Story Of Guy Sitting Next To Doppelganger On Flight Goes Viral

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Lately we’ve seen so many stories of people getting kicked off planes, etc. So sometimes it’s fun to read a cute story of something funny which happens on a plane. And in this case it’s even on Ryanair. Who would have guessed anything fun could happen on a Ryanair flight? 😉

A picture went viral on Twitter yesterday when user @leebeattie Tweeted a photo of a guy randomly being seated next to his doppelganger on a Ryanair flight:

The picture was funny in and of itself, but that’s only the beginning of the story. It gets much better. BuzzFeed has the rest of the story:

“When he got on his Ryanair flight, there was a dude already on his seat. He asked him to move and when the guy looked up, he thought: “Holy shit, he looks like me.” They had a big laugh about it – everyone around them had a laugh, they took a selfie and that was it.”

“Neil then checked into his hotel in Galway to find his doppelganger checking into the same hotel ahead of him. They laughed.”

“Later that night, Neil went to the pub and again, there was his twin. Total weirdness. They had a laugh and a pint.”

Too funny!

  1. Ye forgoat dis, Benny me lad.
    Moi Oirishmonness is comin’ oit ean mi.
    Ov coarse, eets bin a whoile since oive been to good old Oireland.
    Oim and Oirishman in moi hart.

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