Review: Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare Airport

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With my flight from Los Angeles landing at around 11:30PM, and me needing to head to the airport the next morning before 6AM, I just looked for the most basic hotel that would earn me points and stay credits with either Hyatt or Starwood. Many airport hotels were pricing out at $200+ per night, and of my preferred chains, the Four Points by Sheraton Chicago O’Hare Airport was the cheapest, at $146. Best of all, it’s a lower category hotel than anything else in the area. Since it’s a Category 2, a free night redemption cost just 4,000 points. I value Starpoints at ~2.2 cents each, so to me that’s like paying $88 for the stay, which sounds like a deal to me.

Upon arrival at O’Hare I followed the signage to the shuttle center. Somehow I always manage to get lost while trying to find this at O’Hare, even though I’ve had to go there well over a dozen times over the years. As luck would have it, the Four Points shuttle was there waiting as I arrived, so five minutes later I was at the hotel. Can’t beat that!

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare bus

While I personally am still sort of in summer mode, the hotel already had fall decorations. Straight ahead inside the entrance was reception. There was one person ahead of me, though the lady working the front desk was super efficient, and had him checked in within a minute, and then I had keys in hand just 30 seconds later. I was even asked if I needed late check-out, and was offered the option between a 250 Starpoint welcome amenity and complimentary continental breakfast (I chose the former given how early I’d be leaving).

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare reception

The lobby had dozens of leather chairs on both side of the entrance.

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare lobby

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare lobby

To the side of the reception desk was a small area where you could buy snacks, etc., as is standard for Four Points.

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare snack shop

There was also a “hydration station” with water. Four Points properties typically also have coffee available for free there in the morning.

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare water

There were two sets of elevators, advertising the “complementary” hors d’oeuvres in The Mirage Restaurant. Spelling aside, that just seems like really aspirational advertising for an airport Four Points restaurant.

I love complementary hors d’oeuvres!

The hotel has seven floors, and my room, #629, was on the sixth floor

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare hallway

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare floorplan

I’ve never really understood Four Points’ branding. That’s to say that I’m not really sure what’s supposed to make the brand unique. To me, a Four Points room looks basically the same as a Sheraton room.

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare king room

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare king room

This room had a king size bed with a comfortable mattress, a chair in the corner by the window, a desk with a rolling chair, and then a console with a TV on top of it.

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare king room desk & TV

Four Points By Sheraton Chicago O’Hare king room chair

On the desk was a single-serve coffee machine, as well as a bottle of water and ice bucket.

Four Points Chicago O’Hare coffee machine

Four Points Chicago O’Hare bottled water

The bathroom was back near the entrance, and was fairly basic.

Four Points Chicago O’Hare bathroom

There was a shower/tub combo with reusable wall-mounted dispensers for toiletries. I didn’t actually shower at the hotel, since I figured showering in the Flagship Lounge in the morning would make a better data point anyway in terms of reviewing the new lounge.

Four Points Chicago O’Hare shower

Four Points Chicago O’Hare toiletries

The hotel offers all guests complimentary wifi. While elite members are supposed to get premium wifi, there was no option for that at this hotel. Fortunately I just had a quick overnight, so that was fine.

My one real complaint about the room was the air conditioning unit. Here’s a video of it:

I probably should have asked for a different room, but I was tired, it was late, etc., so I still eventually managed to fall asleep. While I suspect the air conditioning isn’t usually quiet, I imagine this one was unusually loud.

I didn’t use any of the other facilities, though there was an indoor pool just off the lobby, and next to that was the gym, which was quite basic.

Four Points Chicago O’Hare pool

Four Points Chicago O’Hare hot tub

Four Points Chicago O’Hare gym

Four Points Chicago O’Hare gym

I took the shuttle back to the airport early in the morning.

Four Points O’Hare Airport bottom line

For 4,000 Starpoints I thought this was a great deal. The other SPG properties in the area are mostly 10,000 Starpoints per night, so I don’t think they’re worth the premium. For what this is, I’d say it’s a solid option, and it perfectly suited my needs.

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  1. “and was offered the option between a 250 Starpoint welcome amenity and complimentary continental breakfast”. Should it be OR instead of AND.

  2. I stayed here a few years ago and i agree with the commenter above that it was a dump. I told myself never again at the time but I guess they renovated the hotel since your pix look great!

  3. Stayed here last night, and actually added tonight as a second night as well! Its excellent value on the weekend at 3000 Starpoints! Paid rate was 110$. The restaurant is actually pretty good, was very pleased with our dinner. Good beer selection as well. Very nice staff, indeed quite friendly and efficient. I really like the newly renovated Four Points, might like them more than a full on Sheraton or even a US Westin.

  4. This is still a dump. OTOH, Gino’s East delivers Chicago Deep Dish pizza reliably, and if you luck out it’s cheaper than Lucky got it. However, quite frequently you can get either the Westin or Sheraton, which are far nicer hotels (with integrated HVAC, rather than the noisy outboard units, which I detest for their universal noise and crap temperature regulation) for only a little more. I generally avoid this place if It’s at all reasonable elsewhere.

  5. When I’m looking for an airport hotel due to late arrival and early departure, my main concern is the reliability and schedule of the shuttle. You didn’t mention the morning airport drop-off schedule/punctuality. Could you touch on that?

  6. @Lucky, The easiest way to get to the ORD bus/shuttle center from Terminal 3 is just to go out the lower level doors to the pickup area, and go straight across the road. It’s much quicker than the advertised way. I don’t suggest doing this with a large group or when really weighed down, because, though there is a crosswalk, it’s a bit like playing frogger with Chicago drivers.

  7. I stay here all the time when I have an early morning flight. It’s easily worth the ~$100 for a couple of extra hours of sleep and it’s great for a quick stop over. I’ve found the airport shuttles to be very consistent as far as leaving the hotel every 1/2 hr, and I’ve never waited more than about 10 minutes for pickup (though that does depend more on when you arrive at the shuttle center).
    As far as the shuttle center, if you just follow the signs for the CTA, there’s an elevator bank between the moving walkways that takes you right there.

  8. Oh, it’s also worth mentioning that this hotel shows up on the SPG Hot Escapes list pretty frequently, so I’ve never paid more than $110, and have gotten a room for as cheap as $80

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