Qatar Airways Hotel Stopover Program Extended To 2019

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One of the goals of the Gulf carriers is to develop the infrastructure of their home countries and put them on the map. One has to wonder where Doha would be without Qatar Airways, or where Dubai would be without Emirates. While these cities are known for being global hubs, the airlines are increasingly making an effort to have you actually visit, rather than just connect.

Last May Qatar Airways introduced a new program called +Qatar, where passengers traveling on Qatar Airways in all cabins can get a 96 hour Qatar visa at no cost (though in the meantime Qatar has rolled out visa-free entry for 80 nationalities), one free night of hotel, and more.

The program has been available continuously since it was introduced, though they’ve only extended the expiration of the program by several months at a time. Up until now, the stopover program was supposed to expire at the end of 2018. The good news is that it has now been extended.

The +Qatar hotel stopover program has now been extended for bookings through January 31, 2019, and for stays through April 30, 2019. I would imagine it will be extended beyond that once again, but you never know.

So while the booking window has for now only been extended by a month, the period during which you can stay has been extended by several months.

Through this offer you can get one night for free, and pay just $50 for the second night. The type of hotel you’re eligible for depends on the type of fare you book. Economy passengers are eligible for premium hotels (Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu, etc.), while business and first class passengers are eligible for luxury hotels (Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, etc.).

This is open to those who have layovers of at least 12 hours, and you need to be on a ticket issued by Qatar Airways to qualify (so a partner award ticket wouldn’t qualify, for example).

Last year I wrote about my experience booking a hotel through this program, which was surprisingly straightforward. My stay at the Westin Doha was pleasant, and the process was seamless. At check-in I was just asked to forward my email confirmation from Qatar Airways and provide my boarding passes, and I was given a free room for my one night stay.

The room I received at the Westin Doha

The only thing I’d note here is that while Qatar Airways lists all kinds of “luxury hotels,” in reality most of them are almost never available, so even if you’re in first class, don’t expect to stay at the Four Seasons or St. Regis using this program.

Here are the basic terms associated with the +Qatar program:

  • All bookings are verified by our specialist team, and may automatically be cancel if they have not met all terms and conditions.
  • Our special +Qatar offer is a hotel offer which does not include transfers to/from airport.  Feel free to pre-book your transfers to make your arrival smooth and easy.
  • Booking validity: until 31 January 2019.
  • Stay Validity: must be completed on or before 30 April 2019.
  • The +Qatar offer is only valid for Qatar Airways confirmed ticket holders with a minimum transit time of 12 hours in Doha.
  • The +Qatar offer is only valid for Qatar Airways E-ticket numbers starting with “157” and this is required to be entered at the payment page.
  • The +Qatar offer is only valid for a maximum of one booking per E-ticket number. NB. Conjunction tickets are considered part of the one original ticket.
  • All +Qatar hotel bookings are subject to availability.
  • The +Qatar offer is NOT applicable for codeshare flights (outbound and/or inbound).
  • The +Qatar offer is NOT valid for passengers where Doha is their first departure point or final destination.
  • A valid visa is required to enter the country. Nationals from a total of 80 countries can now take advantage of visa-free entry into Qatar. Entry into Qatar will be at the discretion of the immigration authorities. Discover Qatar is not responsible for the decision taken by the immigration authorities.
  • Check-in dates at hotel must match flight arrival date in Doha.
  • By making this booking you have accepted all terms and conditions which apply to the +Qatar offer, in addition to conditions which may apply to the specific hotels, tours and services.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Bottom line

At this point I think it’s safe to say that this feature is here to stay. Qatar Airways already publishes exceptional fares in many markets, and has the world’s best business class. So to get a free hotel on a Doha stopover is just the icing on the cake.

(Tip of the hat to @DPoolAU)

  1. Where is my beloved ex-CMB-US deals? Notice that Qatar Airways isn’t cheapest option anymore…. trying to clean up their acts before auditing?

  2. I booked an AAdvantage business saver award in February is this valid for this program? I wasn’t able to tell

  3. I am making use of this right at this moment, having a 2 nite stay at the Intercontinental. What struck me most is how quiet Doha airport has become.

  4. We did this last month for a two night stay in the souk hotel. Great value, walked everywhere (even though it feels like it takes ten minutes to cross the street), nice little layover. Would I do it again? Maybe just to stay in a fancy hotel on the corniche but that is about it. Not much to see in Doha proper after two days.

    We also noticed how quiet Doha was on both trips out and back. As in perhaps we missed the evening bank at midnight when its busy but when it was slow it felt practically deserted.

  5. Beautiful hotels and skyline but otherwise a city without a soul and without people. A good options for a quick visit regardless.

  6. Lucky, in reality, Qatar allows Economy passengers to book Westin and InterContinental. I’ve booked HKG-DOH-EBL (Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan) for my friend, and they had no problem checking in at Westin, despite they’re flying cheapest Economy fare (still over $1500!)

  7. Thank you for the article. I booked Lon to Singapore via Doha and now booked hotels Hilton & intercontinental Doha via this program. Qatar is far superior than BA even economy class feels better than BA premium and Doha is a beautiful city with people that are rich in soul and very welcoming.

  8. I’ve seen some confusion online regarding the stopover time: the Qatar website seems to suggests you can purposefully select flights so that the layover is lengthened in order to partipate in this program. But, online comments suggest that if there is any shorter connection, you won’t be eligible even if you have a 12+ layover.

    I’m flying USA-DOH-SYD, and can choose either a short-ish layover, or a 15 hour one. I’d love to do the 15-hour layover IF I COULD USE THE PROGRAM, but I don’t want to buy that ticket, only to discover all I’ve done if increase the amt of time I have to kill in DOH airport.

    Does anyone have clarification on whether this program applies when you purposefully choose a longer layover?

  9. Is this promotion still valid? I plan to travel in June 2019.
    Can sight-seeing be done in 12 hour period while in Doha?

  10. Is the promotion/offer valid in the month of June 2019? Until when has it been extended to if the promotion is still valid?

    As a tourist for 12 hours, is there sufficient sight-seeing to be done to get a good sense of Qatar?

    Thank you.

  11. My husband and I are traveling to Singapore in March 2020. We are considering flying Qatar Business Class and that could involve a 16+ layover. Would we be eligible for the hotel stop over program? If we purchase our ticket through Skyscanner would we still be eligible for the hotel stop over program in Doha?

  12. FYI I was just able to book the discounted stopover hotel rate using an AA award ticket. I received a confirmation and my card was charged. Not sure if I’ll have issues on arrival but I figured it was worth a shot. I entered my AA ticket number on the website and it passed the validation.

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