Oh No: Global Ghana Airlines Delays Inaugural Flight

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Yesterday was supposed to be a game changing day for aviation. Global Ghana Airlines was supposed to launch their highly anticipated service between Chicago and Accra. The new eagle that was supposed to bring us the faith to fly was supposed to take off yesterday… but it didn’t!

Worry not, though, the inaugural flight is only delayed by a few weeks. Initially I was worried the inaugural flight may have been canceled because one of their low altitude flight attendants called in sick, or because it was a cold day in Chicago and deicing fluid is too expensive, but that’s apparently not what the problem was.

Per a notice on Global Ghana Airlines’ social media pages:

Notice of Postponement of Inaugural Date for Operations

Global Ghana Airlineā€™s inaugural date to begin operations has been postponed until November 6, 2019 due to the following reasons:

To provide additional time to communicate with regulatory authorities and secure requisite documentation

Please also be advised, all inaugural participants who have already purchased airfare will be transferred to our charter partners for competition of those transactions.
We thank you for your support. We are working hard to be your premier airline and we look forward to flying with you.

So if you were booked on yesterday’s flight, hopefully you’ve been transferred to Global Ghana Airlines’ “charter partners for completion of those transactions.” I believe they may have an interline agreement with Western Union.

On the plus side, I’m feeling really good about the November 6 launch date. Global Ghana Airlines at this point is just waiting to “communicate with regulatory authorities and secure requisite documentation.”

It’s all minor details at this point, you know?

  • They just have to “communicate with regulatory authorities” to, like, get an operating certificate, request permission to operate international flights, etc.
  • Then they just have to “secure requisite documentation,” like, signing up to acquire an aircraft

All that really shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks.

I’m feeling good this time around. Their initial November 2017 launch may have been a bit optimistic, but at this point they’re just working out the tiny details.

Coincidentally, I’m still waiting to hear back from Global Ghana Airlines’ lawyers regarding the questions I’ve posed to them…

  1. Thanks for the laugh, Lucky!! I definitely needed it today!
    On another, more serious note, I wonder if this airline’s owner happens to be the same lawyer representing the estate of the Nigerian prince that supposedly left me millions of dollars? Should anyone who booked tickets with Global Ghana send their bank account info and Social Security numbers to facilitate their refunds? Just asking for a friend šŸ˜‰

  2. I am at Accra airport right now holding a ticket for the inaugural return flight to Chicago.

    There is nobody here to deal with me and rebook me on their charter partners.

    I have filed a US DOT complaint already over their contract of carriage, but the DOT advises me they are not a licensed US carrier.

    I have filed a Ghana Civil Aviation Authority complaint over their lack of consumer protection plan, and GCAA have advised me that they are neither licensed as a local or foreign operator.

    What should my next step be?

  3. @Sean. Would love to hear more of your story! Keep us updated as I don’t think anyone has actually heard about a ticket holder before.

  4. @Lukas
    Funny enough, I do think @Sean M. is at the airport and he put money where his mouth is.

    What @Sean M should do is live broadcast something now.

  5. Do you know how racist you come across, when you consistently use uber sarcasm and throw shade at almost all African carriers?

    Im not black or African or super left wing etc. And….just saying.

    Your Angola airways flight was just unbelievable and a disgrace beyond imagination. And the African continent has huge corruption and obvious third world issues, but you don’t have to deride every African carrier and pour humiliating scorn.

    Just my opinion…if you even read comments nowadays, which Im guessing most of the time you dont.

  6. @Lukas @Stuart @Eskimo

    I am indeed booked on their non-existent inaugural, and I have indeed filed formal complaints with both the US DOT and the Ghana CAA.

    I shall pursue these complaints further now that they have failed to deliver on the service.

  7. Sean M Isn’t playing! Look at his website. His location indeed indicates he is at the airport in Ghana.

  8. Just a heads up for Andy: when you said you are not “super left wing”, what I think you meant was that you ARE super left wing.
    Lucky has derided plenty of airlines, and it has absolutely nilch to do with the country they are from, but the service provided and the joke (in this case and certainly in Baltia’s case) some of them are.
    If coincidentally the worst service comes from some of the African carriers he has flown, should he lie for the sake of PC?

  9. @Andy – the sarcasm in this case is well-deserved, given the lack of a plane, crew, operating rights, and certification.

    Ben has been just as sarcastic over the years about Baltia (here in the US) and has recently “thrown shade” in considerable quantities at the investors trying to restart WOW (from Europe.)

    And while Ben was very critical of TAAG, he has complimented (and criticized) other African carriers, most recently in his safari trip reports.

  10. I agree with Andy’s sentiments in respect of the sarcasm but do not think it is unfair to insinuate racism (in my opinion). I’m an African and the sarcasm is a bit over the top. I appreciate fair comment but these types of articles are a step beyond.

    You don’t want to run the risk of losing and isolating loyal followers of your blog by writing articles of this nature, especially when the launch of this route is a big deal for the African question in country.

  11. Oh no! But will the miles still be credited to my Ryanair account?

    @Andy: Do tell how Baltia and Adria are very African. Your absolutely non-left-wing mind will surely find a way. Or do tell how Norwegian is African, as it also gets a lot of criticism from Lucky. Or how Doug Parker has African roots. Just wait a second so that I can get snacks and a beer, this will be great.

    @Sean: Please do tell more, if you really are serious about being in Accra now for the inaugural flight. Have you really not checked anything about this carrier before booking? In that case, what you should do next is ask Santa for some common sense. šŸ˜€

  12. @ProudAfrican: are you seriously stating that anyone believes this airline will happen and that this “airline” is a ‘big thing’ for Ghana or even the whole of Africa? Even when they invented the concept of low altitude and high altitude flight attendants as an excuse not to fly? And that they don’t have a certificate, plane or basically anything required to start operating in place, which usually takes years, not weeks, to achieve? You really don’t see that this is at best a joke and at worst a scam? It’s not about this happening in Africa. It’s about what it is: a complete waste of (digital) space. It’s Baltia all over again.

  13. @import the vikings

    I am dead serious about this. I booked with Global Ghana to give me the standing as a passenger to file complaints about them and to finally get the authorities to step in and shut this fraud down once and for all. I had zero expectation of actually being able to travel with them. My office is just across the street from Accra airport, so it isn’t particularly problematic for me to get there.

    Also, for everyone who thinks that Lucky is attacking African carriers somehow via this and other articles, I should point out that Global Ghana is a Chicago based fraud preying on vulnerable Africans, not the other way around.

  14. @import the vikings
    At least Baltia actually have a 747, this is even worse.

    @Sean M.
    Total Respect
    Time to take the initiative. Let me know if I can be of service to your crusade.

  15. Loved the sarcasm Lucky and this is indeed Africa’s answer to Baltia and lets start to add the new WOW to that list. Ooooh look. Two of them are not black African. Signed a person of colour.

  16. Wow, the racism in this post is disgusting. Lucky, I thought you were woke, but then you write this awful sarcasm piece about an African airline? Should we look for you in blackface at the next Arabian Nights party?

  17. With his righteous indignation on full display, Mitch Cumstein opens mouth, inserts foot and chews well!
    Before you attack, might I suggest you get your facts straight first?
    A touch of bi-carb might help you recover.

  18. To those who are crying “racism:” How can you possibly see this as racist, except in your own ultra-PC mind? If you think this is racist, then your political correctness has descended to the point of mental illness, due to the fact you’ve reached a stage where everything is offensive and you have obviously lost the ability to be rational. So, if I criticize something that a person of color has created, built, etc, then am I a racist simply for not liking or supporting it? I hate pasta. Does that make me racist against Italians, since it’s their creation? That’s basically what some people are suggesting above.
    Lucky is criticizing the entire model of the “airline,” based on actual facts, not the race or country of origin. Thus, it’s not racist.
    Ugh, people are stupid. Welcome to the idiocracy we live in. No wonder Aliens haven’t invaded us yet. They ride by earth with their doors locked hoping not to get mugged by the unsavory inhabitants….

  19. @Jesse. ThatĀ“s the way PC and gender correctness and all these corectnesses evolve. All quickly reaching a point where logical discussions are not possible anymore

  20. I really think you should add a disclaimer at the top so random people researching this airline donā€™t take this as evidence itā€™s a valid airline. While the sarcasm of this post is obvious to readers of this blog and native English speakers, I think particularly for non-native English speakers that might not come across.

  21. Jesse …[email protected] was joking /tongue in cheek

    The whole thing looks like a scam and if only 30 gullible people buy a ticket and send money , the low life will make around USD15,000 . This is a lot of money for a low income Ghanaian person with IT skills.

  22. I agree that Lucky’s sarcasm is obvious to regular blog readers, who have followed the ongoing story. Someone new to the blog just might not recognize it, and just might google the name of the airline, which takes you to a plausible looking website. I think it would be best to include a disclaimer somewhere.

    Claims of racism are silly. Lucky has been equally brutal to other phantom “startups” in other regions, and if you’re a scammer you’re a scammer and need to be called out, regardless of ethnicity. I wish there really were more direct service between North America and Africa, but I understand the economics of it are challenging at best.

  23. @Sean M,
    1) Contact your travel insurance provider, they can possible help, you may need to buy a new ticket and they will reimburse you the additional charge within 60 days or so.
    2) Contact your credit card company and claim a reverse charge (if no travel insurance).
    3) See if your credit card company offers insurance too.
    4) If booked through Travel agent they should be able to rebook you at their expense (proving itā€™s a reputable company)
    5) If you purchased the ticket in a third country (eg not US or Ghana) see what local protection are available to you.
    6) Also note, Director-General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, Simon Allotey stated: ā€œGlobal Ghana Airlines is not a registered Ghanaian airline as it neither has a Ghanaian Air Carrier License (ACL) nor a Ghanaian Air Operator Certificate.”
    7) As the company does not have an ACL you canā€™t claim against them as an airline, your only recourse would be as to claim against the company where its register.
    8) Finally, I am almost 100% sustain that your ticket will say ā€œpending government approvalā€, and if no approval you canā€™t sue for breach of contract.
    Its a shame but hopefully you can get this resolved soon.

  24. For those not familiar with Sean M. the nature of his employment demonstrates he is very capable to do what he is doing and people should follow his example!

    @Sean M. thank you for all your comments on this blog (and your website) – it’s a truly interesting eye-opener. And good on you for taking real action!

  25. “I hate pasta. Does that make me racist against Italians, since itā€™s their creation?”

    Actually the Italians got pasta (noodles) from China.

  26. for those that do not know @sean mendes. well just follow him and his insights of aviation.
    He is one of those you should always listen to when he talks aviation. And personally i am
    addicted to aviation because of this guy.
    Just google AFRICA WORLD AIRLINES and read the success stories for yourselves and see who was employee number one.
    This guy is real inspiration to whoever is an up and coming aviation management hopeful.
    Forget about the TIM CLARKS….he is your guy…
    Thank you @sean for taking this step. this in itself speaks of how highly professional you always are

  27. What ever happened to the glorious days of travel where it took months to get across the ends of America. Global Ghana Airlines is a lifesaver and deserves a five star rating on Skytrax.

    Yours truly,
    A True Patriot

  28. I LOVE reading these ‘racist’ claims, especially since O’Toole has been pulling the race card for 30+ years around Chicago. He IS a tool alright. Those of us who personally know this piece of shit have watched in awe as he has created, and used his race status to easily promote in the media, this scam of scams. NOTHING he has said, including where he even came from nor his education has been true. Nothing can be verified, because it’s all been made up. And no one here bothered to try and verify it because they didn’t want to be called ‘racist’. Yet, WE all knew it was BS. As usual, now that the FBI got involved, he disappeared quickly, taking his ticket proceeds with him. Who couldn’t have seen that coming? Oh ya, all the PC folks…dopes! As we used to say in St. Croix, ‘He’s gone bush!’

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