Video Of Lady Going Off On American Airlines Gate Agent

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Airports can bring out the worst in people, and this situation is no exception. Check out this video of a lady going off on an American Airlines gate agent. The video is NSFW, so if you’re offended by bad language, skip this video.

Wow! So while she’s acting completely out of line (there are no circumstances under which it’s okay to talk to people like that, in my opinion), I actually feel sort of bad for her, given that she’s clearly very stressed and sad about potentially missing the Disney cruise with her kids. Her poor daughter looks horrified.

  1. “We’ve been waiting all our lives for this.” That part made me kind of sad. Good camera work, very dramatic when panning to the daughter once she is mentioned.

  2. That’s why you should always leave the day before a cruise, not the morning of the cruise. Too many things can go wrong in transit. Plus she should have travel insurance, which it sounds like she didn’t purchase. I do feel bad for her and the kids though even though she is out of line.

  3. The crazy-er thing is: In my travels, I’ve seen this at least two times before. Not knowing what was told to the Pax it’s difficult to figure out if she really had reason to be so upset. She said they’d be lied to. Who knows. The real victim is the daughter. I feel awful for her. “My mom’s losing her #h*t and I don’t know what to do.”

    If AA doesn’t use this for training purposes, huge loss!! …but let’s be honest…i know if they have anything to do with it facebook will be sued for using it.

  4. Disgusting!
    She should be barred from flying. Absolutely abhorrent behaviour. There are zero excuses to speak to anyone this way.

  5. AA customer service is horrible. Lets be real the only reason I consider AA is for the FF program.

  6. I hope she missed her cruise.

    It’s never ok to talk like that to people. She’s obviously a crazy woman with serious mental issue. I feel bad for her daughter.

  7. Heather is spot on. You don’t arrive for a cruise the day of, and travel ins. Is a must.
    Is that a New Yorker or New Jersey screamer. Whack job

  8. It’s unfortunate. And as we learn from this we just become more resourceful. The infrequent travellers not only are less resourceful, they make all kinds of mistakes and are willing to take all kinds of disadvantages which leads to more mistakes.
    It’s not really fun. I was doing a mattress run yesterday at IAD. At around 12:30 am I see all sorts of people trying to check in, and at least 2 groups of people checking to see if they can make another booking for the night. Like some of them were paying $200 through Expedia and they could not get a guaranteed bed type checking in passing midnight (I was paying $80 after tax and there’s this Hyatt promo).
    In the modern world, knowledge is power. And if you are willing to spend some time and to learn, you get pretty powerful. It is just sad to see people fail for the totally unnecessaries.

  9. She’s not talking to a person. She’s talking to a company. It’s too bad a gate agent gets in the way, but she is the company’s representative in this case.

    The maddening feeling of an airline not being forthright with passengers so they can entertain other options is familiar and understandable.

  10. The big three in the US are so profitable because they treat passengers like financial transactions and not as humans. I don’t condone this behavior by the lady nor do I recommend anyone to plan a flight so close to an adjoining trip, but let’s face it, for the majority of the public the big three are inconsiderate, inefficient and terrible with respect to customer service. It’s no wonder that when given the chance most opt to travel on an overseas airline whenever possible on trips abroad. Most of us here may not realize the difficulties since premium FF status forces the airlines to behave more favorably and be more accommodating, but these three big institutions clearly need to rethink their strategy from the customer’s pov. There have been times when I’ve felt enraged by the airline’s mismanagement, but I guess I have better self control. Anyways, the underpaid gate agent don’t have any control, but I hope incidents such as this force the airlines to rethink. I also hope that the lady and her family were able to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

  11. Assuming the pax is stating facts that the gate agent provided incorrect information and the pax made travel decisions (not driving) based on said false information, how would you have had her respond? And, because it appears that the pax isn’t a frequent traveler, the trip is a big deal for her, and she seems to be devestated by the air delay, why post this video and tweet it? What are you getting out of making things worse for her — and her child — by spreading this video?

  12. After watching the video I actually feel very sorry for the lady. She is most likely an inexperienced traveler and did not know how to prepare for contingencies.

    Here was what was most likely a trip of a lifetime that she had carefully planned and saved for, and to be faced with the possibility of losing it all I can totally understand why she would go ballistic.

    I agree that a person should be screaming at staff like that, but there are a few situations where I can be sympathetic to the person who is misbehaving and this is one of them. I also feel very sorry about for the staff too who have to deal with this outburst.

  13. +1 to Jason above. And to Cm. Sofian is the biggest fool here because actual mental health professionals follow a code of ethics not to provide unsolicited diagnoses.

  14. I feel bad for her. If you travel a lot, then you know how to avoid this, but if you don’t travel a lot, or maybe couldn’t get that extra day off work, it’s very frustrating. Certainly she should NOT be acting this way (she needs to set an example for her daughter), but my guess is the AA agent probably wasn’t doing all they could either. The fact that she says they lied to her is probably true to some degree at least. If they had said “there’s no flight, go rent a car” the lady probably would have. Gate agents need to be a bit more understanding in order to avoid situations like this.

  15. Wow. So…..sad once she said Disney Cruise. It costs a fortune, but yes you definitely give yourself a lot of leeway in case of issues. We drove to our DC and almost planned 2 days extra in case any hiccup. I was not going to miss that once in a lifetime splurge. It was before I officially became a travel hacker, but I got kids sail free. So, always a deal getter….. Great experience as Disney is top notch, but I’m not much for cruises.

  16. I’m the absence of a man at her side for a Disney Cruise / Trip of a Lifetime, am guessing she is a single mother, which is no easy task.

    All the things people are readily saying she should have done may not have been as readily obvious to an inexperienced traveller. “What not to do again” isn’t much.comfort if there won’t be an “again”, and for a single mum,.this very well at have been a one-shot opportunity.

    *not condoning her treatment of the AA agents.

  17. I agree after hearing that accent coming from her filthy mouth and also from her lack of decency towards someone who is only trying to do their job, that she has to be one of those nasty rude New Yorkers or one of Jersey Shore’s finest. I’m not saying that everyone who lives there is like this but many sure do seem to be brought up with lack of composure, character and decency, It’s also not the AA attendants fault that she didn’t get there on time and/or didn’t puchase travel insurance.

  18. Maybe she was confused. SHE wanted a Disney cruise at an AA ticket counter. But seriously shout only if it will make a difference. If the gate agent can not do jack, why shout at them. Resorting to that means you have already become powerless (reference, people here feeling pity for her)

    So in all fairness she was destressing instead of shouting to get results. So she would have shouted at someone else of not here. Haven’t you guys done it, call costumer service and had a shouting match which on hindsight later seemed pretty idiotic because you realized there was nothing the agent could have done anyway but it was such a stress relief.

    Maybe that’s why the jobs moved out of the usa. But that adds to the stress since now you can’t communicate anymore.

  19. I feel bad for everyone involved and while it’s easy to point out what she should have done, nobody knows the circumstances. Could she get the additional days off to leave early? No one knows. As far as travel insurance, I’d bet that her blowing up had a lot more to do her two girls missing the trip that she wants to give them and less to do with the money. Most parents would do anything to make their kids happy, and getting a travel insurance check doesn’t do sh*t when you are driving your kids back home on the first day of spring break because you missed the flight.

    It seems like all she was asking for was a straight answer about when or if a flight would leave, and after four hours or more the answer apparently was not very helpful. I’m kind of surprised that none of the self professed travel ninjas that frequent these sites cannot relate to this situation. Like an airline has never delayed your flight and given you the run around for 3-4 hours about when and if the flight would leave? I’d say it happens to me about once every other year. And whether you are trying to get home on a Friday night after three days of meetings or trying to get to a cruise, I don’t think there is anything more frustrating in air travel than not getting a straight answer about the situation so that you can adapt your plans (drive to another airport, buy walk up tickets on another airline, take a train, change your reservations, etc). I have never seen anyone blow up like this unless they have been legitimately jerked around for a couple hours or more. I don’t think what she did was appropriate, but I understand.

  20. Is this the same flight that they threw out The main star of “The Young TTurks because he was live tweeting and livestreaming the delay?

  21. I only watched the video with no volume, so I don’t really know what was being said.
    It may be the airline’s fault or maybe not.
    No excuse for screaming at anybody that way in front of your kids. Poor kid was in tears. When you book holidays, you need to account for contingencies. Delayed or cancelled flights, missed connections, etc. if you’ve shelled out several hundred dollars each for a cruise and flights, a few tens more for travel insurance aren’t going to hurt you.

  22. @cm wrote:
    “Lol you morons saying she is out of line probably would’ve acted the same way. Hypocrites.”

    No, I wouldn’t. I’d just go to social media, and vent. I usually get better results than yelling at a person who has no control over resolving my issue.

    The gate agent has no control over flight delays. Without knowing what information the gate agent had in her possession, I am only speculating, but the gate agent has nothing to gain by lying, so I don’t believe that she lied to the passengers. She may have passed on information which was not true, but that’s not the same as lying.

  23. I think her behavior is proof of how shallow a person can be.
    1. She yells and screams in such a way as if the louder she does it the better about solving the situation.
    2. She shows no respect for others and that includes bystanders, the AA agent and her own daughters.
    3. Let’s face it, in places called the “developed world”, a tragedy is missing a vacation, meanwhile for others in the “underdeveloped world” is trying to find a daily meal for their kids.
    4. Stress and madness never helped on solving these kind of problems.
    5. There are issues out of the control of airlines such as, the weather, air traffic, airport flow, etc., and though an agent is given information to relate to the passenger most of the time they just follow guidelines and don’t honestly lie to you.
    6. Poor planning.
    7. It looks like the only person mad at the airline is she.

  24. CM,

    No. I arrive a day early and stay at a hotel. Travel delays are normal. Screaming is not acceptable when you fail to plan.

  25. Normally I think people in this situation are over reacting and its uncalled for. This woman over reacted, but its understandable. She is under a lot of stress travelling with children on a family vacation that includes a cruise and it looks like the whole trip is off because of some flight issue. In addition to that it looks like AA was not keeping people informed about what was happening and after four hours they still weren’t giving an answer. That is poor customer service from AA, since they should be communicating what is going on to people and nobody should have to sit around 4 hours and still not know what is happening. If the AA agent had liked to this passenger (don’t know if this is true or not), which caused her to not rent a car or make alternative arrangements to her detriment then that would be disgraceful.

  26. Going on cruises, including Disney, you know to get there the night before it sails. Typically I’d even note backup flights.
    Lastly you find where the stop is for the cruise so you can catch up with it there. Of course, calling the ship to save your cabin for the late arrival. Reminds me of a old Lucy and Desi episode.

  27. @Ron I find your comments extremely offensive. You apparently do not know much about New York or the 8 million people that live there or the countless others that live in New Jersey. I guess you only know what you see on television. I don’t believe her accent shows she is from there anyway. I’m sure people from other parts the country under this type of stress would always keep their composure.

  28. y do ppl think airline staff needed to be treated any differently when they treat people like shit? you read about it all the time……..rubbish gate staff…. rubbish flight attendants ….. they collectively reap what they sow

  29. I’ve suffered (like the rest of us here) through numerous lengthy flight delays, missed connections, cancellations, being bumped off flights, lost and delayed luggage, emergency landings, being diverted due to weather or in-flight medical emergencies, equipment breakdowns and even stranded in Amsterdam for five days following 9/11. I have many times felt like going off at gate agents but never have. It doesn’t change the bad facts and it doesn’t solve problems. To this day, every flight I book includes contingency plans for travel delays and I am grateful if I don’t have to use them. And if things go wrong, I take a deep breath and soldier on.

    I feel very sorry for this woman and I hope somehow Disney and/or AA come to the rescue and she gets on the cruise.

  30. Despite her abhorrent behavior I do feel bad for her. The trip obviously meant a lot to her and she may also be a single parent. A dream vacation was being ruined by a clueless rep who baited her capitve audience.

    As many commented upthread most people are pretty unintelligent travelers. I’m guessing this may have even been her daughters first flight.

    What I don’t get though is that if she really could’ve driven there in 4 hours like she said then why didn’t she? Why take the risk. The flight under perfect conditions probably only saved an hour or two. The oly reason I can think of is that it was a stopover.

  31. 100% on the side of screaming lady. All you second-guessers saying she should have travel insurance and add days on the beginning and end of the trip assume she has the money and the time off to do this. If she’s been saving for a year, she probably does not. Not only that, but how pathetic are the airlines that you have to take two additional days of vacation because of the likelihood that the airline is going to screw you on the commitment they made when you bought the ticket. That is BS. As for the screaming, it’s not the choice I would have made but if she’s been waiting all day and has been mislead by AA agents then I say scream away if it makes her feel better.

  32. Worst person in the video is the fat ass sitting behind the girl laughing. People who get joy from the struggles of others are the worst. I hope his next 10 flights get diverted to LGA, no matter where he’s going.

  33. The only people who find themselves in this woman’s position are those you think it so easy to book online that they don’t need a travel agent.

    Btw a travel agent wouldn’t have cost her a penny extra and, in fact, may hv actually saved her money in addition in all likelihood would hv prevented this disaster. A good travel agent would hv suggested:

    a) she buy the cruise line’s airfare which would hv made the cruise co totally responsible in this case

    b) for them to overnight at the port of embarkation to avert this exact tragedy.

    c) trip insurance which would’ve covered her losses in this situation so she could hv rebooked in the future.

  34. Never judge someone until you have traveled in their shoes

    Most of us are capable of behavior that we would admit even to our ourselves as despicable

    Not sure what the triggers are for any individual human being. All I do know is I try not to judge people unless I have traveled in their shoes.

  35. @Another Steve- I don’t think he is laughing at her dire situation but her behavior. Hard to be sympathetic when she is cursing like that to another human being. People handle stress differently. I think he is shocked and they are all in the same delayed flight.

  36. I do feel for her. We all have lost it at some stage. I don’t have kids but I can relate to her frustration.

    We don’t know what her personal circumstances are so we should stop blaming her for not getting insurance, getting there the day before, not using a travel agent, etc.

    AA GAs are probably the worst client facing area of the Company. The Miami ones come to mind. Even flying International J and being an EXP, they could not care less. Things go wrong but you should be entitled to compensation and a realistic revised schedule. If I don;t make it to the airport by the required time, I loose the flight – end of..

    I am glad that in Europe, we have EU 261. It is not perfect but it has worked great in reducing delays to a maximum of 2 hours.

  37. Agree – great camera work. So many people don’t have a clue when it comes to shooting video on a mobile device.

    I feel sorry for her as well. And for all of you pious, pompous, arrogant people here who don’t, get off your high horse. This is someone who likely travels very infrequently. This is a once in a lifetime trip for her, and this is very stressful. While I don’t think it’s RIGHT to behave that way, we live in the USA. and people had a right to express themselves. The airlines being most of this on themselves. If you want to be a gate agent, you better have thick skin. If the gate agent doesn’t like it, they should complain to their bosses.

  38. So where is security in all of this? If I were the gate agent and she was screaming curse words at me, I would have security making sure she was not going anywhere that day for the safety of herself and others. Employees are not paid to take abuse like that. That passenger must not work in retail.

  39. Though it’s a shame if this family missed their vacation of a lifetime, they probably would have ended up complaining, like so many people who buy into the whole Disney thing, that it “wasn’t magical enough.”

  40. Sigh. Can’t believe I have to pull THIS out again…..

    1) Calm down.
    2) Pull out pen and paper. Makes things easier to visualize.
    3) Identify your core issue. Engage the 5-Ws Of Journalism: Who, What, When, Why, hoW. GATHER AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. All of these may not necessarily apply. Do not assign blame at this point in time even if Who applies for your given sitch. Jot down all information on your piece of paper as clearly as possible. Construct a timeline or other visual aids if you feel appropriate.
    4) Stay calm.
    5) PROPOSE A SOLUTION that DIRECTLY addresses or resolves your core issue. Better yet: propose two or three. Keep all of these doable and realistic (ie. do not involve time travel, Romulan cloaking devices, R2D2 droid(s), or Unreal Tournament teleporters (or Star Trek, whichever you prefer)).
    6) CALMLY approach the lowest-rung customer service agent who should be able to assist you. Patiently line up if necessary, Other People have problems too, you are not more important than Other People (see: DYKWIA syndrome).
    7) Politely but firmly state BOTH i) your core issue; and ii) the most realistic and ideal proposed solution. Be firm but polite. Help Them Help You ™. Encourage a positive engagement.
    8) Stay. Calm. Allow this person to Help Them Help You ™.
    9) If your solution #1 is not doable, go ahead and propose #2 and/or #3. Chances are one of these will fly (pun intended/not intended).
    10) If you are directed elsewhere, WRITE DOWN THE NAME OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT and do as directed. Repeat steps 7-9. “Jane from gate Charlie-6 asked me to speak to you regarding this issue I’m having and I hope you can help me out.”
    11) If AND ONLY IF you get the sense this customer service agent DGAF, ask politely and firmly to speak with a supervisor: “Would your supervisor or manager be able to make this happen? Would it hurt you to check with him or her?” Sometimes circumstances are not under human control. Empathy helps.
    11) Stay Calm. Remember: encourage positive engagement.
    12) Once you get a hold of the Supervisor or Manager, repeat steps 7-9. Keep in mind supervisors and managers can be a surly and impatient bunch. Having Your Piece of Paper With Full Information is critical. Once again, Help Them Help You ™ and AVOID THE BLAME GAME, almost never helps the sitch. Write down the name of this supervisor/manager.
    13) If you have Hoped For The Best But Prepared For The Worst, you ought to have a positive outcome. THANK ALL THOSE WHO HELPED YOU OR DIRECTED YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION even if trace amounts of DGAF are detected.
    14) Be thankful your heart is still bleeding and your head not hurting (as much as you would have had you not followed this guide). STRONGLY consider submitting a follow-up comment to Corporate praising your customer service agent(s) for their hard work. Consider your day(s) made.

    THE END.

  41. ^ 14) Be thankful your heart is still pumping and your head not hurting <– slight correction

  42. Yeah you shouldn’t talk to people like that, but we really don’t know the circumstances. Maybe she was continuously lied to by AA staff. I have absolutely no idea, so I’m not gonna go making a judgement call when I know none of the circumstances. I don’t think any of us really have a right to make a judgement call without knowing all the facts. Everyone has their breaking point.

  43. While the cursing is counterproductive, I defend this woman’s actions. I’ve been there with American. The passenger has no recourse in these situations. She should expect American to follow through on its contract of passage. She should NOT have to buy travel insurance, arrive 2 days early, or use a travel agent simply to mitigate the chance that the airline will screw up. Are our expectations as consumers so low that we should be expected to proactively protect ourselves against a company’s incompetence? I travel a great deal, and I never use a travel agent and I rarely buy insurance-and this has nothing to do with my financial status. As for the proposed “real life problem solving step-by-step,” well, good luck with that. With all due respect, the author of that piece is NOT in participating in the same “real life” as I am. Common responses to attempts to be “reasonable” are: “It’s out of my hands,” The supervisor is not available,” There is no supervisor,” I AM the supervisor,””You can always write to customer ‘service,'”I’m not going to talk to you if you yell,” “I’m calling security.”

  44. I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen worse videos on here for that matter. I still pity the staff member.

  45. I feel awful for that mother & children missing their vacation. She probably didn’t know to plan more travel time into her schedule and it seems to me that AA didn’t explain anything. I’ll forgive her screaming bit because I’m not sure I wouldn’t have gone off on people if this happened to me.

  46. Ahh, the cellphone…keeps everyone “interesting” on their twitter and fb accounts…I suppose it’s better than constantly taking pics/videos of their lunch and saying “OMG, it’s the best piece of lettuce I’ve EVER had!!!!!” The age of the citizen-journalist…it’s abhorrent. I suppose it’s worse when shared and blogged about…but hey, I don’t want to be too judgmental.

  47. @Another Steve agreed. Or maybe his baggage can go on a separate holiday, a la the redcap in that airport episode of ‘Seinfeld’ after Elaine peed him off-:

    “JFK. HonoLULU!”

  48. Omg dem americans.
    Maybe she missed her crack for breakfast.
    Perhaps she injected yogart and pancakes instead.
    Blow it out ya ass

  49. Folks,

    So, does anyone know the end of the story or what happened? Where was this filmed? Nice discussion!

    She is not a travel hacker, so she would not know to arrive 2 days early and plan for contingencies. She is a “normal,” person. She’s not looking up backup flights on Expert Flyer.

    Also, with anyone, there is a point you can “snap.” You or I would not “ssnap,” over a flight delay, but someone else might!

    Finally and most importantnly the system is rigged and largely to blame:
    1. The airlines jerk people around instead of just telling us it is very unlikely or it would be a miracle if any flights fly tonight. Its not just AA, all of them! They are too optimistic, and they don’t adequately warn the uneducated public that the entire air travel system will nearly stop due to moderate thunderstorms or snow on the east coast. They need to do a better job i.e. sending out emails telling the public that they should plan to fly 1 to 2 days before they need to get there since that is how the system works. Instead they just send vaguely worded emails about cancellations. They need to tell the public all hell will break lose if you try to fly today!
    2. The airlines have been eliminating contingency tools that can help agents recover from irrops. For example, AA no longer protects pax on DL or B6. Also travel waivers are small in scope. Also airlines staff airports for a 70 degree day and a 40% load factor. I’ve seen UA at IAD where the customer service center and even the RCC looks like a third world country. Back to AA, its difficult for agents using the new iteration of Sabre Quik to rebook passengers when compared to native Sabre.

    So the airlines are doing things that are more likely to make someone “snap.” It doesn’t matter if you think its right or wrong, the environment is setup with so little wiggle room & room for recovery that this will happen. Even consolidation in the industry means there are fewer seats to reaccommodate. Its kind of like the idea that if you do things as a society that are going to push up the poverty rate crime will rise. Crime is more likely in poverty affected neighborhoods.

    Our DOT is practically owned by the airlines so we don’t have consumer protections like EU 261. Also in Europe they even have better service like food on short flights! Maybe in Europe flying has not degraded to be like service in a city bus station?

  50. The lady is clearly an inexperienced traveler and probably booked her Disney cruise and her airplane ticket to board just a few hours apart. Every experienced traveler would get nervous doing that.

    More importantly, I feel so sorry for the two frightened daughters. God knows what they have to endure behind closed doors.

  51. Well, as for the folks who say get to the cruise a day in advance and purchase trip insurance, I say, get to the embarkation port a day in advance so you do not need trip insurance at all.

    Trip insurance is ridiculously expensive – the coin is better spent on avoiding problems (e.g. arriving a day in advance) than on having someone deal with avoidable expenses.

    Travel insurance will never pay for a ruined trip and inconvenience.

  52. She is 100% correct. Sometimes, however unfortunately, incompetent, lying, careless gate agents need a wake-up. We won’t sit through anything, there is a limit.

  53. Don’t use the term lady when she is anything but. Had she been male, the term gentleman would have also been inappropriate.

  54. I’m torn about this because part of me says it’s tacky and disrespectful, but the other part of me knows how deplorable AA customer service is and how often they screw stuff up, so I can see how this can escalate so quickly into this. We flew Northwest/Delta for 10 years and I never once had to file a complaint. We switched to AA 3 years ago (we moved and AA is now our hub) and I’ve done nothing but file complaints in that time, it’s maddening that they can’t do anything right!

    So, honestly, I get it.

  55. (1) Looks like a drama queen.
    (2) I do not know why people scream at service people. They have little control. See item 1.
    (3) The kids are probably like, “Mom is making a scene AGAIN.” See item 1.
    (4) She should go to a service agent who is not directly involved with the issue, and explain the issue and ask them to help fix it. Proposing creative solutions helps.
    (5) Many times a good gate agent or customer service rep has saved a trip for me. Just ask nicely.
    (6) Contact both Disney and AAA. Maybe they can fix.
    (7) No she she should not be kicked off the plane. Although I don’t want to sit next to her. She is going to be complaining about this on the whole flight to anyone that can listen. Then probably complain for the next week, next year…. See item 1.

  56. The flight was delayed and arrived around 12 00 pm. Disney cruises leave at 4pm… So she probably made her cruise. I am sure the agents provided the information they had. People get upset, my guess is that she heard other passengers saying the flight was going to be cancelled and got stressed, but you don’t talk to people like that.

  57. I’ve watched this several times – the camera operator deserves an award for having a nice steady shot, panning to the left as she refers to her 9-year old. Most of these videos are shot so poorly. But if you look at the gate agent, she really has a “I don’t give a shit” look on her face.

    Look- AA reaps what they sow. If a GA doesn’t want to be yelled at, they should encourage AA to make the flying experience pleasant. Or find a new job.

  58. She definitely threw a hissy fit. But then again in the US I have seen time and time again how some people gain an advantage by throwing a tantrum. A follow up would be interesting on whether she got some special accommodation after this drama.

  59. I have been a platinum for a year, but after experiencing their “service,” I am moving on. Excepting a few of the experienced phone agents, their employees are usually clueless and always arrogant. I have no room in my the expenditure of my money for such individuals. Good riddance. The only hope is that someone from American realizes that they are substandard, and they will try to change. Now, they are horrible-matched only by Comcast and AT&T.
    Anyone that defends American in this case probably will vote for Trump.

  60. It is sad that this could be the only time it happens in her life. But now it is available as national archive and hundreds of even more sad people sitting back and passing judgment.

  61. The squeaky wheel get the oil but then again you get more flies with honey. As Cruiz would say “New York Values” …at it’s best…or it”s worst?

  62. ANYONE who would want to book a Disney cruise is mentally deranged in the first place. So why is anyone surprised this whackjob acted like she did? Seems entirely predictable behavior…

  63. Listen, I’ve been flat out lied to by so many AA agents over the years and I never get used to it. Not everyone has the budget to plan to have an extra day waiting … room, transportation, meals, get real. This woman was stresses but it could have been contained by the truth. So while so many are condemning this mother, she was stretched to a point of no return by bad service. I do not defend her language or her style but, I do feel very sympathetic to her situation. I can only hope that somehow it all worked out.

  64. Her behavior = UNACCEPTABLE. Reading between the lines, AA behavior =UNACCEPTABLE . It has been all too common practice for AAgents to simply lie to passengers regarding delays and cancellations. In both this video and the above referenced LAX video, the main contention of the angry passengers is that the AAgents lie about the true status of their flights. There is no reason to lie. There should be updates every 15 minutes with full and accurate details. Don’t tell folks that a plane is on the way from the hangar if that’s not the case. Don’t post a flight as on time when the inbound will arrive after scheduled departure time. If no airplane or crew is available, tell folks. MOST importantly, post the reason for the delay on the website and app – simply posting DELAYED or CANCELLED is not sufficient as passengers have different “rights” based on the reason for the delay or cancellation.
    All this being said, doesn’t excuse her behavior, but lying to passengers only escalates tensions.

  65. oh please. The gate agents deserved that. boohoo service people this service people that. Odds are those people didn’t give a damn about how their airline affects the lives of other people. I say you go girl. Scream yo ass off.

    People here shouldn’t be comparing themselves to this poor woman who, like she said, probably saved a fortune to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Most people in the world don’t have the time to travel hack like most of you guys do, so please.

  66. It’s too bad for all concerned. Was there a way around it? Who knows…
    When Delta mergered with NW, I avoided their operations for a couple of years until they had a better grip on integrating their services; I did the same with United and now will with American.
    I realize this may not be possible for travelers, but I feel there’s merit in avoidance contemplating their performance.

  67. The agent handled it very well. Someone that is argumentative like that has bigger, hidden issues that must be dealt with than just boarding a flight that was late to the gate.
    With that said it reminds me of Peaches the

  68. If in fact she was lied to, I don’t really blame her. While I wouldn’t have acted the way she did (perhaps I would have but without the swear words), I don’t think she was that out of line.

  69. Lucky, this is a new low for your blog (which ordinarily I love). We don’t have enough facts here to pass judgment on this woman (or the gate agent). Pretty disappointed that you thought otherwise. You have turned an obviously bad situation into nothing more than Real Housewives-type drivel…..but you sure are getting a lot of comments…, bravo? Just wish you thought more highly of your readership than to pander like this.

  70. hmm…what’s with the east coast prejudice here…

    I have observed numerous similar incidents on flights from the midwest, the south and the west coast…. and on flights outside the US in my 30 years as a commercial pilot and 15 years as a senior trainer…

    Some people are bound to explode (eventually) when pushed to the limits of their patience. While I sympathize with this lady and her kids, I don’t think her behavior is acceptable. However, as a career pilot for major airlines, I will admit that US airlines have pretty much hit rock-bottom in terms of customer service so such incidents will continue to make head-line news. There is a reason why I left the US airline industry some 18 years ago.

  71. I agree with Liam above. While many of us appreciate that the posts are not censored, I do think that posts/comments with racial denigration should be moderated since they lower the intellectual value of your blog. Of course you may not be able to moderate each post personally, but there is software out there that can filter posts.

  72. She seems very upset and I kinda feel sorry for her. Flight Cancellations cause a lot of stress, especially when you have immmediate plans at your destination post-arrival. The Gate agent did not deserve that, as she’s not the one who’s responsible but she has to take all the s*** from the passengers whose flight has been delayed/cancelled. I also feel sorry for the Gate agent. I can’t make up my mind!

  73. It is obvious she is not someone that travels as much as many on these boards do, or want to do. And for those who make feel that contingencies like extra days and travel insurance is a standard minimum to account for seem to forget two things:
    1) Travel insurance doesn’t rectify the situation that they are missing out on their “vacation of a lifetime” that they have been waiting for a year to do (something that, if you are a travel hacker and just jump on any random cheap fare, or are traveling alone with another trip planned in a month cannot relate to), money is not the issue, it is the experience, something the insurance cannot provide.
    2) Extra days again are something that may be easy to get when you are not trying to plan travel around two kid’s school schedules and your own work schedule, along with the schedule of the cruise itself.

    I don’t condone screaming or swearing like she did, and I am the first to say that what she is doing is counter-productive and not helpful, but based on what she is saying, at that point, she wasn’t looking for anything, it seemed like the delay had already cost her at that point so she was just venting to vent. However, it is easy to sit on a high horse and say someone should have done this or that, but no one knows the true reason for her aggravation (being lied to, trip being more than just money) to claim that this type of situation could have been avoided without any problems.

  74. @East Coast
    Your comment about how the airlines will continually jerk you around at the gate is exactly right, it is in their financial best interests to do that because once they declare a flight “cancelled” they have to make accommodations for the passengers, and that costs real money, sometimes money that doesn’t stay with the company as they book on other airlines! However, you make them sit at the gate for 4 hours with no regard to what they may or may not miss in a connecting city, then all they are stuck with is maybe 50% of the fliers complaining, and then just dishing out semi-worthless FF miles as “compensation”.

  75. No excuses on talking like that to no one. Police should have been called. She is not the only one stranded by the delay.
    Gate agents only pass down information as current as they get it but in the airline industry many things change that could prevent an ontime departure, crew rest, weather, mechanical,etc.
    pax should plan ahead and get travel disruption insurance.
    By shouting she just made sure she is not gonna get what she wanted, no person like to be disrespected by any other person.

  76. Anyone here who says they would not be hysterical after planning a cruise for a year saving up for who knows how long and than having it all ruined by a 12 hour flight delay is lying.
    I am typically calm under most situations however this one would set me off.
    I’ve flown AA a few times and their customer service skills needs work.
    For a 12 hour delay they were provided a $12 voucher for meals. So they can buy a water and half a muffin at an airport with that I don’t know what they were thinking!
    This lady just lost a few thousand dollars I feel bad for her.
    i fly quite frequently and I will NEVER again be flying American Airlines after this

  77. I really don’t blame the lady for yelling! In February, my husband and I were returning home from Aruba and on our second leg of our trip America Airlines bumped us from the flight! It was overbooked and because we didn’t check in 24 hrs before the flight they gave our paid seats away! We were really pissed! They put us up for the night and gave us food allowance and $224 a piece for our trouble! I really wanted to get home so it was a big headache, to say the least! I won’t be flying American anytime soon!

  78. Just flew Miami through Charlotte destination Cleveland on American! For the second time American was late leaving Miami, “air traffic” so we were pushed to make our flight to Cleveland! Arrived at the gate with 13 minutes to spare, doors were open and they SOLD our flights to stand-by! American did NOT comp our room, $100 at a Hampton and we couldn’t leave until 10:30 the next day, Easter! Never again! I’m done! The sad part is the girl next to me was trying to get home for a funeral, gate attendants offered neither help or compassion!

  79. Ok everyone needs to calm down. You have no idea what this woman is going through. You should all stop focusing on this woman’s life and start worrying about yours.

  80. Everyone needs to understand that this (probably) single mother had planned a nice trip for her family and now that was ruined because they were lied to in the airport. If they had known that they’re flight was going to be canceled, they would’ve found another way to get to Philedelphia. They weren’t given that chance and I would be mad too.

  81. @americanair TOTALLY deserved this and the woman was totally justified given the frustration all of us have had with airlines. Airlines deal with weather issues EVERY DAY but act like its their first time, every time. They too often use weather as an excuse to take advantage of loyal customers. American could have and should have had a backup crew for this flight but didn’t. The airlines abuse customers by hiding behind some of these events to benefit their profits and not to benefit their loyal customers. Bottom line they should have just made the weather call immediately and gave customers options of refunds or to make other travel arrangements but no… They waited however many hours to surprise customers with a delay to the next day because of crew rest, not weather. Shame on American Airlines and sadly I have seen this too many times. They need to be accountable. Bravo to the ranting mother of two!

  82. I had much more sympathy for this family after reading about the context. She wasn’t flying day of, she was trying to fly in the night before. This LGA-MIA flight was delayed 12 hours from 9pm to 9am the next morning, and this video was taken at 2am and at this point all AA gave them were measly food vouchers. The cruise left at 5pm – so she should’ve made it. No one wants to start their trip to any Disney place like this.

  83. @Mark upthread about driving there in 4 hours.

    I believe her comment about driving there in under 4 hours was to PHL where the inbound had diverted to.

  84. I flew a round trip Newark-Denver-Newark that day. The winds east of Chicago were insane. We flew at 24,000 feet to Denver and 27,000 feet on the return just to stay below the major windS. That is about 10,000 feet lower than normal. The ride was still very turbulent.
    Now imagine all the flights in the northeast that day all flying at a lower altitude. It’s like closing routes 1/9 and the GSP and telling everyone to get my n the TPK. Too much traffic forces the on-ramps to back up (in aviation it’s a delay in getting off the ground until they can fit you into the flow of traffic in the air). In the air, the ATControllers want more space between aircraft to keep you safely away from others. (Think of a five-story restaurant with twenty tables on each floor. As customers come in, you want to spread them out to different floors and different sides of the room. When the customers are packed in, it gets chaotic).
    This AA plane diverted to Philly because of winds. It wasn’t planned, it was just the safe thing to do. Planes have limitations – winds being one of them. You cannot land with a forceful tail wind or major crosswinds.

    I’m glad she eventually made the cruise. She clearly needed the vacation.

  85. She should have left in the AM the day before the cruise to be safe. Also I don’t cruise but if you buy the airfare through the cruise company don’t they guarantee that they’ll get you onto the cruise at some point? People need to research their trip arrangements carefully. Last year a family member booked a flight through JFK with an hour window for a plane change. I had advised them against this but they did it anyway and eventually got stuck at ORD overnight at their own expense. Saved $50 on airfare and paid $200 for 6 hours in a La Quinta. I do think this woman probably has some kind of mental problem to treat the GA that way regardless of what happened.

  86. I have been on OMAAT for only a short time. I want to thank and appreciate the owner/moderator for allowing and facilitating this discussion. There are many opinions, but the point is we should be sick and tired of the cattle car treatment we pax get from the airlines. One day, somewhere, somehow, there’ll be an airline that PRIDES itself in its good service EVEN IF it costs a little more. So far in the great USA, only the “costs a little more” is true. This is a relevant and important discussion.

  87. I’m totally with the lady in this case, the flight was aa2240 lga-mia, 4/4. on the incoming leg, plane got diverted to Philly, total delay is 12 freaking hours,…

    Put a thought on this for a second. 12 hrs, any average traveler would miss that dis cruise. I was thinking abut this for a few days, anyone who say she is out of line is wrong, cuz it’s not happening to YOU!

    What I would do is check flightware, try to book another flight out of LGA or ewr, use whatever status with the airline, just fly me outta here!

  88. She had no right to speak to the agent this way. The agent did not cause the delay. Go scream at the federal government and air traffic control. American should have refunded her money and told her to get lost. Safety first.

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