Global Ghana Airlines Will Start Flying To Chicago Any Day Now (Or Not)

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I’m always rooting for startup airlines, partly because I really enjoy flying new airlines. We see some startup airlines that are well thought out and well funded, and then we see some startup airlines that… well, might just be scams of some sort.

Last September I wrote about Global Ghana Airlines, a new startup airline that intended to operate nonstop flights between Chicago and Accra. The airline intended to operate 3x weekly flights between the US and Ghana, and planned to launch flights within weeks.

There was only one slight problem. The airline didn’t actually exist. That’s to say that they didn’t have a plane, and they didn’t have any sort of approval from US or Ghanian authorities (and as Baltia can attest to, that can take 30+ years to get). 😉

In fact, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority accused Global Ghana Airlines of misleading consumers, and advised the public not to conduct business with the company.

The airline was supposed to launch flights about a year ago, though obviously they had no intent of really doing so. That’s why I find it a bit strange that they’re still going strong (and by “going strong” I mean not actually doing anything useful, but rather still selling tickets).

Global Ghana Airlines’ website continues to show tickets for sale, for flights as soon as next week (what a steal that you can book business cheaper than economy!):

There are even ads circulating on Facebook encouraging you to book on them (I especially love the bottom of that, “,” “123 street name,” and “[email protected]).

I even called “Jocelyn Travels,” and left a voicemail with them, though no one has returned my call.

Heck, they even made this amazing high budget video promoting the experience they offer:

It’s also interesting that it seems like they’ve updated their fleet strategy. In the past it looked like they’d have a 767 operating the flight, based on the 2-3-2 seatmap. Now their advertisements show an A330, and the seatmap shows a 3-3-3 seatmap. Hmmm…

In all honesty, can anyone actually figure out what’s going on here? Is this some dude who sort of has an idea to start an airline and figured the first step to doing so is selling tickets? Is this an outright scam, and if so, who are they targeting with this? Americans looking to go to Ghana, or…?

  1. A scam and it’s surprising how many people fall for this — ticket purchase are probably via bank transfer

  2. Section 17.3 of GHANA CIVIL AVIATION (ECONOMIC) DIRECTIVES, 2017 (Part 2) makes it an offense for any person to “advertise or solicit for any form of air transportation where the person
    does not have the applicable economic license or operating license issued by the

  3. What is the difference between a ‘startup’ and a ‘new’ airline? It seems that any new company is nowadays is a ‘startup’, so is that more than just a ‘new’ company – probably just nonsense millenial business speak similar to ‘going forward’.

  4. How do people get away with this? It’s hilarious.
    An Airline that can’t write the name of their only destination correctly – ohare instead of O’Hare – can’t be taken seriously.
    Then the 123 456 789 tel number at the bottom of the page LMAO

  5. You should book it with a credit card then show up for your flight and see what happens. Your credit card will reimburse you if it’s fraud.

  6. The Business class was cheaper by 30$ then economy. What a great deal. It is possible to book with Cc. This is all weird.

  7. I’m going to create a new airline, Global Atlantic Airways! It will exclusively fly between Berlin Brandenburg and JFK using a boeing 777. I’m gonna start by selling tickets first. Wanna join in Lucky, we would become rich 😉

  8. Look at the seat map go business , narrowbody, also it is the exact same with seatguru. I can do better PS than that!

  9. I love how on one press release flights were due to start on 1 November 2017. Then on 6 November 2017:

    Global Ghana Airline’s inaugural date to begin operations has been postponed until February 5, 2018 due
    to the following reasons:
    1. To provide additional time to communicate with regulatory authorities and secure requisite
    documentation; and
    2. Winter weather concerns, as winter operations can be challenging for start-up carriers.

  10. What a guy!

    “Johnnie O’Toole – Managing Director

    Mr. Johnnie O’Toole is the founder of Global Ghana Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sister City International Airlines registered on April 2013. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. O’Toole currently serves as both General Manager and Director of Operations for the airline.

    Mr. O’Toole’s career in aviation started more than 30 years ago, when he attended the Aerospace Institute in Chicago where he majored in Aeronautical Engineering, with the goal of working for the McDonnell Douglas commercial aircraft manufacturing company. His areas of discipline included Aircraft and Missile Design. When the manufacturing industry shifted for the worse in the late 1980’s, Mr. O’Toole relocated to Chicago, IL. In 1994, Mr. O’Toole committed himself to putting his vast aviation experience to work when he founded ISO Aeronautics Training Institute, a part 61 flight school. Today, Mr. O’Toole continues to operate his flight school as a pilot instructor where he has certified more than 250 pilots. In addition to his roles with Global Ghana Airlines and ISO Aeronautics Training Institute, Mr. O’Toole also works as an Aviation Consultant for the Chicago Public School system.”

  11. Also love the following statement on their tarmac delay contingency:

    “While an aircraft is delayed on the tarmac, Global Ghana Airlines will notify passengers on board the aircraft regarding the status of the delay every 30 minutes, including the reasons for the delay, if known.”

    I sure hope that a reason for a tarmac delay is known 😉

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