Has Qatar Airways Stopped Serving Krug In The Al Mourjan Lounge Doha?

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Last year we finally saw the opening of the new Hamad International Airport in Doha, which was a huge upgrade over their old airport. The airport experienced some substantial delays, including a huge delay in the opening of Qatar Airways’ lounges.


I’ve written about the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge, which is the nicest lounge Qatar Airways presently has open in Doha. This lounge is used for both Qatar Airways’ first and business class passengers, and is quite nice for a business class lounge.


Possibly the highlight is that up until now they have served Krug in the lounge, which is my favorite champagne out there. Interestingly they don’t serve Krug on the lower level of the lounge or in the restaurant area, but rather only when you go to the bar on the second floor and specifically ask for it.


This might have something to do with the fact that Qatar Airways doesn’t yet have a first class lounge. Qatar Airways is supposed to open their Al Safwa First Class Lounge later this month. So on one hand I wouldn’t be surprised if Qatar Airways stopped serving Krug in the business class lounge once the first class lounge opens.

But what’s interesting is that I’ve received several reports from readers the past few days saying that Qatar Airways is no longer serving Krug in the Al Mourjan Lounge.

While I can’t confirm that this is intentional, it wouldn’t surprise me, unfortunately. Keep in mind Qatar Airways recently downgraded their catering in regional first class, including eliminating Krug on those flights.


While I can hardly blame them, this is an interesting development for an airline which has so long claimed that they can’t put a price to their customers… which I suppose is easy to do when you’re not running a for-profit airline.

Does anyone else have recent data points on being served Krug in the Al Mourjan Lounge?

  1. I’m not so proficient about wines, and I suspect the same of you.

    You’ve mentioned several champagnes on carriers in order of preference and also mentioned their retail value.

    The expensive ones are typically winners with you.

    Here’s the question: If you were to attend a blind tasting, not knowing brands or price but based on taste only, do you think your preferences would remain the same? I ask this of you as I ask myself, because I’m not sure of my own answer.

  2. maybe it has a teeny tiny bit something to do with you constantly railing on QR (and other ME3 airlines) for being a “non-profit” airline, inaccurately I might add so… perhaps influential voices like that are getting to them and they’re reacting by cutting costs…

    you cant have it both ways Ben lol. learn to appreciate the finer things in life instead of complaining about how they “unfairly compete” against other legacy carriers. y’know, before the good things all get taken away from you.

  3. Not sure if the potshots at lucky is called for.

    Its just a qn: if u hv been to DOH, is al mourjan serving krug anywhere in the huge lounge or withdrawn completely.

    Krug is certainly good, and if its withdrawn without putting something similar in place, then it is a downgrade.

    What labels r they serving now? Im interested in the data pt as well as when they will be opening their F al safwa lounge.

    Lucky, do u think i can access F al safwa lounge if im flying F lhr-doh n onward to J doh-asia?

  4. I went through the lounge on New Years Day and specifically asked for the Krug and they didn’t have it. I was there between 5-8am, not sure if that had anything to do with it. So who knows what they’re doing with it

  5. @ flyingfish — If connecting same day I believe you should be able to use the Al Safwa Lounge.

  6. @ colleen — I recently flew JAL which serves Salon, which is more than twice as expensive as Krug. I preferred Krug. Dom is sometimes more expensive than Krug, but I prefer Krug. I do think with a blind taste test I could tell Krug apart.

  7. I went to the lounge in end of March and they served Krug when I specifically asked for it. But after that they kept on refilling so that was good.. šŸ™‚

  8. I suffered a 25 hour delay in Doha last Thursday and got through about 4 bottles of the stuff in the Al Mourjan lounge so it was certainly also available last week. Am travelling through again in 12 hours so will provide an update.

    Interestingly, Qatar operate an explicit 2 tier approach to alcohol in the lounge. They have some outstanding grand cru bordeauxs hidden away under the counter, as well as premium spirits. Ask for a glass of red wine, however, and they’ll serve you the bog standard new world pinot and shiraz they have displayed on the bar. It’s all a little odd.

  9. Good lord, what a depressing day! First, no Rimowa amenity kits on ANA, and now….no Krug in Qatar.
    I’m just gonna have to give up flying (unless, of course, I might want to travel from Point A to Point B).
    May as well just take economy class nowadays. (Oh wait, I already do, and at a fraction of the cost, and I don’t have the pleasure of sitting in elite after my deluxe priority boarding, and wait and wait and wait, watching those dirty plebes walk by. Gross!!)

  10. I’m always shocked at the amount of people who come out of the woodwork every time Ben does one of these articles.

    It’s like, all he does is talk about the was to earn miles and review premium products. When things he’s previously lauded about that product change (CX’s Balik salmon, EK’s chauffeurs for everyone, NH’s Rimowa Kits), he writes an article ostensibly saying “Hey guys, remember how I said I liked it that this airline gave me fancy salmon with my caviar? Well they don’t anymore.” That’s a good way of following up reviews which might not fully be correct anymore.

    But every time there are dozens people (who are reading this blog and thus must care in some way about points/premium travel) who take to the comments section to get all up in arms that he’s harping on about small details or that Krug in a lounge doesn’t matter. Of course it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but if this forum is one concerned only with that kind of stuff.

    If people just want articles talking about how lucky someone is to travel in business class or higher, go to the flyertalk Trip Reports forum and do a search for the phrase “This is my first trip report” and read to your heart’s content.

    So goes my internet rant for the day.

  11. I was at the lounge for breakfast on 27 March and specifically asked for it. It was available.

  12. Ben, the next time someone writes in the comments section “first world”, please ban them. I actually enjoy reading the comments. Mostly.

    I don’t understand how anyone has enough time in the day to either subscribe to remember to visit a blog they hate and comment on it. The Internet warriors are really out in force at the moment.

  13. I was travelling First on their A380 from CDG to Doha,we were 5 passengers and i was the 2nd to be served meal and they ran out of caviar.

  14. Sadly this is true…. Currently sitting at the Bar @ Al Mourjan Lounge, no Krug, “only” Laurent Perrier. Same downstairs. According to staff, changed 3 days ago, no clue whether coming back. Would not expect it. Counting the days till Al Safwa finally opens…

  15. Aussiejosh & Tom C.
    First, please respect freedom of speech, and second: don’t you think it the least bit instructive for all of us to be aware that most of the world’s population could only dream of (or dread) the excessive luxuries that the elite expect as their right?
    It’s always (or at least *should* be) illuminating to be aware that other points-of view do, in fact, exist, and not to cocoon oneself in any single bubble of like-minded people.
    Lucky: thanks for continuing to allow opposing opinions to be expressed in what, after all, is YOUR blog!

  16. Yup, as Roger said, its true. No Krug, no word on its return. At least the a la carte menu is back.

  17. As of 4/24/2015 they were serving a mix of Veuve Cliquot and Laurent Perrier, but if you knew to ask for it, Krug was available. It used to be if you asked for champagne you just got Krug, now they serve a much more reasonably priced champagne by default but will give you Krug if you ask for it. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  18. Was in the lounge yesterday morning (May 10th) and can confirm that Krug was available on second floor. Had to specifically request it but it was there. Also served in the A380 onboard bar on QR3.

  19. They still have plenty of Krug Champagne in QR – Al Mourjan Lounge Doha!

  20. Hey Ben
    Writing this to you from the Qatar airways business lounge.
    I went to bar to inquire about their champagne.
    My wife and I are now enjoying Krug.
    We did have to ask about this as they offered us at the beginning something else.
    Thank you Ben

  21. I’m going there on Sunday 27th March and now have a target – must find he Krug. Would have been happy with a lesser one, but now that I know……..
    Remind me again – which bar serves it??

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