan) were sorta meh. So I guess losing Hong Kong Airlines might not be a great loss.

    The last flight that amazed was on Condor (767) from FRA to YYC probably because it was so much better than expected that it shone in comparison. Great food (Salmon yum) and decent beverages.

    Food on Qantas was rubbish and limited. Food on CX was below par – not like the ‘good old days’ and Hainan was meh even though reputed to be one of the best 5* Chinese airlines.

    Will be flying JAL, QR and TAP in the spring. High expectations for JAL. Hoping that the QR experience is better than last time (relatively meh with cheap pedestrian wines such as ‘Jump the Stump’ Aussie Shiraz (<$10)). Haven't heard much about TAP lately but these flights will be on their new A321neo and A330neo so at least the hard product will be comfortable (?).

  7. Now their LAX HKK BKK is routed through Vancouver with a 23 hour layover there. And listed for $1081. Wonder what happens to all the booked passengers who had bought their tickets LAX HKK BKK. Mine is end of the month so I’m questioning what’s going on behind the scenes. I bought mine last night on Kayak and as of this morning nothing is listed on kayak for HK AIRLINES.

  8. They have a nice new Super Diamond reverse herring bone on the A350 I flew from LAX-HKG on the error fare last year.

    Why do you always show a photo of the inferior staggered setup when you post about HX?

  9. Had a perfectly pleasant flight with them back in Feb from HKG-LAX. Shame to see them go!

    HKG-US pricing will go up even more.. even with the ‘recession’ of business travel and tourism there due to ongoing protests, the prices and award availability to/from HKG have been uncompetitive.

  10. I was tempted by the fares but never booked because their lax/sfo departures were toward the middle of the day. I figure if I’m going to get a lie-flat seat (I’m 6’2″), I want it to depart at night so I can get some sleep and my money’s worth. If I’m going to be awake the whole time, I’d just book premium economy.

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