Hilton Lifetime Diamond Status Requirements Revealed

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Last December I wrote about how Hilton Honors would be introducing lifetime Diamond status as of 2015. Well, it looks like this is now official, as the terms have been published.

Conrad Koh Samui

Requirements for lifetime Hilton Diamond

Hilton Honors lifetime Diamond status will require the following:

  • 10 years of Diamond status (non-consecutive is fine)
  • 1,000 paid nights

Here are the full terms:

Lifetime Diamond Status will be awarded to select Honors members, who as of December 31st, 2014 have earned Diamond Status for at least 10 years (non-consecutive) and who have completed stays totaling at least 1,000 paid nights pursuant to the standard Honors Terms & Conditions. Once earned, standard HHonors Terms & Conditions apply. Lifetime Diamond Status is granted at the discretion of Honors Worldwide, LLC and may be ended, or amended with or without notice or compensation, at HHonors’ sole discretion


How does this compare to other programs?

Of the major hotel chains, Hyatt, Marriott, and Starwood already offer lifetime top tier status. The thresholds for achieving lifetime status with those three programs are as follows:

  • Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond: $200,000 of spend (one million base points at five points per dollar)
  • Marriott Rewards Platinum: 750 nights plus 2 million points
  • SPG Platinum: 500 nights plus 10 years as Platinum

As you can see, Hilton has double the requirements for lifetime top tier status as Starwood does, and even substantially higher requirements than Marriott.

Unless you exclusively stay at Hampton Inns, the requirements are also much higher than what Hyatt requires.

Is lifetime Hilton Diamond status worth it?

Given how lackluster Hilton Diamond status is, I’d say that’s pretty steep. There’s not much difference between Honors Diamond and Honors Gold status in my experience, so if anything I wish they offered a lifetime Gold status.

Breakfast is a benefit of both Gold and Diamond status, including at the Conrad Hong Kong

Ultimately it’s better than not offering lifetime Diamond status, though.

Personally I’ll continue to earn Hilton status the same way I have for years — through the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card. You get Gold status for as long as you have the card, and Diamond status after spending $40,000 on the card in a year (which isn’t all that much for top tier status).

While I’ve been Diamond in the past, I’m perfectly happy as an Honors Gold member, since I didn’t notice much difference between the two.

Bottom line

Better than nothing, but hardly anything to strive for. If you spend 1,000 nights at Hilton properties you deserve a lot more than Diamond status. 😉

I’m curious, is anyone close to earning Hilton Diamond status?

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  1. I’m pretty sure the answer to this question is “no”, but is there anyplace online I can find how many lifetime paid nights I have?

  2. It’s better than nothing, but yea 1,000 nights is a lot. I’m currently at 3 and could see making the 10 years of diamond. Getting to 1,000 nights could take 15-20 years.

  3. That is a very steep requirement. I am a few years from hitting 10 Diamond years, but since I qualify with stays, once I do I’ll still only have ~400 nights.

  4. The competition has to give Hilton Credit
    Potential guests will be flocking to other programs where award rooms are far better
    value at lower point redemption rates
    Recognition elsewhere at other programs and late 4 PM check out trump anything for the most part Hilton has to offer
    And all at easier to reach lifetime thresholds!
    Hilton has its Blackstone Head in a glass bubble and can’t make a good judgement call on anything theses days but gouging and overcharging millions of guests and giving little back in return
    How do you say go Hyatt Spg and Marriott all much better and more sensible

  5. was in the WA jerusalem a month ago, they gave me a suite upgrade for plat and a friend who has gold was told that they only upgrade platinums

  6. I feel like there is actually a difference between Diamond and Gold in terms of room upgrades. At Conrad Dubai, which is an amazing property, I was upgraded to the Conrad Suite because of my Diamond status. To be perfectly honest it was the nicest hotel accommodation I have ever stayed in though, so maybe that wouldn’t mean as much to someone else.

  7. @Lucky keeps spreading this ridiculous canard: “There’s not much difference between HHonors Diamond and HHonors Gold status in my experience…”

    Well, your experience seems to be quite limited so stop writing about something you are not qualified to write about. Although bloggers say it all the time, especially those who do “brand advocacy” blogging like here (anything Hyatt is the “best in the business”), it is demonstrably untrue that “there’s not much difference between HHonors Diamond and HHonors Gold status”. In fact, what that claim clearly says is that most loyalty bloggers’ concept of “better” is limited to free breakfast and free wifi. For some of us savvy travelers, the claim that “there’s not much difference between HHonors Diamond and HHonors Gold status” is simply ridiculous because we take free breakfast and wifi for granted, and instead consider suite upgrades, which have a HUGE monetary value, as the ultimate top elite perk. Suite upgrades are NOT a perk that HH Golds enjoy, while it is a written HH Diamond perk. Therefore, it is simply ridiculous to keep claiming that “there’s not much difference between HHonors Diamond and HHonors Gold status”. In addition, HH Golds can see the inside of an exec lounge ONLY IF they are upgraded to the exec floor, which happens only about 50% of the time, whereas exec lounge access is a guaranteed perk of HH Diamonds without preconditions. There is also “Diamond Force” among many other advantages of HH Diamonds over HH Golds that one would think bloggers who write about these things all the time should be aware of. Either get informed or stop writing about things you seem too misinformed to write about accurately… 😉

    BTW, The reason there is a big jump in benefits between Hyatt Platinum and Hyatt Diamond is that the GP Platinum “elite” status is “elite” in name only. For all practical purposes GP has only one elite status, its Diamond, and from where I stand the benefits of GP Diamond are, at best, equivalent to those of HHonors or Marriott Golds, who get as many complimentary suite upgrades as GP Diamonds get with their 4 “confirmed” suite upgrades. No wonder HH Gold perks strike you as equivalent to those of a Diamond, but you got wrong which Diamond…It is GP Diamond, in which case we are full agreement! 😉

  8. DCS- You wrote “There is also “Diamond Force” among many other advantages of HH Diamonds over HH Golds that one would think bloggers who write about these things all the time should be aware of.” I believe diamond force no longer exists for award stays.

  9. Hilton gold status is good enough for me. Love Hilton park lane in London and will go back for sure. I could not say the same to intercontinental hotel just across the street. I got a 20 pound charge after moving two cans of beer out of the small icebox to make room for medicine . When protested they took off the charge but remotely locked the fridge with my medicine inside. The same thing happened to hotel guests with baby foods locked in.

  10. Any chance Hilton gives us the details to the number or years or paid nights or will they do this is typical Hilton manner by telling us we need to figure it out? At least UA added the lifetime information on their site years ago. I do consider UA and HH sites as the worst sites any major corporation could have.

  11. I would just like to start by saying im a hilton employee (just a front desk employee nothing corporate), so i may be somehwat biased in my reply.
    For the hyatt lifetime membership $200,000 spent is not as easy as it may look. If this is over 1000 stays that is an average price of $200 a night. And unless you are staying somewhere like Boston, New York, or Nashville $200 is a rather expensive price tag for many business travelers with a limit right around or under $200. Also $200 puts you at the same pace as Hilton. You also can not find a Hyatt Hotel everywhere you go as they have less then 600 hotels worldwide
    For Marriott 2 million points at 10 points per dollar is $200,000. See argument for Hyatt. I am also assuming that is 2 million base points, if not Marriott is the way to go. I also like the lower tier status that Marriott offers lifetime status with.
    Starwood is probably the easiest to get with literally half the requirements as hilton. Only has 1200 hotels but that should be more then enough to find one anywhere you go. I would also like to say the starwood 24 is flippin awsome but would be a nightmare for hotel managers.
    ■Your24™ — have the flexibility of choosing your check-in. For example, check in at 9 p.m. and check out 9 p.m. on the day of departure.
    The 10 year of top status on hilton and starwood is in my oppion kind of bs though. If I book 2 rooms for 250 nights a year for 2 years I want that life time status.

    P.S. Ray if you ask a front desk employee they can give you the answer most of the time. But i did help out at another hilton property one week and the page that shows the info was blocked to me. but at my property it is not blocked.

    If anyone wants to ask me anything go ahead and ill respond whenever i see them.

  12. @John said: “I believe diamond force no longer exists for award stays.”

    That is what I thought except that “Diamond Force” is alive and well even for award stays. I will write an online post I have been meaning to write in the near future on the fact that DF is always with HHonors Diamonds and shows up whenever it is needed. Please subscribe to this thread (below) and I will alert you here after I have written the post.

    May the Force be with you!

  13. @Lucky claims that spending $40K to achieve top elite status isn’t much. You cannot make this stuff up! Spending $40K to earn HHonors Diamond is ridiculous because it costs just $12K to make Diamond from stays — $40K is what I would spend to make HH Diamond 3 years in row 😉

  14. @ James said: “im a hilton employee (just a front desk employee nothing corporate), so i may be somehwat biased in my reply.”

    Actually, James, yours is one of the most unbiased and coherent analyses I have read on this new HHonors perk.

  15. Great move for Hilton. I’ve been Diamond for the past 22 years and have averaged 176 nights in a hilton for each of those years. Great to have now earned Lifetime Status!

  16. Great move for Hilton. I’ve been Diamond for the past 22 years and have averaged 176 nights in a Hilton for each of those years. Great to have now earned Lifetime Status! It has become too easy to make Diamond Status over the past 5 years. I actually thought they would create a higher level than Diamond – but Lifetime Diamond is a nice perk.

  17. The 1,000 night requirement is a joke. I’ve been loyal to Hilton for years, but at this point I could get lifetime status sooner by starting over with Starwood. I think it’s good bye Hilton for me.

    Re: gold vs. diamond, I haven’t noticed any difference between Gold or Diamond either. I’ve been upgraded to suites as Gold, but denied it as Diamond. I’ve had far better breakfasts at Hiltons as a Gold in the restaurant than I received in the lounge as a Diamond.

  18. @John on February 11, 2015 at 2:28 pm
    You’d commented that “I believe diamond force no longer exists for award stays” and I’d promised that in the in the near future I’d write something that shows that the Force is always with HHonors Diamonds, showing up whenever it is needed. Well, I just wrote the piece and it is here:


    HH “Diamond Force” is alive and well, even for award stays, and it is even better than ever because it has now been automated. No need for phone calls to the Diamond Desk to make a “Diamond Special Request.” The automated Diamond Force “forces” revenue or standard award room availability at overbooked properties that otherwise show none. It is truly a powerful benefit, which no HH Gold can claim, so that..

    …@Lucky might also want to check out the piece because I threw down the gauntlet and challenged anyone who claims that “there’s not much difference between HHonors Diamond and HHonors Gold status…” to put up the goods 😉

  19. Ridiculous 1,000 nights, I have 10 years diamond and very short of 600 nights …. in another 6 years I would get it !

    Again, HILTON is the WORST.

  20. @b.filho – A poster here said: “For the hyatt lifetime membership $200,000 spent is not as easy as it may look. If this is over 1000 stays that is an average price of $200 a night.”

    Does that seem easier for you?

  21. Just received a black box in the mail containing a Black Lifetime Diamond Card. In addition to the card (which, by the way, is not a plastic card), you receive a personal verification code to select a gift from HHonors. I haven’t visited the website to see what the gift choices are yet.

    Although receiving this card was a complete surprise, this card was certainly earned! I have spent a tremendous amount of time and money at Hilton over the years.

  22. I’ll be achieving Lifetime Diamond this year as I’ve got 9yrs and counting as a Diamond and currently sitting on 965 paid nights. So yes, its achievable, but I also maintain a gold or platinum with Marriott as well. Sadly, when I look at these number I’m sadden by the fact that is time away from home. It is something, and if you’re a loyal Hilton person like myself its a nice thing to have that most don’t have. It’s sort of like that quote by George Clooney during ‘Up in the Air” on his quest for 10M American miles, “more people have walked on the moon than have accomplished this”.

  23. I do agree C Scotto,
    It is sad when you look to those numbers and you are aware that you are from home that long.
    The saddest thing is, when you give your wife a couple free nights at one of the Hilton Hotels “just to be away and explore a city” she will not get the benefits from my life time Diamond membership card.
    Just a room – not even using the lounge or getting free breakfast in the Hilton.

    So much for being a lifetime member

  24. I met the 10 year Diamond req’t several years ago, but only at the lifetime 775 nights level at the moment. Probably will take a couple of more years to hit 1K. I don’t get the “is lifetime Diamond level worth it?” question. I bet there is not even a one single person who stays at the hotels just for the purpose of reaching the status. It’s travel for job. If I make it, I make it. If not, I will not be staying at my own expense just to reach 1000 nights.

  25. I just got an e-mail saying I reached it this year and the card will come in April or May
    Not sure why it would take so long
    Do Hilton Hotels treat you differently when you check in?

  26. Congrats, Martin!
    A slight addition to the above “Diamond for life” criteria:

    — 10 years of Diamond status (non-consecutive is fine) AND
    — 1,000 paid nights
    – 2,000,000 (2M) points (at 10 points = $1 spent, base rate only, nothing else counts)

  27. Manny
    I earned lifetime diamond status in 2014 with Hilton, and I’m at lifetime Gold with Marriott and Sheraton. Treated different!, depends on the property. Do you really want to be a snotty Diamond member though? When they see my Diamond Status I always get an upgrade to a suite if not the Presidential if available at no extra cost. Breakfast always free, parking always free, usually best cabanas at poolside. Internet free. They only thing I can say I don’t get that I’m offered at the Sheraton is a guaranteed late check out at 4pm.

  28. Have 9 years as Diamond and will make the 10th this year, but only 610 nights. That could take a while. I find at many locations Diamond means absolutely nothing. Some places I get an extra bottle of water. 🙂

  29. Partner is a Lifetime Diamond. Not seeing much of a difference though. At many Hilton receptions, they don’t seem to even be aware of the status when we hand over the card–looking at it quizzically until we explain. At present staying at the Hilton Labriz Silhouette Island resort, and other than breakfast for both Gold and Diamond, and a few drinks at a short evening event with the manager, there’s nothing. Not even an assurance or trying to get us a late-checkout. Guess the experience depends on which resort or hotel you choose. Our 3x experience staying at the Rangali resort in the Maldives was vastly superior in the way we were treated.

  30. A post script comment to my previous comments.

    Now that I have been a lifetime member for a couple of years, I really find no difference between lifetime diamond and plain diamond. with the exception of you don’t have to requalify each year. I travel extensively for business and pleasure, so I have had the opportunity to stay at most of the Hilton brands from the Hamptons, to the Curio brand. I’ve had the most problems with franchise “Hampton” hotels, basically about late check out. They basically state, that since they are a franchise they do not honor late check outs even for “lifetime” diamond members. I can think of 5 Hamptons off hand, that I have had this problem. Arcata, Ca. Manteca, Ca. Carson City, Nv. Flagstaff, Az. and Agoura Hills, Ca. Personally they treat elite members I think terribly. You would think I they would offer something above and beyond, but “NO”. I will not consider those properties again. As for the rest of the program, I would like to see an automatic upgrade, complete free parking as well as the benefits of executive level access and free breakfast, and late check out to at least 3pm (Sheraton has always let me stay till 4pm). There is no separation really between the elite tiers of Gold, Diamond and lifetime Diamond. Hilton and CEO Nessa should consider the fact that at 1,000 stays at an average of $ 250.00 per night. A client has spent over a quarter of a million dollars. I did not even receive my promised headphones as a gift for achieving lifetime status, just a Hilton luggage tag!.

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