Hilton Double Your HHonors Promotion Extended And Improved

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Update: This offer for the Hilton Honors Surpass card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

In late January I posted about how Hilton announced that they would change the way they do HHonors promotions as of this year. As I explained, Hilton will be offering two global HHonors promotions annually, rather than the four we became accustomed to. In addition to that they promised to offer targeted promotions throughout the year.

Hilton’s first global promotion of 2015, entitled Double Your HHonors, was scheduled to run from March 1 through May 31, 2015. Through this promotion, members could choose either double HHonors base points or double airline miles for stays at qualifying hotels during the promotion period.

Hilton Double Your HHonors promotion extended

Well, there’s some great news on the Hilton promotion front. Hilton has extended the Double Your HHonors promotion through August 31, 2015.

Best of all — and this is something Hilton deserves a lot of credit for — the extended promotion is valid at all 4,300+ Hilton properties worldwide. That’s right, the extended promotion doesn’t have any list of non-participating properties. That’s the first Hilton promotion I can recall in recent memory which doesn’t have a list of excluded properties.


The promotion page has been updated to reflect the new terms of the promotion, and if you’ve already registered there’s no need to register again.

If you haven’t yet registered for the promotion, there’s still time to do so, though you must do so prior to check-in of your first eligible stay. At the time of registration you have to state whether you’d like to earn double points or double miles, as you’ll have to keep that preference for the duration of the promotion. In order to earn double miles you need to select “Points and Miles” as your MyWay earning style preference, and must select your preferred airline partner.

Should you earn double miles or double points?

As a refresher from the last post, Hilton is offering the choice between double HHonors base points or double airline miles.


You ordinarily earn 10 HHonors base points per dollar spent at Hilton hotels. That means if you choose to earn double HHonors points you’d earn an additional 10 HHonors points per dollar spent. I value HHonors points at ~0.4 cents each, so that’s like an incremental return of ~4% on Hilton stays.

If you choose to earn double miles, you’d have to select “Points and Miles” as your earning preference. When you do that you earn 10 HHonors base points per dollar spent, plus one airline mile per dollar spent. So if you choose airline miles you’d earn an extra mile per dollar spent. Unless you value a mile at more than 10 HHonors points (at more than ~4.0 cents), that’s not a good deal.

So in almost all cases I think you’re better off earning double HHonors points instead of double miles.

HHonors earnings rates are still quite good

Hilton isn’t my favorite loyalty program, but they do have good points earnings rates for actual hotel stays.

If you choose to exclusively earn HHonors points for your hotel stay, you’d earn:

So all things considered you’re looking at earning 40-42 HHonors points per dollar spent at participating Hilton properties if you’re a Diamond member with one of their co-branded credit card.

Bottom line

While the promotion as such isn’t the most exciting in the world, I do think Hilton deserves credit not only for extending the promotion for three months, but also for including all properties in the promotion.

To me, having a list of non-participating properties defies the value of a loyalty program. The way I see it, as members of a loyalty program we’re loyal to the chain as a whole as opposed to an individual property, so it’s nice to get that loyalty returned, regardless of which hotel in the Hilton portfolio we decide to stay at. Kudos to Hilton HHonors for finally having a promotion with all properties participating.

Will Hilton extending the Double Your HHonors promotion impact your hotel stay decisions this summer?

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  1. FYI, you earn 2 miles per dollar with a few airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia, so that’s 4 miles when doubled.

  2. Ugh, I can’t believe I had a Hilton stay last week and I forgot to register for this promotion. I don’t think I’ve ever NOT registered for a Hilton promotion, but it just slipped my mind this time. Almost unbelievable that they don’t have a huge list of non-participating hotels!

  3. The lack of non-participating hotels doesn’t necessarily mean there will be rooms available to buy with points when searching.

  4. @Lucky sez: “While the promotion as such isn’t the most exciting in the world, I do think Hilton deserves credit not only for extending the promotion for three months, but also for including all properties in the promotion.”

    That comment right there is as close as @Lucky has come to gushing about anything offered by Hilton, so it is definitely a step in the right direction toward “impartiality”. More importantly, it means that deep down @Lucky thinks that the extension of this promo is a great thing.

    As a HHonors Diamond and Hilton aficionado, I can assure you that the extension of this promo is truly lucrative, not only because one doubles the points with every stay, but also because it will be running concurrently with other selected promos (e.g., 3 promos for staying at Conrad or W=A) that can result in one earning an insane number of points. For instance, I spent just 4 nights at Conrad Chicago last month and earned 150K HH points because of the concurrent promos, which included the one that just got extended. I have a 7-night stay coming up at Conrad Hong Kong at the end of June – early July from which I can now expect to earn what may be a record number of points from a single stay because of the ongoing selected promos for stays at Conrads and this extension of “double your honors” promo. In fact, HHonors promos have been so lucrative this year that I am looking to hauling in a record ~1,000,000 HH points, up from ~700,000 the last two years 😉

    Simply lucrative!

    @Lucky — Do you think this extension is will count as the second of two “global” promos that HHonors said they would start offering twice yearly henceforth?

  5. @ DCS — I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. I would think there would be another global promotion.

  6. @Lucky – Considering how lucrative the first “global” promo has been, I really hope that you’re not wrong…for a change 😉

  7. I am glad to see this news here on your blog of Hilton extending the double points promo and NOT excluding any hotel. It is about time that all hotels participate. I regularly stay at the Trafalgar, and they have not participated in the last couple of promos. I’ll be curious how this stacks with the current Conrad offers.

  8. I am registered for this promotion and am staying for 2 nights at a Hilton in July. I am using the “cash and points” combo: pay $100 plus 25,000 points per night. Will these stays still be eligible for this promotion ?

  9. I’ve already signed up for this promotion and when I made my reservations, I opted for the more expensive double points option. Will this allow me to receive quadruple points?

  10. @ Shanna Reeves — With that rate you’d get double base points, so yes, that’s stackable.

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