The AWESOME Way Georgia Celebrated Their Six Millionth Tourist

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As I explained a few weeks ago, my big travel goals this summer is to visit all the European countries I haven’t been to. When I first set this goal I figured that would be a dozen countries at most, but when I started making a list, I realized it included 22 countries. That’s a lot of places to visit!

I’m not just saying this because of the video I’m about to share, but one of the countries that has interested me most is Georgia. Tbilisi looks like a beautiful city, and I love Georgian food and wine.

Earlier in the month Georgia published an awesome video celebrating their six millionth tourist to the country, which they were very excited about. The way they surprised that visitor is just awesome. If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend checking out the video:

Based on the first minute the video might seem boring, but I promise it gets really good.

What a cool video, especially given who they get involved.

Now, I imagine this video wasn’t a complete surprise. After all, when people walk off a plane, they’re not going to instantly know who is a local and who is a tourist.

So I imagine this guy knew in some way that he’d be part of something, though I suspect he didn’t know just how far they’d take this.

Has anyone visited Georgia? How was it?

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  1. Easily one of my favorite countries in Europe–and it’s one of the best place flying with points has ever taken me! Georgia is a beautiful country, inexpensive once you get there, some of the friendliest people I have ever met anywhere in the world, and practically undiscovered. Go now, before it is overrun with visitors.

  2. Just left Tbilisi and it was AMAZING. You have to go and stay at Rooms Hotel (now an SPG Design Hotel)–totally unique, Georgian design-centric hotel with a fantastic breakfast and just gernerally great vibe. Tons to do and see in Tbilisi, we particularly loved the tram to Matsminda Park–a nice amusement park with views of the whole city at the top of a mountain and the waterfall area in the Old City. The food is amazing (the dumplings and cheese bread in particular) and wine is very different from others–we enjoyed it a lot. There are lots of hip bars and restaurants that could easily fit in in Brooklyn, but also tons of historical and cultural sites in the beautiful Old City. Don’t expect much at Tbilisi airport, though all travelers from all countries are allowed visa free entry! Also, we tried Georgian Airways–not sure that’s really necessary 😉

  3. That is unbelievably cool that they did that, even more so that it seems like the guy didn’t really know ahead of time at least from the video link David posted. I also love the first comment on that youtube video:

    “Hey, It was a pleasure to have you here, you seem to be a nice guy and grateful dude.
    Do me a favor, next time you see the Prime Minister, just ask him to decriminalize weed and I’m telling you, I’ll make sure the whole neighborhood subscribes your channel!”

    Seems a risk they took that paid off, I mean what if number 6M was a dbag or super cautious and wouldn’t get in the car

  4. I was in Georgia this summer and it was amazing- super, super, super inexpensive, astoundingly old history, gorgeous ancient churches, stunning hiking up in the high Caucasus. Pack plenty of motion sickness medicine for the drives upcountry, though- the driving style is the most insane I have ever experienced anywhere in the world.

  5. Perhaps Sheila E found out from the rest of his (extensive) online presence? I haven’t watched his other YouTube videos or read the rest of his online presence, but maybe he mentions it there?

    Seems like they didn’t actually pick him at random (no surprise).

  6. I really wish we had acted on a whim and visited Georgia while we were in Sochi for the Olympics. Literally next door and we chickened out due to heightened scrutiny during that time. It’s clear we really missed out. Hopefully we can rectify that mistake in the next couple of years.

  7. I traveled overland from the UK to Shanghai. By far, Georgia was the country I would recommend people to go too. However, I’m afraid to get the best experience of Georgia you have to stay in some low key home stays to meet the real people. The grand hotels in Tbilisi will not do it justice. Happy travels!

  8. I will never forget my trip to Georgia. Went to Tusheti, a mountain region at the Russian border. Difficult to get there, only basic accommodation. But ridiculous scenic villages and the mountains and nature were just out of this world.

  9. Just completed a trip to Georgia myself. It was unbelievably amazing. Tblisi itself has a lot to offer in terms of things to see and experience. Do check out Culinary Backstreets for their Tblisi tour. I learned so much about Georgian food culture. It was no doubt the highlight of my Georgia trip.

    I’d also suggest getting out Tblisi, if you’re feeling adventurous, head over to David Gareji Monestary. It certainly on the path less travelled but I can assure you it was absolutely worth it. The views and the history was unlike anything I’ve seen.

    I’d be interested to see how you get to Tblisi, it doesn’t have a lot of options in terms of airlines and destinations. I myself flew Georgian Airways to get the ‘full experience’ it’ll make for an interesting review from your end! 🙂

    Lastly, have a glass of chacha! It’s a fun drink that Georgians drink any time of day

  10. Georgia is brilliant, you’ll have a blast. Tbilisi is worth a couple of days at least, a few post-Communist corners and some incredible and unique history. Wine country and Signagi to the east, Davit Gareja to the south, Caucasus to the north. The wine is very good as well. Didn’t have the time but hiking in the Svaneti region to the northwest looks fascinating. Blogpost here summarizes it, hope you don’t mind the link and feel free to check it out

  11. Wow, what an awesome treat (for the guy/tourist). But I’m wondering, what if #6,000,000 was a businessperson who arrived and said “Thanks so much, but I’ve got to make a couple of important business meetings in the city in an hour, before I catch my flight out later today.” All that amazing work and food/entertainment prep for nothing. Or what if it was a family of six, with a bunch of kids running around and screaming in the background, or a Middle Easterner or African or Asian (or European, for that matter) who didn’t speak English, etc.?

    And no little green men from Russia lurking in the background? LOL. Seriously, though, I’m glad to have seen the video. Though the odds are still low, I’m much more inclined to put Georgia on my list of places to visit. As a Gulenist (just kidding), I’d rather visit Georgia than Turkey.

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