Frontier Airlines Offers To Convert Vouchers Into Miles

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Different airlines have taken different approaches to taking care of customers in light of current circumstances. Here in the US some airlines have stood out positively (American), while others haven’t (United).

However, perhaps the worst airline with all of this has been Frontier. On the plus side, the airline has just launched a new initiative which I’d say is pretty creative, and which I’d love to see more airlines consider.

Frontier Airlines’ awful 90 day rebooking policy

Frontier Airlines has by far the worst rebooking policy among US airlines for those who have had to cancel their travel resulting from COVID-19.

Frontier Airlines is requiring customers to rebook future travel within 90 days of cancellation, and travel has to be completed by November 9, 2020.

Giving customers just 90 days to rebook is rather ridiculous, when you consider the amount of uncertainty at the moment.

Frontier Airlines offering to convert vouchers into miles

Frontier Airlines is now emailing customers to give them the opportunity to convert vouchers into miles. Here’s how the airline describes the initiative:

Frontier would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging and unprecedented time. You recently cancelled your flight with us and we know that you may still have concerns about when you will want to fly again.

To make things easier for you and to show our appreciation for your patience, we would like to offer you the opportunity to exchange your travel credit for Frontier Miles. If you join FRONTIER Miles for free and accept this offer these miles would be available to use for at least six months and beyond if you make any purchases with Frontier.

Andrew B shares that he has a $168 credit that expires in mid-June (since he cancelled a Frontier ticket in mid-March), and he is being offered 60,000 Frontier miles if he chooses to give up the voucher.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to redeeming Frontier miles:

  • You need to accrue some Frontier miles at least every six months, or else your miles expire
  • Frontier has redemption fees — $15 if you book 21-179 days out, $50 if you book 7-20 days out, and $75 if you book less than seven days before departure
  • Frontier is all about ancillaries, so expect to pay for everything, from carry-ons, to checked bags, to seat assignments

Frontier Airlines does have an award chart, but they only publish the minimum number of miles required for each type of award:

In some cases the redemption value here is really good, like when you can book a $169 ticket for a total of 10,000 miles plus ~$20 in taxes and fees.

However, in other cases the value isn’t nearly as good.

Bottom line

All things considered I’m not a fan of how Frontier has handled flight changes, giving people only 90 days to rebook travel.

However, on the surface I think the ability to convert vouchers into miles at a pretty decent ratio is an interesting opportunity, if nothing else. If you know what you’re doing, this could be a good value.

However, it’s also not something everyone should take advantage of. It’s pretty clear to me what Frontier is doing here, and it’s pretty smart from their perspective:

  • They’re taking the entire ticket amount, including ancillaries and everything else, and converting it into miles
  • While that could be a good deal, chances are when you redeem miles you’re still going to pay quite a bit for the redemption fee, and on bags, seat assignments, and more
  • This is a way for them to make sure they get additional revenue from people when they rebook

Personally I’d love to see one of the “big three” US carriers offer the ability to convert vouchers into miles given the current situation, and I’d definitely consider taking advantage of it if the rate is right.

What do you make of Frontier’s offer to convert vouchers into miles?

  1. No offer for me yet. Might be targeted. I’m wondering how much would they offer for a $15 ticket. I have couple of them in credits and no email so far.

    Maybe it might never come?

  2. I have received an offer to convert $109-credit into 50,000 miles. Must respond by 4/15. I have been fairly successful at redeeming their miles for weekends away during which I only need a personal item.

  3. This is bull. I got my offer and they need to extend the rebook by dates or actually refund like the government has said for cancelled flights. I know that after this experience I will never fly frontier again. Horrible experience when the entire world is suffering. I want to travel and I can’t wait to again….on any other airline

  4. I actually have $850 in credits that need to be redeemed by Monday. I was planning on making a dummy booking and hoping they cancel/sched change.

  5. It doesn’t matter even if the airline gives you 300% in flight vouchers, or 1 million miles, if they don’t give refund as an option. What airlines are doing is illegal, regardless of how good the deal might be for some consumers.

    Offering a good deal to not refund is a start, but the refund cannot and should not be taken off the table.

  6. I can’t agree that this is not serving the airline more than the customer. The airline should follow the rules that most of the airlines are doing. Allowing for a credit to be used within one year. 90 days is ridiculous and they will probably charge the booking fee on using the credit anyway.

    “Personally I’d love to see one of the “big three” US carriers offer the ability to convert vouchers into miles given the current situation, and I’d definitely consider taking advantage of it if the rate is right.”
    The big question is how many points for each dollar you would get and if you are allowed to accrue partner points. Because most people don’t use points and miles the way the editors do, I think most have one airline within each alliance they build loyalty with. The other questions is about when they plan to devalue again. The points won’t be worth the same if there is an upcoming devaluation. Airlines and hotels seem to devalue often these days.

  7. @ stvr — Because you’re acquiring the miles at ~0.28 cents each ($168 credit turns into 60,000 miles). In other words, your $168 credit potentially turns into six $189 flights with fairly minimal fees.

  8. I looked it up and comparing it, I get short changed on the value of my credit. So I decided to not change over.

  9. I spent $1,500 for flights in March. Then I rescheduled to August and spent $1200 of it. Now they just changed my direct flight from Chicago to Tampa now to Chicago to Denver to Tampa. 3 hours now takes 16 hours. All the flights in WI go to Denver first. I might as well drive. I will never fly Frontier again.

  10. Well, we got credit to use for about $1,050. We got an email from them offering 150,000 miles instead. The conversion is very bad, author’s 60,000 for under $200 is over twice as good. So yeah, they don’t seem to give same deals to everyone but the more credit you have the worse deal you seem to get. It’s not good but it will likely force us to take it since otherwise we’d need to book by early June for flights by November and who knows what the virus situation is by then. Feeling pretty disgusted actually. Full refund or more flexibility should be required by law at this point.

  11. For My $260 credit they offered me 70,000 miles..,seem like a good deal even with having to pay for ancillary fees on top. Plus I can change flight one time with out an additional fee right? –
    Dave in Colorado

  12. Well we booked through and took the insurance, just in case. Cancelled the flight with frontier and got the voucher. (oh great 90 days) Priceline’s view, (too bad so sad) for you. But I took the insurance!!!! Turns out most of the blogs I read say that the insurance from them is just a big scam.

    I can’t seem to find a path to actually get an answer from them, so I’ve just chalked up the loss to them and will remember to not use them again.

    Back to Frontier. I bought the insurance!!!! Ah, but in their eyes that was only what priceline was offering, not them. Here’s your convert to airline miles offer. Rightttttt We fly maybe once every other year or so I can be assured to kiss those miles away.

    I’m holding onto my Ace card and hope that airlines can somehow figure out how to give us our money back. Maybe with that big fat stimulus check they will get?

  13. I think we need more details and data points. There is no consistency here.
    Andrew B $168 to 60,000 miles
    Eskimo $15 to no offer (for each of several tickets)
    Andre $109 to 50,000 miles
    Andrew (SJC) $850 to no offer
    Jenny $1167 to 120,000 miles.

    “I will never fly XXXXXX again.” I just love these kinds of statements. If I could only make a penny every time these people fly XXXXX again.

  14. I am feeling ripped off. Some spent $168 and got 60,000 mileage points and I have $680 credit, got offered100,000 mile points. That does not seem fair. If there is a way to make them treat everyone fairly, I am in.

  15. Frontier’s offer is to take my travel credit of $448.40 (that expires on 6/22/2020) and convert it to 80,0000 Frontier Miles that will not expire “before September 2020″… claiming “This offer is equal to up to 8 one-way award flights.” How do I know if this is a good offer or not? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  16. I was offered 80,000 for $353 worth of flights. I frankly don’t trust Frontier, and don’t see them doing the right thing even if I did proceed with the offer.

  17. I have a $397 credit and just now got offered 70,000 miles. Not sure how they are coming up with these offers…

  18. I certainly wasn’t offered these miles! I was also told that I agreed to terms that I was TOLD was going to happen after Frontier canceled the flight!! I wasn’t given options and still waiting to hear. USDOT says they need to give refunds!!

  19. I got an email too around 250usd and they want to convert to 80000 miles but can I buy bags in miles too or do I have to pay bags in usd ?! In case I don’t want to convert into miles Can i bags with my credit then?! That’s confusing.

  20. I just want a refund. We had to cancel two flights, and we don’t want to redeem them for miles points. We don’t know when we’ll travel and don’t like that we have only 90 days to reschedule.

  21. Three weeks ago, FA offered me a $310 credit for me trip, which I accepted. But the following week, they offered cash refunds. I could not get a refund, because I had already cancelled my trip and accepted the credit. My mistake. Now I wonder if better offers may yet come as FA tries to get these flight credits off their books.

  22. I see this as an accounting play by Frontier. By converting to miles it takes the receivable off the books and moves it into a different category that can be easily hidden in a consolidated balance sheet. I was offered 80,000 miles for my $459 credit. I may go ahead and take it as I’ve calculated it equates to 4 RT flights between Denver and Newark depending on my date/time of travel.

  23. I just got an email with that offer today. Man, my offer is WAY worse than others with much less credit. $990.00 credit and the offer is for only 100,000 miles terrible.

  24. I was offered 80,000 miles for a $472.00 credit that expires on June 12th. I would keep the credit but I’m not sure when it will be safe to fly again, so I think they should allow a year to rebook or offer a full refund. The only way for a partner to use the points is if you apply for their credit card and you’d have to make a “small” purchase every month. You also have to accrue miles at least every six months to keep your current miles accruing. Ugh!

  25. I have two canceled vouchers totaling $560 and got an offer for 120,000 miles. They seem to be all over the board here. I fly Frontier about 4 times per year and never had a problem, but not sure whether to take this deal or not because of the extras (seats and bags).

  26. I have a $1400 travel credit and they only want to give me 150,000 miles. I’m not sure what to do. If I take them there are 4 people on my reservation, can we all use the miles or just me if they credit the miles to me?

    They should be providing refunds. This is crap.

    Do we think they will make another offer in June?

  27. Additional data point: 60,000 miles offered for $119.80 voucher – much better than some other ones I’m seeing

  28. Totally agree refunds are in order per the US Department of Transportation!! I am still waiting on my call review that they claimed I gave consent to their terms where I didnt!!! I’ve never been offered miles at all I have 441.90 credit that was 3 people I did booking for so how do I work that out they aren’t family!!

  29. I have a 721.00 credit and received an offer for 120,000 miles. They are about to receive a massive bailout from taxpayers money, they need to refund!

  30. I got 80000 offer as well for $400. Should I convert to points or not as I am not sure if Its safe to fly in next few months.

    Please suggest.

  31. I have a credit of $398 and an offer of 80,000… Or my credit will expire 23 June. They are also completely useless on Twitter via DM saying they cannot extend the 90 days and will not be offering refunds at all.

    I had also previously cancelled the flight when they sent an email and said that I would get an extra $200 ($50 pp) voucher so I have those already which will expire 31 Dec 2020. Did anyone else get these emails or do this too?!!

  32. We have a voucher of $384 and were offered 80k in miles. I understand we have 6 months to rebook with the miles, but they don’t say when we have to actually travel by.

  33. @Rob Kurtz

    That is not how it works, what you think you know isn’t accounting. There is no receivables and they have to disclose those can’t hide them anywhere.
    FWIW, there isn’t even a reason to play with accounting. They are not publicly traded and Indigo Partners probably can’t find any high paying buyers anytime soon.

    On the other hand, this is airline being creative on how to hold on to cash. Rather than having a bad publicity of customers can’t take any flights with credits expiring, they gave you a way out with incentives. While I don’t think it’s fair to have just 90 day expiry, they didn’t really break any DOT rules either.

    In layman’s term, this is Frontier selling miles at a great discount for expiring vouchers.
    Unfortunately for me, I still didn’t get any offers yet.

  34. I have a travel credit of $357.00 and Frontier has offered me 80,000 miles. Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal or should I keep my credit?

  35. I emailed frontier that I want to cancel my booking but got an email back saying they’ve cancelled my booking for the credit shell. They’ve cancelled my booking for the credit shell without my permission so I emailed them back saying I want my original booking back and they refuse and keep offering me miles. I need my original booking back to be able to claim through my insurance. I also live in the UK so credit or miles is no good to me, they’ve basically just stolen $600 this company is a shamble.

  36. I got Frontier’s offer of 70,000 miles for $389.30 worth of ticket/seat/bag for my part of a business trip I booked with a colleague. The credit ends on June 8. The miles offered “won’t expire before Sept, 2020.” According to www/, I could get anywhere from $560 to $1,050 worth of travel from Frontier. But I don’t fly Frontier (at least I haven’t for more than a decade) — and don’t want to fly them given what I’ve heard of late. I don’t imagine buying anything from Frontier to keep the miles alive. This is what I get for going cheap.

  37. two tickets at $123.00 each

    $245.20 travel credit and they are offering me 50,000 miles
    Why does mine seem off compared to others? also I cancelled my flight in the time-frame window for the promotion of an additional $50 credit per ticket


  38. This offer is only available for people who have not yet cancelled. First of all, they waited to extend the schedule past Nov 9 until Easter weekend (I held out to see if I could change to Thanksgiving but the schedule wasn’t out yet). Second, the prices of the flights are very high for all days before during and after Thanksgiving/Christmas/Spring break next year (I usually try to modify our travel times a little to get the cost down a little). Finally the only give you 90 days to re-book (plus the voucher only goes until Dec 31st). So basically, if you took the credit even with the extra $50 voucher you will still have to pay a lot of money to use your credit/voucher. I paid $70 round trip per person to fly to Fla for a family of 5 (April 8th – April 16th). I got a credit and a $50 voucher per person. This totaled about $600 in credits/vouchers. To book for Thanksgiving instead, I will need to pay the difference in flight cost. I will have to pay an extra $840 to use my $600 credit. This is horrible and I hope people realize what kind of company this is!

  39. Melanie Halvorson, I tried calling Frontier to find an answer to your question: Can other people use our miles. Unfortunately, Frontier has no one for me to ask that question of. I tried calling their frequent flier program desk, to only have an opportunity to leave a message.

  40. The fine print states you can only book on a flight marketed as an “Award Flight”. To me that means “Crappy Flight”

  41. I also got an offer of 120k miles for a $1200 credit. Bottom line, if you cancelled your flight, you’re not getting a refund. The credit, even if extended, is for a one time use meaning if you book a $500 flight and pay with a $1200 credit, the credit retains no value.

  42. I also signed up for the Frontier MasterCard. Spend $500 in 90 days=50k miles. Also, as long as you charge something on the card and earn miles, your existing miles won’t expire.

  43. Can I use my (2) $80 credit shells and the (2) $50.00 vouchers when I book a flight for my husband and myself, or can I only use one or the other? I’ve never had a problem with Frontier Airlines, but I hate their policy of giving you only 90 days to rebook a flight; during these uncertain times, how can anyone know if, and/or when they can fly?

  44. I asked them about this via twitter and this was the response.. for both the credit shells AND the miles they are saying I can convert my $$ to.

    “Hi Ella, Credit shells are non-name specific so these funds can be used toward anyone you know or don’t know, and in several amounts for multiple new reservations until all funds are used. Credit shells can be combined with vouchers. When you go to book a new flight, follow the instructions below. Please let us know if you have additional questions. ^HC

    To redeem your credit:
    -Go to
    -Create a new reservation
    -On the payment screen
    -Click on the box that says “HAVE A FRONTIER CREDIT? ADD FRONTIER CREDIT HERE.”
    -Enter reservation code
    -Enter email address
    If applicable, a credit card will be required for any residual value.”

    “Thanks for following up. As the account owner, you will be able to dictate what those miles are used for. You can use them to book for yourself as well as other people. ^TH”

  45. When I try to accept the miles nothing seems to happen. Did anyone get a confirmation? It says miles do not appear till April 30.

  46. I was offered 70,000 miles for my $260 credit…I filled out info …but after hitting extend travel option button nothing happened..I will call tomorrow..anybody else having a problem redeeming??

  47. I was offered 120K miles for a $1,019 credit. I don’t think I’ll convert for that offer. It is too much of a shell game to convert to miles, then have to get their credit card to extend them, then have to pay for seats, bags, etc. even when you book with miles in the future. Who knows? They may make another offer before the voucher expires in June and if not, I’ll find somewhere nice to go this summer with my family for a reasonable price. Still, I’m not impressed with Frontier.

  48. I have a $167 credit and they’re offering 50,000 miles. I tried to convert to miles (only to extend the length of my credit to 6 months instead of 90 days because I know I will not be traveling within 90 days so if I don’t do this I just lose my money) but when I filled out the form and hit submit nothing happens. It’s like the button doesn’t do anything. You click it and nothing happens. And I have no idea how to contact them about it. I see a couple of other people had the same issue. Really this whole thing is a joke honestly. The fact that probably tens of thousands of people are just basically having their money kept by airlines during all this, when most of us could REALLY use that money back and these airlines are about to get BILLIONS in bailouts is just disgusting. Nice middle finger to the consumer while airlines get bailed out by the billions and we get a 90 day credit. Lol what a joke. I might as well just write that $167 off as I can’t even convert it to miles since their form doesn’t work. NICE

  49. I figured it out. Don’t use the most recent email they sent. If you wanna convert to miles, use an older email. The last email they sent takes me to a page with two buttons to “sign up to become a member” or “already a member?” and (I was already a member) so after I clicked that it took me to a form where I had to fill in my name (email and frontier miles # are prefilled) and click submit. THIS ONE DOES NOT WORK. However I used an older email with the same offer and it took me straight to the form (skipping the page with the “already a member” and “sign up to become a member” buttons.) This one just took me straight to the form and it had my email and frontier miles # already filled in. As opposed to the first one (which does NOT work) this form only asks for email and frontier miles number which are prefilled. Whereas the first one also asks for your name and was not prefilled. Again, the form that asks for your name WILL NOT WORK. After I clicked submit (on the form that DID NOT ask for my name) it worked and took me to a confirmation page. Although there were no details it basically just said “Your form has been submitted.” Just wanted to let people know this since today is the last day to convert to miles if you wanted to do that.

  50. Good luck with that. I’ve not been able to have any of my calls answered by a human…

  51. Here is/was an opportunity for an airline to impress someone who stopped flying them a decade ago. I booked a cross-country flight with them — because they were less expensive than my other choices and because a colleague wanted to try the airline. Hotels and other airlines have been much more accommodating that Frontier. Southwest, one value airline, for example, as a normal course of business gives you a year from booking to travel if you cancel for any reason. Still, I took Frontier’s offer — but anticipate that they win this. And I ill be sure to choose other airlines to fly on from now on.

  52. Same thing for me trying to redeem the offer. Hit the submit button and nothing happens. When I tried it over the last several days, the frequent flyer # and email address were pre-filled. Today, nothing there. Either way (on multiple browsers), it never worked. Tried to reach them via phone and still waiting over an hour. Will never fly them again.

  53. Just tried the link supplied by Allyssa (see above). It seems to work (we’ll see). Thanks Alyssa!

  54. This is some shady dealings at a time like this. I will never use frontier if I can help it.

  55. I have $980.00 in air travel credit. Their offer to me was 30,000 miles. Seems low…. I filed a complaint with the US Department of Transportation, aviation consumer protection division. I’d suggest everyone do the same.

  56. Just crazy!! I dont fly that often so taking miles really isn’t going to benefit me. Also how I have to try and plan a whole new vacation and with working around an active family schedule is quite difficult and to book it within 90 days us now to have funds to go on vacation with reduced work hours. This time frame is horrible!! This was my going to be my first time with Frontier and I can tell you that I will never fly Frontier again if they dont make a better offer.

  57. I tried claiming my miles. Evidently, the “claim” never took. I just got an email from Frontier with the same offer again…

  58. Have a $818 credit voucher and they offered 100,000 miles. I called to get my money back and they wouldn’t give it to me. They said the credit voucher could be extended so it won’t expire in June.

  59. Okay, my headache is back. I still don’t know what to do. I was offered 50,000 Frontier Miles for my $220.70 travel credit. Good deal, or no?

  60. $313 for 70k travel miles. Keep in mind my travel credit Expires 3/22/2021 and Frontier is giving me until March 5th to accept the deal or not.

    I think I’ll hang on to my credit.

  61. Just an update for data point.

    I got an offer for just 1 of my many flights. All were $15. The one I got was 5000 miles.
    So the conversion rate is still mixed. Oddly, this offer wasn’t for the first flight that took place and all my flights were cancelled at the same time. The travel date or cancel date is also mixed. I do want to make a guess that offers are sent out in batches. The last one expired 4/15 (I didn’t get) this one (I got) expires 5/5.

    And as a reminder, you do have to pay some fees to get it booked <180 days out. Even buying at 0.3 cpp, which is a good deal, not all of us can lock in plans 180 days out.

    For the price I paid and travel pattern, I'm going to sit this one out. I'm going to see if Frontier is fair enough to extend the 90 days because travel hasn't resumed yet. If not I'll just book something before 90 days is up.

    And for people considering the credit card, the main deal is 50k right now. There is an alternate offer at (dummy booking) checkout page for 20k+$200 credit. Still no AF waiver.

  62. I was offered 50k miles for my $241.6 travel credits. Not a good deal comparing to majority if the offers posted here. Did anyone try calling and negotiating for a better offer with Frontier?

  63. I received an offer today from Frontier
    $674.40 in credit redeemable for 100k miles. I dont feel like this is a good deal considering other’s offers. Opinions? Should I just keep the credit? Travel credit expires 7/6/2020

  64. I am Curious if these mikes count towards the original 2 people who booked the tickets. For example, I booked flights for my husband and I. Now I’m getting the email offering me miles that get deposited into my account. Can I use them for both of us?
    I had $543 in credits, was first offered 120,000 miles and forgot to accept and now am
    Offered 100,000.

  65. Offered 60k with $500 ticket. Seems I have one of the worst deal? Did something call in and get a better offer or a cash option?

  66. @Lucas — I called and it was a waste of time. The agent simply said there a lots of factors that go into the offer. They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) expand and they did not offer to improve the exchange. I think the person I finally reached was an offshore agent without a lot of authority to change the offer. Ultimately I decided to accept the offer because I really do not see ourselves flying on Frontier in the next 30 days which is when our exchange would have expired.

  67. They offered 70000 miles for just under $400 credit. I am not taking the bait. There’s no way they would be giving us a deal that benefits us…it’s a business isn’t it?

  68. I just got offered 60000 miles for my 176.00 credit. I only fly once and at most twice a year but always Jan-March… I think no matter which I choose I will lose out…. I think under the circumstances Frontier should have just refunded us the money… Much better PR

  69. My “deal” was 70,000 miles for a $363 credit. I agree with an earlier poster that this is an accounting ploy to “take the receivable off the books and move it into a different category that can be easily hidden in a consolidated balance sheet.” Given the precarious financial condition of all airlines, this seems like a smart financial move on their part. I just worry they they may declare Ch 11 before I get a chance to use these….

  70. WTF are they doing.. offering me 70k miles for almost $500 worth tickets..while giving out so many miles for lesser amount

  71. They offered me 200,000 miles for a $2400 voucher and 120,000 miles for a $1200 voucher. Offer expires today but I’m not taking it. So ridiculous. Looking at the comments here, it looks like people that paid much less are getting a better deal. I had already overpaid for these flights to Mexico for the whole family and now it looks like when we do rebook, we will be losing most of our value. I wish DOT would force them to issue refunds! 🙁

  72. I have the same problem, they offer 80,000 miles for $500 and expires today. I purchased the ticket long before this pandemic and I purchased insurance. I have always purchased insurance not anymore. It is not what I expected. Just want my money back!!!!

  73. I wondered if anyone had the same experience of the offer as I did – not knowing what else to do, I took the offer on May 5 – exchanging $1,143 in credit from a cancelled flight, for 150K FRONTIER Miles. I followed the instructions on the site to do this and was told that “Miles will be posted and available to use by May 20, 2020”.
    Well, May 20 was yesterday, and I still have gotten no confirmation. Trying to login to the site, the email I registered with is not recognized. I am on hold with customer service right now, but just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat.

  74. I took the offer, too, and haven’t received email notification. I just checked the miles in my Frontier account – which would be only the miles they “offered” me… My account shows zero miles.

  75. I never received any email confirming the miles were posted to my account but when I logged in they were there. I do not remember if I checked right at the date they were supposed to be there – mine were supposed to be posted by April 30th – so maybe give them another day or two before trying to call someone.

    BTW, I m fine with the credits as I got 150,000 miles for $1,080 or so spent. Obviously if they screw us and start making the flights cost more miles than what’s out there today in a month or two then my view will definitely change. As it stands I’d rather take the refund but these credits are not horrible if they keep their value.

  76. I accepted the offer $1577 converted to 150k miles on May 5. No confirmation email. I called 2 days ago as I have nothing posted or emailed and I was told they would be sending the confirmation email that day. Still two days later nothing posted and no email. I am worried they will keep my money with a loophole. I wish I could get my money back.

  77. We are in the same boat here on May 21. We accepted the offer to convert our credit to miles. We had four tickets to fly in late March for approx. $2,000! Miles were supposed to be posted yesterday. But I didn’t receive any emails confirming at the time that I accepted and there’s nothing under the email I provided. Wow, not impressed. This has been one mess after another. I already spent over two hours on the phone with three Frontier reps after they charged my credit card when I made the reservation for a rental car. They tried to have me go through the rental car company which never received any payment. Payment is supposed to happen upon picking up the car according to all my records that I still have, so why did Frontier charge me ahead of time? Finally, they issued a credit…technically it should have been a refund.

  78. Sounds like the same story here – after over an hour waiting to speak with someone, they said my request to convert $1,000k credit for miles “didn’t go through” – this is even though I completed the online forms and the final page said that miles will be posted by May 20. Guess I now know why I didn’t receive a confirmation.
    I was told I have to use the credit by June 11 or will lose it, and then was hung up on! No call back, even though I gave customer service my phone number. Will try again today when I have a few hours to kill. I will also file a DOT complaint per Jay above.

  79. Accepted May 5th but miles were never credited. Not going to waste my time trying to get them. Guess I’ll try to find something to book with the $600 credit instead. Good luck to those who try to fight it.

  80. It seems like Frontier is really not treating customers fairly. I canceled my spring break flights proactively due to impending shutdowns in FL. I had paid $2,161.80 for those flights. I recieved a credit that need to book by 6/17 and use it before 11/20.

    I’m not quite sure what I will do. I did not see the email to convert to miles and missed the deadline. I called in and was basically told it won’t happen but they would submit a request.

    My kids will be back in school by the time the flights seem to start to be readily available. Even if I find something, the average fares are approximately 75% cheaper than what I originally paid.

    I will never see any significant value for what I paid. Frustrating. I will fly every other option before I ever fly Frontier again.

  81. As a follow up, I called Frontier and they show no record of me accepting the offer. They conferred with Frontier Miles Dept and no record there either. The one suggestions the representative had was to book tickets for future flight. If we cancel more than 60 days before the flight, we get that credit back and it’s valid for 90 days. Is this accurate or will I be facing more issues later? Not impressed at all with Frontier.

  82. They tricked us all with the pandemic going on. My flight was for 04-02, where I was going had government stay at home orders so I figured you couldn’t fly, stay home . I kept hearing on news to cancel all plans of any type. Also, Frontier sent two emails out to cancel flights and book later. There was no mention of no refund if you cancel in these emails, there should have been since the world was experiencing a pandemic and States “shut downs/stay at home” were getting more and more common. I cancelled and figured in a month or two all good/same flight restrictions, etc. Well fast forward to now, where I am going, you still can’t go places, you cannot go out and about without a mask, etc. Then I see Frontier requires masks all the time, no end of this is known they told me. I have a medical condition where I cannot wear a mask or hinder my breathing, etc. I asked for refund since they changed the mask part, so I can never fly with them. They said no, I cancelled first, even though they cancelled right after my flight. It was all trickery with those first two emails stating to cancel, like no problem, no changes in our way of flying (when I bought my tickets, no mask needed; if no pandemic/government executive orders-restrictions, I would have flown). So here I am, out of my hard earned money they collected interest on for months and refusing to refund. And I cannot fly ever with mask requirements. Plus the airline got funds from the federal government due to the pandemic! What a scam, I am getting no where through BBB since the airline is not a member. I will next contact the U.S. Department of Transportation to make a formal complaint against Frontier. This is disgusting behavior, it isn’t like we didn’t want to fly, we were told to STAY HOME!

  83. 12 of us had flights NYC To Cancun in early April. Frontier gave us option to cancel and receive $50 voucher and Credits. We did this and a few weeks later another offered was communicated to exchange all the credit into miles. We thought this was best due to most flexibility. Now frontier says they have no record of any of our 3 groups accepting this. We now have 2 weeks to book new flights or loose it all. Any one else get this and how did u you resolve??

  84. It sounds like many people signed up for the “convert credits to miles offer” , and then were told there was no record of it going through – I count 5 people above experiencing the same thing. Seems very suspicious.
    Since we weren’t able to take advantage of this promotion, we had to use the credits by June 15 (today) or lose them. Even though the original flight in March was cancelled.
    I just booked a flight for my family in January of 2021, just to use the credit before it was lost, even though I have no idea what travel conditions will be like at this point.
    Terrible behavior on Frontiers part with this global pandemic – the right thing to do would have been to have refunded customers for their cancelled flights rather than force them to book a random trip just to avoid losing their money entirely. It’s not a big stretch to call this stealing.

  85. I have received no correspondence from Frontier. I have sent emails to them requesting an extension on the credit vouchers, have received no response. I’m now attempting to reach the frontier credit card company but they will not take claims over the phone and they only way to file a claim is send them a letter! Won’t except an email.
    I’m now up against the 90 day expiration. I feel like I should just book something or will lose my $1000 credit.
    This is wrong in so many ways!

  86. Spent 5 hours on hold today with Frontier. My two credit vouchers expire on Wednesday and wasn’t offered anything. I asked for a one week extension and nothing. Wont give me a refund either. The only option they gave me was to book a new flight and change it later for free if the flight is more than 60 days out. Problem is we’re planning to leave in August or maybe September at the latest. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred. After another hour on hold it rang and got a voicemail to leave a message. No call back. I called my bank but since I booked the flights in January they can’t help which is a Visa rule.

    Frontier should be ashamed of themselves. They’re stealing peoples money and getting away with it. I’ll never fly them again.

    Frontier; “We’ll f**ck you in the a** before we do anything for you but we’ll steal your money without even thinking twice! Frontier, the thieving skies!”

  87. Update on 90 day limit!!

    Today is the last day for me to book a flight. (I’m at the 90 day limit).

    I booked a dummy flight for march 2021.
    I called back a few hours later to cancel it because I decided on a different location, (one that I might actually go too) and they went ahead and cancelled it and gave me ANOTHER 90 days to book!
    They told me it was a “one time courtesy”.
    (I reconfirmed 3 times because I couldn’t believe it. Ha).

    Ps. I still hate you frontier. This is stressful.

  88. I agree about Frontiers policy. It’s the worst. Im also up against the 90 day deadline so booked a flight for April 2021. Hoping we be able to go then, although the flight schedule is not great.
    Since I originally booked with a frontier airlines credit card (because I was going to get 40,000 miles by getting the card, but I had to travel within a small window )..never mind that’s a whole different story.
    When I went to check out of the 2021 booking I went over the credit amount I had and my only option to pay for the additional cost (seats, and bags) Frontier would only take a frontier credit card! Unfortunately I didn’t have the card with me so as it stand we have no bags or seats paid. Meaning we get to pay top $ when and if we get to travel.
    And yes I to still hate you Frontier.

  89. My credits have now expired and Frontier will neither extend or convert them. I never received an offer to exchange for miles. They said offers were given to random customers only. I have filed a complaint with the Aviation Consumer Protection Division as mentioned above. I suggest everyone do the same and maybe we will get their attention.

  90. I still don’t have my miles posted that they offered me. I shake with trepidation at the thought of hours of my life lost being on hold with someone from Frontier.

    Interesting to note, a flight we booked pre-Covid with Alaska, which is scheduled for next week was changed by Alaska… Departing at 11:0, rather than 7:00 PM that we originally booked… Alaska refunded us 100% of our fare and upgrades. Guess what airlines I will fly on again – and which one I won’t?

  91. I accepted the offer to convert travel credit to miles on May 4 and still there is nothing in my account. Every time I call the customer service, its either busy or they will cut the phone in middle of waiting. Whats the next step for you guys who are in same boat?

  92. Uttam – this happened to me, and a number of other people on here. If the miles aren’t in your account, i would assume they are going to tell you that they never received your request, and you still have credits which you will have to spend soon or lose them. I would set aside some time and be prepared for an hour plus wait while you wait for someone to get to you, and they can let you know for sure.

    Frontier if you read this, you are terrible – I hope a major news provider comes across this story and reports on it.

  93. Read – I was finally able to contact Frontier and they told me that my request was never received and apparently i have lost all the credit. F* unbelievable! I told her that I got the success page with the confirmation that I will receive email soon and miles will be credited by May 20. She said, can’t help. Unbelievable! I dont know what to do!

  94. Can you say class action suit? My story is the same as above. I got their email for 50k miles. When they said the miles would not show on my account until after May 20, I should have know it was a scam!!! But I did not think the scam would be from the airline. Shame on them. I accepted the offer got the landing page saying to wait for their email with more info. I called and was told the same lie. I think a company doing fraud like this should not get taxpayer funded PPE money.

  95. I finally built up the courage (or was it stupidity) to call Frontier a week ago yesterday, on July 1. The first outgoing message I heard was not unlike others when I called previously… Something along the lines of “Our operators are really busy. Please call back at another time.” (Seriously! That was the outgoing message. “Call back at another time.”) Undaunted — and because I’d blocked time to make the call — I stayed on the line. At the end of two hours, mostly on hold, I had spoken with two people — neither of whom could help me but said, “I understand that you’re frustrated.” I have what I had before I made the call… NOTHING. No miles in my account. No refund. No credit. That’s because they told me they have no record that I requested the miles… So I did the next best thing… I called my credit card company and have attempted to dispute the charge. I have 60 days – and if Frontier doesn’t fight me, or the credit card company rules in my favor, I get my money for the flight refunded.

  96. Frontier’s miles conversion scam happened to me as well. I was offered 120,000 miles in exchange for $601.80 in value. I accepted, but the miles were never placed into my account. Nor could I use the original credit value. Several people reported the scam on the BBB website. Not sure was their resolutions were, but those cases were marked as resolved.

  97. So far, the credit card challenge hasn’t been fought by Frontier. We’re almost halfway through the challenge period now, but I don’t want to become overconfident about the ploy.

    On a similar, much happier note, United fully refunded two roundtrip tickets for an early-August flight that I purchased last January.

    Thank you United!

  98. Please add me to the class-action lawsuit! I received email from Frontier offering to convert my $223.40 which expired on “6/23/2020” to 50,000 miles stating “Miles will be posted and available to use by May 20, 2020.” I checked sometime after then and didnt see the added miles. Tried calling their customer service, ended up waiting on hold for upwards of 40 minutes, and hung up. Finally reached them in mid July and they said my credit had expired and the miles deal was no longer valid. This was obviously some sort of scam or at least at unfair trick on Frontier’s part.

  99. I also opted in for the email as they offered me 70,000 miles to which I took. I look at my miles and it never showed up. It’s too late as my credit expired. It’s my money and they have it. They also have no record of me ever putting in for the offer. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and also a report

    I would suggest everyone do this.

  100. Yup, initially got my 150k miles for around $1200 flight. Now I am unable to book return flights using these miles around Easter or Christmas, meanwhile my original flight was around Easter. So now they blocked out the dates and raised the mile count for the flights. Initially the 20k miles would have covered round trip, now some dates I checked only covered one way trip for 20k miles so my credit wouldn’t even cover the whole thing for my family of 4. What a SCAM !!!! Filing the complaint as per above ! Never again will they see my money !

  101. It’s official. I challenged the Frontier charge(s) on my credit card 60 days ago — for a flight booked in Feb and slated for mid-March. I opted for the miles, but never got them deposited to my account. Frontier refused when I called because the deadline passed and they “have no record that” I asked for the miles. My credit card company credited the money back to my card. I recommend everyone try that… Now you have nothing to lose but your time.

  102. the same thing happened to me after speaking to a representative over the phone and converting my canceled flight in to miles I was so disappointed when I tried to book another flight and they told me I had no frequent flyer miles and that I basically lost $560 , I was frustrated to say the least.

  103. I posted above on August 2nd and I am following up in case this helps anyone:

    1. Going through the BBB resolution process did not help. My inquiries were not answered.

    2. My credit card company initially reversed the charge but did an “investigation” and now the charge is back on my card because Frontier responded through their investigation process, but the credit card company has not told me what Frontier said.

    3. I reported through and received a response that the information was added to a database that will be counted in a monthly Air Travel Consumer Report. Frontier is supposed to reply within 60 days directly to me through this process, but I have not received a response.

    4. My next avenue will be to try filing complaints with the Consumer Protection offices in my home state, and Colorado where Frontier is based:

  104. Sorry to hear the credit card company leaned Frontier’s way. Mine didn’t. You’re working hard, and i how it pays off for you. I won’t fly that airline again… That’s for sure.

  105. I also got a notice from Air Transportation agency saying Frontier is now supposed to get back to me with the agency being copied on the email exchange, we’ll see how that goes. BTW, my miles credit is about to expire within next 10 days. I tried to book something around some holidays but they screw you on what can be booked with miles, no flexibility whatsoever. I guess they will likely not respond within this timeframe so I’ll just have to book something for next year even if it doesn’t work with my schedule and hope I get some better resolution here, but highly unlikely. These airlines seem to get a slap on the wrist while end customer ends up with nothing, but we’ll see.

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