Get Your KLM Stroopwaffels Stateside Next Weekend!

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is kind of like your crazy spinster aunt: she’s charming even as she’s a bit gruff, she wears bright colors and sensible shoes, and she hides gin in miniature porcelain houses. KLM’s style is best described as “practical,” though despite its quirks KLM is a solid European carrier.


One of KLM’s hallmarks are its stroopwaffels, the sugary candied waffle-like carb treats that Ben has fallen madly in love with. (As for me, they’re a bit gummy, though I’ve been told by commenters the trick is to lay a stroopwaffel on top of a cup of coffee and let the steam melt the sugar a little.)

Anyway, in an attempt to increase its stateside presence, KLM is opening up a “pop-up shop” next weekend in New York, in a gallery in what it calls “the heart of SoHo.” (It’s actually squarely in Nolita at 201 Mulberry Street between Kenmare and Spring; KLM seems to be borrowing tricks from Starwood.) The Pop-Up Shop runs from Thursday June 25 through Saturday, June 27.

The pop-up shop includes a “Waffle Happy Hour” from 1:00-2:00 p.m. each day, a “Waffle cooking demo” from 3:00-4:00 p.m. on Thursday the 27th, and a Heineken Happy Hour with a live DJ set from “top Dutch DJs” (which I doubt includes, you know, the top Dutch DJ unless KLM has really shelled out a lot of money here) from 5:00-6:00 p.m. each evening.

KLM's new World Business Class
KLM’s new World Business Class

The “pop-up shop” also offers opportunities to win flights to Amsterdam each day and to test out KLM’s new World Business Class in person. There’s an “interactive photo booth” as well as a “KLM Kiddie Korner” (which you should never, ever, ever turn into an acronym).  There also seems to be the chance to “cycle for Flying Blue miles,” whatever that means (is it like a spin class? A stationary bike? Or do you have to be a bike messenger in Manhattan for an hour?).

If you’re in New York next week and have the craving for sugary, crispy waffles and/or electronic dance music (this is Ben-bait if I’ve ever seen it; switch the carrier to Emirates and add in some flight attendants — and, who are we kidding, a bottle of Krug — and he’d be there in a heartbeat), by all means stop by for some traditional Dutch hospitality. Your crazy aunt loves visitors!

  1. AF had a pop-up experience (3 floors actually) in Meatpacking/Chelsea last year and Delta rented out a building (2 r 3 floors too) for a pop-up experience in SoHo a few years back too to promote the T4 renovation and the elite+/biz class check-in counter. There were giveaways, interactive games and flight ticket drawings as well.

  2. OMG I love Stroopwafels! If they are too gummy for you, try the ones by De Lekkerste Koek or the chocolate covered ones. Yum.

  3. Try the freshly made stroopwaffels at the Albert Kuyp markt (or any other outdoor market) in Amsterdam. They are amazing!!! Although I will always say yes to store bought waffles from Albert Heijn.

  4. Best stroopwafels are made with roomboter (full milk cream butter) available at any good bakkerij / market stand / grocery store in NL, hope KLM wasn’t Dutch stingy and didn’t fly in stroopwafels made with magerine 😉

  5. Or even better yet: Goudse stroopwafels! Maybe they got a artisan flown in from the city of Gouda —- you should also try the koekkruimels

  6. Dutchie here. One small thing: it’s either syrup waffle or stroopwafel (with one f) ;-). Furthermore, the best ones are bought at any market where they make them fresh. Nothing beats or fills you up like a warm stroopwafel!

  7. They sell these in markets in USA but they probably aren’t as good as KLM’s or those sold fresh in Holland.

    Put the stroopwafel over the top of your hot coffee or tea cup to warm up the inside and make it gooey. Mmmmmm….

    Ha, Ben-bait. Nick is so on-point and funny. (Or should it be Ben-bate?) 😉

  8. Throwing out some Delta love here —– they’ve rented out The Shake Shack on 40th and 3rd today free burgers, fries and shakes for all medallions who have a Delta Amex.

    I’ll take a shackburger over a waffle any day of the week.

  9. Stroopwafel vs. shackburger… that’s a tough call for me. I’m a bit partial to the stroopwafel as I can’t get them all that often. I love these little pop up promos. I just wish they lasted longer or were announced sooner. I’m in Florida all next week. 🙁 Was just up in NYC and probably will be there again in 2 weeks.

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