Here come the DL/NW equipment changes!

Ever since matching to Northwest Platinum I’ve been thinking about taking advantage of the convenient Delta nonstop TPA to LAX flight, which is the only transcon out of TPA. Best of all Delta has one of the few lounges in TPA, so lounge access along with a transcon in first class (upgraded, hopefully) sounds good, right?

Well, as I was getting ready to actually book the trip for February I noticed that TPA-LAX will now be operated by Northwest using an A319. Nothing against Northwest, but this means no entertainment on a five hour flight and no lounge access in TPA since they’re in different terminals (for now) — not so appealing anymore! On the plus side, they added an LAX-TPA redeye which could be extremely handy, so maybe it’s not all bad.

It seems like TPA to LAX won’t be the only route that’s being “enhanced” — on the flip side, starting mid-next year, Delta will be taking over PDX-NRT, GUM-NRT, and HNL-NRT, which is currently operated by Northwest. Most would say that’s a downgrade overall, with no personal entertainment systems in coach on Delta 767’s, but at the end of the day it’ll balance out.

This should be interesting to observe….

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  1. As much as you travel, I am surprised you don’t bring your own entertainment. Even on aircraft with “entertainment” I would never want to be at the mercy of, say, United’s programming.

  2. Oliver, I know I’m totally crazy, but I never listen to my iPod when I fly and I rarely watch DVD’s on my laptop. My battery life is pretty limited when watching movies, and I’m too lazy to buy a new battery or empower adapter (which will only work half the time anyway).

    Even crazier, I actually like the UA programming, even if it’s the same thing for the third time — hah! 😀

  3. While my laptop works well for watching movies, I generally find that it’s too much of a hassle to pull it out, put it away when food comes, then pull it out again.

    So a few years ago I bought a Cowon A2 personal media player. It has 30GB of storage, a 4″ screen, and about 8 hrs of movie play time (more if you just listen to MP3s). Before I discovered FT and quickly learned how to fly business class on a regular basis, this was my way to “upgrade” my economy experience. I mostly fly UA and in their old C cabin I use the personal video screen for the map view and my PMP for real entertainment (the screen is only slighly smaller).

    Personally, I think it was the best $300 I ever spent on a travel-related purchase.

  4. Are you saying that NW plats get lounge access on NW/DL when upgraded to domestic F? Didn’t know about that. Details?

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