Fascinating Al Jazeera Show About Female Pilots

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Yesterday I randomly stumbled on a YouTube video that I have to share.

In March of this year I wrote about the all female Royal Brunei crew that operated a flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, so to have an all female crew land a plane there is awesome.


Anyway, yesterday I stumbled on a video from an Al Jazeera show called The Stream, where they interview five female pilots to talk about their experiences pursuing their dreams, given that fewer than 5% of airline pilots are female.

They interview the three women who fly for Royal Brunei and landed the plane in Jeddah, though also interview a South African Airways A340 captain, as well as an aspiring airline pilot in the US.

Here’s the segment:

While all the guests were interesting, I especially enjoyed watching the three ladies from Brunei share their stories.


If you have the time, I’d highly recommend watching this show.

  1. I actually saw this episode of The Stream on Al Jazeera and it was very inspiring. I wish more people would watch programs like this, so they are better educated about Muslims worldwide. Thank you for sharing this. Iran Air also has female pilots, but there isnt much coverage on Iranian civil aviation here either.

  2. “Keep in mind that women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, so to have an all female crew land a plane there is awesome.”

    Or massively culturally disrespectful.

  3. I worked for Saudia for two long years in a previous life. Having been a “guest worker” in their country, unless absolutely an operational necessity (operating the all female crew), I will completely agree with Tom . . . “massively culturally disrespectful.” I’ve witnessed this “in your face” behavior from muslims in many of the countries I visited (most recently Sweden and Detroit). Just as we should not export our culture and democracy to middle east countries, it would be a far better world if they did not export theirs.

  4. Bhindar I too had the misfortune to work in India in a previous life. I must admit to the same massive culturally disrespectful Hindus. I’ve also witnessed this in other countries. Ask Modi and his party to stop forcing their own cultural beliefs on others. Better still keep your idiotic opinions to yourself. You too Tom

  5. @Richard

    You seem to have issues with open dialog. Perhaps we should all monitor our opinions and actions. While “opinions” are not actions, actions are often seen as opinions, especially when actions are “massively culturally disrespectful”.
    Richard, what was it that you took away from India that you have determined to me “misfortune”? When I was on contract with SpiceJet, I had many interactions with Indians in all the major cities and I cannot recall ever being treated rudely or offensively. Quite to the contrary of your opinion of the Indian people, I found the Hindus and Sikhs to be very accepting of my Texas culture. BTW, when was the last time you saw a “hamburger” (emphasis on the HAM) on the menu at the Sheraton Jeddah? That would also be culturally offensive.

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