Hilton Honors New Member Bonus: Up To 5K Points

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For a long time Marriott has offered a promotion for new Bonvoy members, though I wasn’t aware that Hilton Honors has a new member bonus as well.

New members of Hilton Honors can earn up to 5,000 bonus points after two paid stays:

  • To take advantage of this promotion, members must enroll by December 31, 2020
  • Members earn 2,000 bonus points after the first stay, and 3,000 additional bonus points after the second stay
  • Stays must be booked directly with Hilton
  • Stays must be completed within six months of joining Hilton Honors
  • Hilton Honors awards don’t qualify towards this promotion
  • There’s no registration required

Personally I value Hilton points at ~0.5 cents each, so that’s an incremental $25 worth of points after two stays by my valuation. Thats not life changing, though it’s nice when you consider that it’s on top of normal points earning opportunities.

That’s because this promotion can be stacked with Hilton Honors’ standard global promotions. At the moment Hilton is offering their Points Unlimited promotion, where members can earn:

  • 2,000 bonus points for every stay
  • 10,000 bonus points after every ten nights

So in reality members would earn at least an additional 4,000 points after two stays, in addition to the bonus for new members.

On top of that, one of the best ways to earn Hilton Honors points is with the co-branded Hilton Amex credit cards, including the:

Is anyone taking advantage of this Hilton new member bonus?

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Flyer Bonuses)

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  1. It is ridiculous that you value Hilton points at 0.5 cents. They should be valued at no more than 0.4 cents each and realistically at 0.3 cents each.

  2. @Greta, I regretfully have to agree with you. I’m seeing many redemptions falling to $0.03 or even less. I just checked on a trip to DC with over 15 hotels. Best redemption was $0.04, worst was $0.02 with more than one example. I’m hoping to cash out at $0.06 or better but opportunities are near nil.

    I know there are tough days where room rates are low, however, I’ve found much more attractive opportunities with World of Hyatt, consistently. Even Bonvoyed is better with their devaluations and all.

  3. @ Tim — Please stop walking around with your head in the sand, and, instead, do the actual work that’s necessary to get your facts straight, before making claims such as those that you just made, which won’t stand to objective scrutiny, also known as reality.

    Please do this: (a) Search for Hyatt awards within 10 miles of downtown NYC (list the search results by distance); (b) dummy book as many as you can, and then calculate their respective nominal redemption values as [member rate in cash/award cost in points]; and, lastly, (c) report to let us know what you find.

    Hint: You’ll find many Hyatt awards yielding redemption values of 1 cent/Hyatt point (cpp) or less, corresponding to redemption values of 0.3cent/Hilton point or less. Go on, do it and so that you can disabuse yourself of the fantasy of how you’ve “found much more attractive opportunities with World of Hyatt, consistently”, after you dummy book an award stay at Grand Hyatt New York and get a redemption value of about 0.75cpp, corresponding to Hilton redemption value of ~0.25cpp.

    Go on, do the simple exercise, and report. We’ll be waiting with bated breath…

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