Helsinki Airport Gets A Priority Pass Restaurant

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Priority Pass is the the world’s largest network of independent airport lounges, with over 1,000 participating lounges around the world. Some of these are airline lounges, some are contract lounges, and lately they’ve gotten creative and have expanded beyond that.

Priority Pass has rapidly added restaurants and bars to their lounge portfolio in the US, but they are rare outside of the US, especially in Europe where you all know I travel regularly. I’ve written before about how the Priority Pass restaurant at London Gatwick is my now favourite thing about using that airport.

I’m a paid member of Priority Pass, and as such receive a monthly email with an update on new lounges and restaurants. They’re mostly obscure airport lounges in China that I will never visit.

So I was thrilled to see in last month’s update that the Fly Inn at Helsinki Airport in Finland has joined the Priority Pass program. Helsinki Airport is already a great European airport that is well known for its excellent short connection abilities.

Now unlike many Priority Pass restaurants that simply give you a fixed value to use towards any menu items, Fly Inn offers the following buffet deal:

Priority Pass members must present a same day boarding pass, and can only use the buffet once in a 24 hour period. The restaurant is located after security in the Schengen area, but those passengers leaving the Schengen area can also use it provided they don’t go through non-Schengen passport control before visiting.

Now I found this to be an interesting offer, but the details were a bit vague, so I reached out to the restaurant group that runs Fly Inn for more details and they have advised me the offer includes the following:

With Priority Pass you can choose a glass of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine or beer (we have chosen the collection for this). Without Priority Pass the breakfast costs 16,90 € and the lunch 19,90 € (does not include the drinks). The lunch has a soup that varies weekly, and then green salad and two different types of salads + bread and spread.

They’ve also provided me with a sample set menu for Priority Pass for both breakfast and lunch:

The breakfast buffet looks excellent, especially considering it includes a drink (and you can have as much as you want).

Breakfast Buffet, Fly Inn Helsinki Airport

The lunch buffet may look a little plain in comparison, especially considering other Priority Pass restaurants offer cheeseburgers and ribs, but I quite like the idea of a healthy, lighter option than the junky food I usually consume at airport lounges.

Lunch Buffet Salads, Fly Inn, Helsinki Airport

I am a little surprised/disappointed not to see a fish dish on the lunch buffet, considering how much salmon I gorge on when I visit Finland, but do appreciate that it includes a beverage.

Bottom line

As someone who uses Priority Pass every few weeks, I am more excited about the addition of new restaurants such as these than the same old boring, basic airport lounges with their limited, pre packaged junk and no proper hot food.

The addition of Fly Inn to the Priority Pass network makes a great European airport even better in my opinion, and I’d be especially keen to try the breakfast buffet, which looks excellent in terms of quality and range.

Are you passing through Helsinki Airport anytime soon?

  1. @James Thanks, welcome news, any extra capacity to relieve the HEL AY lounges (lovely lounge but often hellishly overcrowded especially ahead of multiple Far East flights departing).
    Any ideas whether other pass holders (e.g. LoungeKey, LoungeClub) are included?

  2. Considering the “full” denied entries I guess restaurant/bars would be good.

    Quick question. How does guests work with restaurant/bars? Is it just for the cardholder or guests are included?

  3. I have used many of the “random” lounges in obscure airports throughout Mainland China and they are absolutely miserable, so you’re not missing out. However, the US hotel chain properties throughout these obscure cities and even the first-tier Chinese cities are all super nice, outstanding elite level treatment (never not gotten a huge suite upgrade – breakfast always available in restaurant or lounge – lounges even at Courtyards, etc.), and dirt cheap using points.

  4. The one place I would like/need a Priority Pass lounge in the coming weeks, they don’t have one … Split Airport in Croatia.

  5. This is great news for when I’m on an intra-Europe flight in economy. Had a look at this place last monthin HEL but ended up settling on that expensive but good Nordic place. Another good thing about this restaurant is that like everywhere else in Finland, food allergies are understood and catered to. Thanks for the info, James, will definitely use my Priority Pass here next time in HEL.

  6. This is fantastic news! I’m based in Helsinki and just about the only problem with the airport is that all the food and drink options cost an absolute fortune!

  7. Was just turned away at 4pm, apparently Priority Pass is only available for breakfast and lunch and lunch ended at 2pm. Oh well, next time, and theres still the ASPIRE lounge next door.

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