Family Kicked Off United Flies Again… On Delta, Without Daughter

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A bit over a week ago a couple and their two year old daughter got kicked off a United Airlines flight because the daughter refused to wear a face mask. Well, the couple was back on a plane a few days later, this time without their daughter.

What happened on the couple’s United flight

For context, a couple was flying from Denver to Newark with their two year old daughter. The couple was violating New York’s quarantine requirement to spend a weekend there to see Rockefeller, because it’s a “tradition” they wanted their two year old daughter to experience (because, you know, when she’s grown up she’ll think back to all the fun things she did at the age of two).

The couple had apparently already flown United several times with their daughter during the pandemic, and didn’t have issues when the daughter wasn’t wearing a mask. However, this time around the crew decided to enforce the policy. Since the daughter couldn’t keep her mask on, the family was kicked off the plane.

As I noted at the time:

  • The couple’s real problem was their choice to fly United rather than Delta; United requires everyone two years old and up to wear a mask at all times, while Delta’s policy notes that young children unwilling to wear a mask are exempt as well
  • I think United could have shown a bit of grace here, but then again, I can appreciate the concept of having zero exceptions when it comes to coronavirus policy enforcement
  • I don’t blame the couple for not being able to “force” their two year old to wear a mask, though perhaps they could have prepared a bit better; their real mistake was not understanding United’s face mask policy
  • I wouldn’t think the couple was being unreasonable if it wasn’t for a) the dad’s inability to wear his mask correctly b) that the dad tried to turn this into something political by claiming that most people survive coronavirus c) the family’s clear disregard for travel restrictions

The couple made two Fox News appearances (including on Hannity). The wife stated that she and her husband are both immigrants from Europe, and “coming here has just been a huge blessing, you know, living the American dream, and living in free America, and I just have to say the past year has been a huge PTSD for us and very very scary with everything going on.”

Okay, I think the past year has been pretty scary for just about everyone. But if I’m understanding her point correctly, she’s suggesting she has PTSD because some of her freedoms have been taken away in the past year?

Couple flies Delta without daughter

Just days after being kicked off United, the couple is back in the sky, this time flying Delta first class, thanks to someone gifting them tickets. Yet they left their daughter behind. The mom’s Instagram (which describes her as a health coach, biz mentor, and patriot) has a picture of the couple under a Delta check-in sign, and says the following:

It’s hard to comprehend the past couple of days, and all I’ve been doing is praying that God would speak through us, use this story, and give us strength to keep going despite all the evil we have encountered. ⁣

It breaks our heart that we couldn’t bring our daughter, 💔 we tried calling the airlines and couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone and we could honestly just not go through again what we went through on Friday. Just driving to the airport today was super triggering. ⁣

Our daughter is in the best hands at home, and as hard as it is that she’s not here- knowing how much love she is surrounded by gives us so much peace. We couldn’t bear to take her through what we went through again.⁣

I STILL feel humiliated, traumatized, and triggered by what happened. But the amount of messages I have gotten by people being on our side and experiencing similar situations has truly been overwhelmingly beautiful.⁣

And the reason we are able to be on this Delta flight in the boujiest first class, is because @bryant_s_ellis reached out and offered to get us to our next destination AND in first class. ⁣

I balled my eyes out. ⁣And here we are. ✈️🧡

I can’t disclose exactly all the reasons we had to get down to Palm Beach for, but you bet there are a lot of things in the works, stay tuned for the next couple of days. ⁣

And for all the people calling us morons for traveling in a pandemic, please slide to the next picture posted BY @united and remember there are hundreds of thousands of people flying every single day- but if it makes you happy to single us out, then whatever floats your boat. 🛶

I… I’m not even going to address:

  • God giving them the strength to make the decision to fly to Palm Beach
  • Her lack of understanding that the reason the risk of catching coronavirus on planes is small is in part due to good face mask compliance
  • Her inability to disclose “exactly all the reasons” they had to get down to Palm Beach (“bIg ThInGs CoMiNg WaTcH ThIs SpAcE!”)
  • What makes Delta’s first class “the boujiest”
  • Why someone is gifting them a free ticket in first class, specifically on Delta

What I want to briefly focus on is the reason they give for leaving their daughter behind. It breaks their heart to leave their daughter behind, but:

We tried calling the airlines and couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone and we could honestly just not go through again what we went through on Friday.

When I go to Google and search “Delta child face mask policy,” this handy page is the first result:

Children under the age two and young children who cannot maintain a face covering are exempt from the mask requirement.

Just so the couple understands, you can fly with your daughter, you just need to choose Delta over United, because it’s fine if your daughter doesn’t wear a face mask on Delta.

Bottom line

A family was recently kicked off United because a two year old wouldn’t wear a mask. While I can appreciate that forcing a two year old to do anything is nearly impossible, the parents also set themselves up for failure.

Now the couple is back flying, this time without their daughter, because someone gifted them Delta first class tickets. The irony is that they actually could have brought their daughter along, because Delta has a bit more leniency for smaller children than United does.

(Tip of the hat to Live and Let’s Fly)

  1. So…if I’ve interpreted her post correctly, it’s heartbreaking but perfectly fine to dump their daughter with relatives while they try and find new content for the ‘Gram.

    Sure, ok.

  2. The inevitable endgame to the 21st Century race toward “rights without responsibility”. I’m with United here. In the current circumstances, it’s a privilege not a right to board an aircraft. Stick to the rules or don’t fly.

    I also question whether their media appearances were another example of ratings before responsibility. This is Wartime. We’re fighting an ingenious invisible enemy. Time, perhaps, to slap the media with anti-sedition orders?

  3. As the so wonderful MOTHER said herself, the only word that striked my eyes reading this post was: morons

    I only find 1 word that would really fit to parents who are unable to manage there own life, but then again fuck around and put ouut mor Gods kids as she would probably call them, so i could only find her own favorite word for people like them:

    . . . . morons

  4. Let’s see all the super equitable people parent shaming them… and she has a point that if you want to stop travel it needs to be mandated the TSA screened 1 M people last week so travel shaming these people wether you agree with their reasons for travel is useless and disgusting

  5. Not sure whether to feel happy or sad for the kid, she might well be better off at home away from these 2 idiots

  6. The best part is her reference to “boujiest” in reference to Delta’s first class. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

  7. I wish you wouldn’t give them the additional publicity. The world was a much better place before social media.

  8. United throws this couple off flight because of two year old not keeping mask on. A few days later, a man dies of Covid in mid-flight on a United jet.
    United does not even take temps before people board the flight.
    Where’s the logic here?

  9. Ben, your article would have been interesting if you had taken the ‘snarky’, even ‘Valley Girl’ tone and element out.

    United is a great airline but when it comes to complicated situations they consistently fail. United is like your Aspergers math teacher. Be good- all the time.
    Delta is great all the time. Who cares how and why and where they sat. This idiotic mask wearing is out of control.
    I was hoping for a balanced article.

  10. ^^ chiguy1979 wins the internet.

    Stop giving horrible people more than their 15 minutes of fame. They need to crawl back into their “boujie” hole they came from and keep planning those big things that will probably clog up our social media feeds in a few weeks after their very important trip to Palm Beach.

  11. These people are the worst! I’m so disappointed that you think this is news worthy. Their “story” should have ended last week and we’d never have to hear about or see these low life’s in action again.

    I have to add that I am more happy with flying United than ever before knowing I won’t cross paths with these people out of Denver! Good riddance.

  12. Why read the Delta policy when it might just kill your days of being in the sweet limelight of public praise? Let’s keep playing the old song of how bad United!

    What MIGHT have been a nice life journey from another country to being in America, shows that the selfish, self-centered, and entitlement may be more contagious than any virus. What was a move to a “freedom” American is now the place where you can embellish, step into the limelight, be a victim, and still whine about your one bad experience while you are drowning in praise from countless other entitlement holders.

    Rather than accept the freedom of others (not just yourself) in shared spaces, let’s just make it about ME.

  13. Nobody cares, this couple wanted nothing more than attention in a world where so many other things are in disarray. Write about something that actually matters.

  14. Sorry it was evil to expect them to comply with the rules in the middle of a pandemic? These are people who repeatedly have been travelling during the pandemic for what is clearly non-essential reasons. They were going to NYC and had planned to violate the quarantine requirements so they could “see the tree”. Now they are off to Palm Beach? Today the US set another record for COVID hospitalizations. These people are clearly scumbags and care about nobody but themselves and yet they want to pretend their the victims? How many Americans will be dead before the end of the day from COVID?

  15. A two year old. Really like a 2 year old is going to sit there quietly with a mask on. This is how absurd this entire thing has gotten. That 2 year old was at more risk in the car to the airport. I guess the parents should have just walked to and from the airport. And from someone that cringes at young children on a flight.

  16. Masks have very little to do with safety of airplanes but it’s not to say nothing to do.

    To be exposed to covid, you need to be in close contact (inside 6 feet) for a prolonged period of time (15 minutes). This is according to the CDC website and makes sense. You need to be pretty close to someone to get it and if someone who has just walks by you, or talks to you for a few minutes, you don’t get covid.

    The interesting part is on an airplane. The air in an airplane refreshes every 3 minutes, meaning while people are within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes, they aren’t actually ever “exposed” according to the guidelines.

    People take masks off on planes all the time during meal service and for a long time as they drink and eat. Everyone I know who has caught covid has always known exactly how they caught it and it’s always been in close contact at that person’s house.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t follow the airline rules, but it doesn’t hurt to temper fear a bit and concentrate in the correct areas.

  17. Why would anybody choose to fly United in the first place is beyond me. Just look at US airline statistics and rankings. Out of the top 10 u.s. Airlines, United scored 8 out of 10. The only one worse than them is American. They have one of the worst on-time records of any airlines and they lose more bags than most. Delta actually was ranked number 1 by the New York Times. Still care to choose United @Redman? Your choice. And to these parents, maybe they didn’t know about Delta’s policy. I mean let’s be honest if an airline takes your money and you’re able to board the plane and get from point A to point B do you worry about the fine print in their policy? Most people probably don’t. And before coronavirus hit I’m sure they were able to fly United all the time and never even bothered with any other Airline let alone their policy. And to the publisher you sound a bit upset at the fact that somebody gifted them Delta airline tickets. I don’t see why you would care. Almost sounds like jealousy.

  18. While everyone is praising United for kicking them off just because their 2 year old would not not wear a mask which is pretty understandable in my opinion, if United cared so much about our health and safety then why don’t they keep the middle seat open? The mask isn’t very affective if a sick person is sitting next to you. As far as these people go, they’re not scum for flying? Many are flying, I’ve flown 3 times since the start of all this started myself but what gets me is saying she left her daughter at home this time due to not knowing the mask rules for 2 year old on Delta? I think she just wanted to fly first class and couldn’t bring her daughter which I can’t say I blame her, shoot, I don’t have a two year old but I would totally leave my teenager behind if it meant flying first class..(my teen daughter sitting next too me reading this, “mooooooom, don’t say that!” LOL! I’m kidding l, well sort of.

  19. Ummm… they completely violated New York’s travel quarantine if they traveled to NY for a weekend to see lights:

    For travelers who were out-of-state for more than 24 hours:

    Travelers must obtain a test within three days of departure, prior to arrival in New York.
    The traveler must, upon arrival in New York, quarantine for three days.
    On day 4 of their quarantine, the traveler must obtain another COVID test. If both tests comes back negative, the traveler may exit quarantine early upon receipt of the second negative diagnostic test.

  20. Everyone is a victim. Only some of the victims get to go on Fox News and get first class tickets out of it..
    Lol what a great life coach or whatever

  21. What’s up with parents these days?
    1) prepare your child before hand. It’s called structure and discipline. I’m both a flight attendant and parent so I know the challenges of both.
    2) if your child can’t handle it, be a parent first not a media whore. Put aside your own needs of attention.
    3) the airlines are trying to protect the safety of all its passengers. If something were to happen to the child, the parent would turn around and sue. The airline is protecting itself and others.

  22. If the 2 year old refused to wear clothes, or sit in a car seat, pretty sure the parents would find a way to make her do it.

  23. The article is incorrect. You said their policy states children 2 and over have to wear a mask. The actual United policy states children 2 and over. The flight attendant was trying to enforce a rule that did not apply to this child since she was 2.

  24. You said their policy states children 2 and over have to wear a mask. The actual United policy states children 2 and over. The flight attendant was trying to enforce a rule that did not apply to this child since she was 2.

  25. Your comment system needs work! It keeps blocking me saying I’m posting a duplicate, so I reworded my comment to try again, only to scroll up and find it IS posting them!

  26. The child is two and was having a meltdown. You can get a two year old to wear a mask especially if it’s one of those cute animal ones. Seems the parents are the ones profiting from all of this. They had their 15 minutes so stop trying to make celebrities. Next they’ll be on a reality show.

  27. It’s probably not easy nor reasonable to expect a 2 yo to keep a mask on for an entire flight, however it does beg the question as to why it was so necessary to travel with your 2 yo during the middle of a pandemic. It doesn’t sound like this was an “emergency trip” such as going to see a sick or dying grandparent or some such thing. I love to travel and live for it, however I have made a personal choice to not go anywhere this year and more than likely for most of 2021 as well. Time will tell.

  28. Not surprised they are flying to Palm Beach…Every weird story has a South Florida connection (take it from someone who lives there)

  29. We need to stop talking about these people. These self proclaimed “patriots” that self victimize and then try and live off their 15 minutes of fame for as long as possible are the worst of us and shouldn’t be celebrated.

  30. Oh no not again now I’m laughing harder than before when will these guys try something different so they won’t get booted from the airports who knows learn to drive to the place you want to go do it and you won’t get booted

  31. *yawn*

    Typical attention whores with the ever-present victim mentality.

    Nothing to see here…stop giving these twats recognition.

  32. Non news designed to divide the country even further.

    Yes they should have forced their kid to wear a mask. I have little ones and its ninja mask time when we go in public. Took ten seconds to turn masks into a game. But I also could give two sh!ts about posting my life on .

    Are they horrible people, like some people are saying on here? No! People that disagree with you aren’t the enemy. Stop letting these divisive politicians distract you. The enemy of the majority resides in D.C.

    You whiners and complainers that measure your worth by likes from bots are doing exactly what they want. Play it out though. You don’t own a gun, you can’t survive without the endorphin rush of a retweet, if this union of ours falls apart you are the fodder. Wake up!!!

  33. It is interesting leaving daughter at home. United’s policy is stupid for that matter any kid younger than say 5 shouldn’t be wearing a mask. I’ve been on about 50 flights during pandemic. Delta is the best. Not even close and planes are safe not because of masks but air filtration. I usually eat and have mask off most of my flights and in airports. No science behind wearing a mask while social distancing.

  34. We are in pandemic times…. Hello. Read the AIRLINE covid protocol before you buy it…THIS SNOWFLAKE GENERATION. Geez…

  35. It was sad to see. United always has some kind of deal with people first it was leggings now it is a mask on a small kid that is 2 years old it is real sad to see an airline that makes a bad name for them selfs

  36. People people you must understand. THE ENTITLED GENERATION DO NOT CARE ONE BIT about anyone but themselves. That kid undoubtedly is being brought up either in a nursery school or by a nanny. The parents have NOTHING to do with bringing her up..nor do they care. The child is merely a way to get noticed. A way to board early, allow extra carry on baggage. Grandma diesnt matter to the except to babysit while mommy and daddy play. ? Was she a lap child or paying for a seat?

  37. I honestly cannot believe someone was ignorant enough to bring Autism into this. The entire world is working to figure out how to navigate this pandemic while dealing with entitled science deniers- this isn’t just a United issue. While trying to make your point, your use of Aspergers is ableist and downright ignorant. Do better.

  38. I understand that some people need to travel via air, loved ones needing care, work. But the reason this virus is picking up again is because there are morons like this couple and others that don’t care about anybody but themselves. And apparently this couple knows how to game the “system”, getting 1st class ticket free, and bait is to go to their travel page (ad money).

  39. This is pretty stupid right, UA did and right thing and their staffs are trying to protect everyone on bird including this family.
    Somehow this family is making some fuss over it?
    This is why our country has the highest covid number, because we have ignorant people like these family. Delta might be doing a little more gentle on their policy against kids, but US is doing no fault here. And the author of this article needs to stop misleading people regards which airlines to choose, it’s pathetic

  40. Probably would have brought the kid if they were able to score a third FC ticket. Not likely to have heard the last about them. Sadly.

  41. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if policy makers are living on different planets. How can you expect a child under 5 to keep mask on for extended time? Well we should appreciate if they agree to keep it on, if not we should understand that such kids don’t even know what is going on around them.

  42. I’d rather be stupid than stubborn but most of the time I’ve got them both covered. Happy Vapor Trails to you and your 2 year old.

  43. This is a classic example of people getting away we things we know are wrong, for a few times, but one day, it’s all “brought to light” as the Bible says They got away w/ going to NYC for a f weekend to see a d tree, but then got caught w/ the unnecessary travel on another flight. While, I understand the anxiety of staying home and not traveling, during a f PANDEMIC, I can relate on trying to find excuses for traveling. Like I NEED to see my senior parents before they die from the pandemic.
    And yes, keeping a mask on small children is nearly impossible, so keep that stinky brat home. And celebrate some s***er gave you first class so you can do the works of God spreading the f virus to everyone. God bless American selfish mofo.

  44. I’ll remain anonymous, including what country they’re from but it’s my home country as well. These two are trash that wants attention and are extremely narcissistic. Our country is full of them. They come to USA and act like they’re royalty when in reality they wiped their asses barehanded before coming here.

  45. It’s idiots like these that have caused skyrocketing death, hospitalization and fear among Americans. Go the f$ck back to Europe and live your dream there and stop sucking the life out of American taxpayers. I got PTSD TRYING TO FIND THE RATIONALE IN THE WAGONS CIRCLING AROUND THESE LOSERS. CHILDREN’S PROTECTIVE SERVICES- TAKE THE CHILD FROM THESE IDIOT’S

  46. Im in agreement with the writer on all points. Why didn’t they take their “beloved child” with them I’m sorry but those people are clowns. How many times do we need to spell it out. We are in a pandemic people! Teach you baby to wear a mask or don’t fly.
    They’re not that broken hearted.
    These are self serving people.

  47. YAWN…

  48. Thank you for putting these uncaring media whores in their place! People like them are the reason my mom is in the hospital with covid even though she has been very careful. A friend of hers (who was as careful) had a family member not disclose that they didn’t care. Mom spent the first 36 hours in the ER, just waiting for an ICU bed. She’s alone and we are lucky to get information once a day because they are so busy.

    People like this couple are why 75,000 are dying every month in the US.. and all they care about is that they were delayed when THEY didn’t do their research. Taking a 2-year-old on a plane is tough.. they don’t understand the ear popping and can’t usually fix it. Taking one on a plane during a pandemic is STUPID.

    They said they had already been traveling with their kid during the pandemic.. are they TRYING to give it to their kid?

    And airplane A/C’s don’t turn over the air enough to help.. most of the air is recycled because it costs fuel to replace cabin air.

  49. If you’ve never had a two year old, don’t comment. “Teaching” a two year old to wear a mask is like “teaching” a cat to stay in a bag.
    Bill Bullard said it best…
    “Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.”

  50. I wish people would stop giving them attention because they are just doing this to get more instagram followers. It is obvious these people kept flying United with their daughter hoping they would get kicked off the flight so that they could go viral and get more “patriot” followers.

  51. Does the author have kids? His black and white response doesn’t seem anchored to the real world of parenting.

    The dad fought to keep her mask on.

    The parents probably were scared to fly with her.

    It’s asking a lot for parents to look at the mask policy of each airline. In fairness they should be somewhat consistent and have some grace, because kids are a beautiful mess that we love, warts and all.

  52. I think the author shouldn’t be so judgy towards people with toddlers. Parents like to go on vacation too. And so what if they wanted to travel and get out of the house. And they probably assumed that a 2-year-old would not be required to wear masks because that’s insane. Sorry that they didn’t read all the fine print. And I just think it’s stupid that United made a huge deal about this, but just last week they let a sick man who was running a fever and coughing onto one of their planes. They told everyone else that they were welcome to leave the plane. So it turns out the guy had COVID. What the hell is wrong with United. They’re going to harass people with a toddler to wear a mask when they’re not even sick. But you allow a guy with COVID on the plane and kick everyone else off. Makes no sense!

  53. CDC guidelines state that children under 5 should not wear masks.
    The fact that each airline has their own policies reflects on the supposed threat of this virus.

    Please stop the bullshit. Hug your families and have a very Merry Christmas like your government leaders are having.

  54. The one thing missing here is a GoFundMe account setup to ease the couples pain and suffering for not reading the airline Covid-19 boarding policies for United AND Delta. No doubt there would be more than just or two contributions for their outright neglience.

  55. These parent’s are irresponsible and should be put in jail for putting their children through this trauma again. But here in America only one race could get away with during something STUPID. And then they’ll write a book about it, which turns into a movie? Definition of INSANITY all the way around to the airline giving them the Go Ahead to do this. Stupid family!

  56. This is just another ugly snapshot of what airline crews are now dealing with every day. No matter what they do, they can’t win. Some travelers simply struggle with the whole concept of cooperation and compliance. When urged to follow instructions they become indignant and victimized, and fall into the loving embrace of a Sean Hannity type, who clearly needs more fake news to sell us. But I’m not buying their product.

    I once saw 2 flight attendants treating a woman who had feinted and collapsed in the aisle. They worked very hard to revive her. She was unconscious and turning blue. There were no medical professionals onboard. As they hovered over her with their medical kits and oxygen bottles, a man appeared in the aisle and began recording the scene with his cellphone. Another man came over and slapped the phone out of his hand.They began to push and shove each other.

    The woman eventually survived the ordeal and returned to her seat sipping on orange juice. The same flight attendants then had to go break up the fight. Nobody ended up on Sean Hannity or a travel blog or in jail, but it makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with our society, particularly when they walk into an airport.

    And I’m astounded that any airline crewmember still comes to work these days. For who? For what?

    Keeping it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  57. Wow! Reading these comments….smh. When did Americans turn so hateful? How did we get to such a deeply dark place? How quickly we forgot that we are civilized human beings. Almost as if most of us couldn’t wait for the opportunity to raise our ugly heads.

  58. It’s thanks to all the selfish twats like this who didn’t want to wear a mask or take this seriously that I won’t be able to see my parents for two years. Nothing will be “fixed” in 2021, vaccine or not. We’re still in for another year of hurt.

    Enjoy your Freedum ‘Murica!

  59. Saddened that these bottom feeders are getting more press, but it does bring up an important discussion. Nobody should be traveling now, unless it’s absolutely, 100 percent, essential. The pandemic is raging, it’s going to get worse, and you can be sure the more virulent mutation is already here.
    These snowflakes don’t want to be singled out? Don’t go on Fox News ya morons!
    Do you really think your two year old is traumatized by not going to New York? No, they pick up on their parents emotions, and if you act like a victim, then it’s you who are traumatizing your child. Balling your eyes out because you couldn’t go see Rockefeller Center for Xmas? Pleeeese!
    United and American need to stop their practice of running huge sales if they are only going to soft block seats. Filling the aircraft at this time, not to mention the gatehouses, TSA lines, etc. is totally irresponsible at this time and is attracting people like this who don’t care about others as long as they can spend a night in Vegas for 50 bucks. They are still losing money, what’s the point of grabbing some quick cash on a busy day?
    BTW, I’ll take Delta’s First Class over any other domestic carrier…. But there is nothing “boujie” about a plastic bag filled with a tiny water bottle, cookies, and goldfish crackers. LMFAO (it’s the crew, that makes it special)

  60. When did everyone feel they had the right to give an opinion about ever little thing and who cares !
    Was it these reality t v shows or Facebook ?
    Everyone is the expert the country is coming apart but no worries let just go on….and on about those usless masks.
    Get a life folks before it’s taken over totally and you loose it all.

  61. “I just have to say the past year has been a huge PTSD for us and very very scary with everything going on.” PTSD is very serious to have and obviously this couple who has traveled several times during Covid isn’t that scared or traumatized. Or prepared each airline has different rules And regulations for Covid.

  62. Americans have a weird way of conflating the concept of “freedom” with the word “no,” kind of like oh, you know, a 2-year-old does.

    An American who can’t shake his head anymore.

  63. I laughed in wonderment at this update. They both made national news amid some sympathy, empathy, and yes,… disgust because we say “not another one who cite they don’t know the rules”. You would think that after that fiasco and humiliation [the wife was said United humiliated them] they would have done better research, Google…duh, about the mask policy for children for the airline they were gifted a “bougie” first class ticket. They really can’t expect they will garner more sympathy or empathy from anyone, but they will definitely more of this disgust…LOL.

  64. The CDC had recommended (pre-pandemic) that kids aged 2 and over could wear a mask, originally issuing this statement for immunocompromised children who wear masks when in public. Meaning, children under 2 should not ever wear masks because of the risk of them choking or suffocating under the mask and being unable to communicate yet or remove their mask. That being said, this was taken out of context for Covid saying that all kids 2 and up *should* wear masks. Not only is that unreasonable from a developmental/cognitive perspective for the majority of 2-3 year olds, it is potentially unsafe. That along with lower transmission demonstrated in young children, the WHO recommends masks for those 5+ in age.

    All of you who say that the parents should just make the kid wear the mask are either unfamiliar with young children or have only encountered especially compliant and mature toddlers. I can’t speak of the character of these people not knowing them and not being one to judge others for circumstances of which I may not be entirely aware. However, it seems a lot of you should consider the great challenges we are all facing in this pandemic and choose to be a little nicer. Also, the mask rule for 2 year olds is ridiculous.

  65. Have a hard time with a 2 year+ months keeping a mask on? Weird! Cause I have a 2 year old kid and he wears it just fine. We don’t struggle keeping the mask on him. But then again, perhaps is just my kid although i am pretty sure there are many tots that age that wear a mask no problem.

    In conclusion, that pair are morons.

  66. I usually like your posts very much, as most of the time you’re adding value for people like me who are enthusiastic about anything related to flights, vacations etc.
    But please! i really bdon’t think it’s nice to berate and write bad about other people, especially when their previous experience wasn’t handled right by the airline at all.
    Why the need for a full post, only to write negatively about other people?

  67. @ #BLM

    I am a mixed-race educated disabled black woman who lives in a low-income black neighborhood. Why are you bringing up the issue of “white privilege” when it comes to this story? Unless you have seen this couple on Fox News (which, I admit, I haven’t) you are assuming that all people from Europe are white. Europe, especially France and the UK, has a highly diverse population – just like the United States. I used to live in the UK in the 1980s. LOTS of black people there, especially Africans and people of Caribbean descent. The Covid-19 pandemic affects ALL PEOPLE (ALL LIVES MATTER!)

    In fact, the vast majority of the black people in my neighborhood CHOOSE not to wear masks nor do they practice social distancing at all. And I don’t want to hear any excuses about black people not being able to afford to buy masks. My wife and I have seen a few “hustle people” in our neighborhood trying to sell masks to these people in our neighborhoods, and they will buy them but STILL refuse to wear them properly (or choose not to wear them at all). And as a side issue, my parents grew up during the Jim Crow era and they think your movement is ridiculous. Not all black people, including some who live in the ‘hood,’ think they are downtrodden and blame all of their problems on “whitey”. I’m thinking that the majority of people in BLM aren’t even old enough to have lived through Jim Crow (let alone you guys being victims of slavery). Grow up and get a fucking life.

    The parents of the two-year-old girl are spoiled, self-righteous scumbags just like the people in your movement and some people on this board. Since both my wife and I are disabled, we are in the high risk category. So we hate all people who disobey the rules to help stop the spread of Covid: whether they are black, white, blue, green or polka dotted.

  68. Here’s an idea. If you fly with a child, give them something to keep them calm, so they don’t fight the mask.

  69. Its simple, follow instructions! What i find more horrifying is how a obviously SICK man boarded a flight to LA, passes away in route, and THEN wife blurts out he has covid, thats warrants more conversation on mask wearing and talking precautions before flying. So many conflicting stories on that incident, that needs to be talked about. I think EVERYONE should be tested before boarding a flight. Just my opinion.

  70. Seems to me, like anyone born after 1970 allow their children to run their household.
    Its called parenting. You don’t ask your child , you direct them. Yes, tell them what you want. If I told my boys something, they.did. what. I said. Yes, even at 2 years old.
    You start Making them mind as soon as they start to crawl.
    My kids were potty trained by the time they were 2.2 years old.
    I see 3,4 and 5 year old in diapers. Its one thing if they are special needs, but because these ‘parents’ are too lazy to train them. So so sad. When a kid is eating what u eat, is talking in full sentences and squatting…put his ass on the toilet. In the bathroom, not in the living room in front of the t.v. Do u eliminate in front of the tv?

    Anyway, if parents controlled their children or better yet, teach them to control themselves we wouldn’t have all these screaming kids in the store, hitting kicking and spitting at their ‘parents’.
    Yes you can make a two year old do as she is told. Thats right, I forgot, shes your boss and u do what the toddler pouts about.
    My boys are 21, 25 and 30. All are on their own since highschool graduation with no financial assistance from me.

  71. I hope God gives this “biz mentor” strength to relearn English. Failing that, good old Mr. Penrose will set her straight on “balling” her eyes out.

    Illiteracy is strong with this one, who wants to bawl her eyes out.

  72. We expect someone who is 24 months old to wear a mask properly but see adults constantly wearing them below their nose. It’s not realistic to except a toddler to keep a mask on, no matter how much “practice”. Ridiculous. People have lost all sense of common sense in this pandemic.
    To those of you saying it had to do with lack of discipline, you’re an idiot and do society a favor and never have any children.

  73. I had to experience many ignorant, reckless and selfish people in my live. This is a class on it on, not only disgusting but criminal because the behavior risks OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. The girl should be taken from them before she turns out the same. THANK YOU UNITED FOR KEEPING YOUR PASSENGERS SAFE, SEE YOU ON THE NEXT FLIGHT.

  74. Kids are gross. I don’t hate kids… that’s just the truth. They don’t care about cleanliness or germs or disease (yet). They should be wearing masks in enclosed spaces and tight quarters. I didn’t know Delta exempted little kids. I’m so glad I decided to cancel all of the trips I planned at the beginning of the summer (all on Delta). I hope everyone is doing okay. 🙂

  75. This woman is a late, but very strong, entrant into ‘Karen of the Year 2020~ (Super-Entitled Class)’ .

  76. @Polly Matteson, How can you tell the “Valley Girl” tone in this article? Did he write with, like, stuff, and like, said many things that were, like, horrible, with a upward intonation at the end of the sentences. Ridiculous… If you don’t like Ben’s article, just simply say it instead of trying to insult him (dare I say with homophobic undertones).

  77. @Mike
    Since you are into interpreting technicalities, “over 2 (years)” includes all days from 2 years +1 day up to the 3rd birthday.

  78. Really, how many people are flying on essential travel? Essential travel is usually restricted to military personnel. Weddings and funerals are not by strict definition essential. The airlines are open. Frankly masks don’t work. We continue to have outbreaks all over the US. If masks were all that there would not be bigger outbreaks. If someone is a carrier and sneezes it will get into the air. Fact is, we can’t stop an airborne microbe. Masks give people a false feeling of control. Many are wearing masks that have germs growing in them from lack of washing. It is gross. I don’t give a crap about judging anyone flying. Not my business. If they want to be 15 minute celebs whatever.

  79. Who’d want a life coach who:
    – claims to get Post Traumatic stress disorder from 2019. What was so bad about 2019 they got PTSD this year?
    – is “super triggered” just going to the airport of their own volition this year, for a domestic flight
    – doesn’t know how to do a Google search to find airline health and safety policies?

  80. Fact…well before the original flight on UA, this woman was posting Qanon non-sense conspiracy trash on her FB page. They then take an elective trip to NY in violation of local Covid rules, get booted off the aircraft (I have sympathy for the kid not wanting to wear a mask btw) and spout non-sense about survival rates while filming ALL of this ordeal from the start. Seems fishy?

    Then on Fox News and now bankrolled by loons who want to believe desperately that the virus is fake, deaths are not real and the local government communists. Almost like it was planned as a stunt?

    The trip to Palm Beach to meet with members of Twittler’s team?

    Maybe they should go back to Hungary. I hear Hungarians have a first rate autocrat of their own that many Hungarians are very worried about.

  81. New York City. Yesterday…
    2 passengers on a Delta flight opened exit door and use slide to leave as plane taxis out to runway.

    Perhaps Delta deserves such kharma for accepting the crazy Karen woman kicked off United for refusing to put a mask on her 2 year old? Same woman who appeared on Sean Hannity as a victim.

    I rest my case. Its not the airlines or their employees. Its society.

    Keeping it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  82. The slobbering bootlickers on here are truly amazing. This is why the airline industry deserves to go bankrupt, they treat us all as expendable trash and then you types defend it. It started with the shoes, then the scanners, and the “No-fly” list protected by layer upon layer of unchallengeable bureaucracy. Now we’re all being mandated to and shutdown in other aspects of life as well. Thanks for accepting this garbage, you’ve simply done us all such an enormous favor.

  83. I’m with Mr G…
    This is unbelievable….

    They were going to NY to see the lights and KNOWINGLY BREAK quarantine rules and expose more people…
    What is it with people that feel and “entitled” just like the GA family campaigning for their 18 yeay old daughter in Cayman.

    The spread in the US is the worst in the world cos of these idiots..

  84. @JK

    I got you booked on Hannity tomorrow night. He’s gonna show you how to lick a boot.

    In the meantime, why not build yourself a covered wagon and head out to the badlands for a spell. Stay far away from airplanes. See how far you get. Check back with us in your progress and make sure to recycle your own expendable trash. Trash in, trash out, right?

    JK, no one ever put a gun to your head to buy an airline ticket. It’s your call. Own it. You’re just another phony grievance victim.

    Hannity awaits you.

    Keeping it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  85. Shame on Delta for rewarding Bad behavior. Really wanting their daughter to have family memories at 2? Really. Does anyone remember being 2? A 2 year old would rather be with Grand parents. Let’s reward more entitled cry babies.

  86. Immigrants from Europe (Eastern no doubt). To live in Free America as God loving patriots. Damn, she got all the right wing buzz words down. Florida and Hannity to make them more the victims. I suggest you dig a little deeper into United’s side because I suspect there’s a lot more to the story than the cream you so easily found.

  87. I’ve got an idea. Don’t travel. The spread of the virus and there are still millions of people traveling at this time. Doesn’t make sense. And if you still do not understand how quickly the virus can spread – have you lived under a rock for the past year?

  88. Working in the industry, I believe all airlines in the US are requiring all individuals over the age of 2 to wear masks. Under 2 yrs. old are exempt. Policy

  89. What is wrong with United ?

    Anyone who has raised children know that it is impossible to force a two year old to do something which is why most airlines worldwide do not require young children to wear masks ( usually under 5 years ) .
    The science says that young children are low risk for Covid.

  90. This couple is missing the point, wear the freakin mask!!!!!! Stay hone with your child!!
    To many people have already died from the pandemic! Stop being selfish!

  91. @Experienced Traveler Agree 100%
    I think the people commenting on here that don’t understand why getting a two-year old to wear a mask (& on demand) is unrealistic and are clueless about raising kids. There are a super majority on here that hate Fox News and are attacking these parents due to that. (Hey, I don’t like Fox either but….)
    I watched the video and the way United kicked them off is awful. Get the facts, folks. A toddler who has spent 100% of her time at home with her parents is the least of my worries about Covid.
    I work in NYC. The state of the city is far worse than anyone realizes. That should scare people away from traveling there more than airline policy. Maybe the focus is being taken off the fact that these parents were willing to place their daughter in far greater danger, IMHO. I refuse to bring my 3 teen boys into NYC right now and they love coming to my office this time of year ($ yes, to see the tree). There are many mentally unstable folks roaming the streets that greatly outweigh the police and National Guard deployed. It’s not a place for kids in 2020.

  92. I can’t believe this story is for real. The mother’s note? It was so absurd I thought it had to be a spoof. They had to go to Palm Beach during a pandemic? They had to show a 2-yr old the Rockefeller tree? PTSD???? These people, like everyone else who doesn’t wear a mask properly, are selfish, period.
    But—The writing here did give me a huge laugh. Thanks!

  93. I can’t believe this story is for real. The mother’s note? It was so absurd I thought it had to be a spoof. They had to go to Palm Beach during a pandemic? They had to show a 2-yr old the Rockefeller tree? PTSD???? These people, like everyone else who doesn’t wear a mask properly and/or insist on traveling for ridiculous reasons despite local mandates, are selfish. Period.
    But—The writing here did give me a huge laugh. Thanks!

  94. Every single US airline except one I’ve never heard of has a 2 year old mask policy. Including Delta.
    I’m surprised they didn’t brag about having silver with United again lol

  95. I’m not against masks and wear one when needed, but if you walk around any airport you will see many, many people not wearing them properly. It’s so bad that it negates the mask mandate. We should stop wearing masks.

  96. What a bunch of idiots! Whst is wrong with people? Go back to Europe where they dont want you flying around either ….

  97. These people have already learned the new American way. You do what you want, and play the victim if people question or stop you(no matter how wrong or stupid your decisions and actions are).

  98. Nothing more than attention whores. They admitted that they never checked United’s policy. Now they do this? Who cares.

  99. I won’t comment on the couple’s decisions and choices, rather on United and their policies which are rather inconsistent. I was on a 2 hour flight, there was a lady wearing a mask with an exhaustive filter which is against the United policy. However, this lady scanned her boarding pass, boarded the aircraft and was greeted by not one but 2 flight attendants, received a sanitizer wipe from one, served her snack bag by one, offered to dispose of trash by one, all while wearing that mask. But 27 minutes before landing, she was given a surgical mask and told that her mask was prohibited on the plane according to their policy. I have no tolerance for this airline.

  100. OMG this is the funniest article that I’ve read today! I’m glad that poor child didn’t have to fly with her (idiot) parents. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!

  101. @Sun

    Why are you so fixated on another passenger and the service provided her by the crew? She had her own mask and the crew provided her with another one. Why does that flip your switch?

    Maybe you should just mind your own business and practice some tolerance of your own. Did you have nothing else better to do with your time than compile your phony minute by minute grievance account of people you had no interaction with? Jeez!
    That’s creepy.

    Bring a book next time.

    Keeping it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  102. No doubt Ken and Karen are heading to boujie Palm Beach to meet with Maskless Mousseilini to receive their well-earned Medals of Freedom. Certainly they deserve it as much as Rush did.

  103. Was on a flight today with a United flight attendant who was sitting next to me. She mentioned that in a company-wide email the actual facts of the story is that the toddler in question is actually 4 years old, not 2. In addition, the flight attendant dealing with this family offered the child and her parents several snacks and drinks so that the family would be in compliance with the mask policies. The family refused and just said their child doesnt need anything to eat or drink. This couple are nothing but acam artists.

  104. Why did they not prepare the child for needing to wear a mask ahead of time. Also I saw the video and the father was not covering his own nose with a mask and this may be part of why they asked them to leave. Obviously these people don’t take masking seriously. Also in the video you see the man holding the daughter and then the Stewart came to ask them to leave and the father said he was holding the mask over his daughter’s face but you could see in the video that he only started doing that when the steward asked them to get off of the plain. I am glad that the airline is taking masking seriously. This is so important.

  105. This is outrageous!! These people should be ashamed of themselves. United is a terrific airline and the public MUST stop shaming. Follow the RULES PERIOD! As a former Flight Attendant, I feel for this crew. Everyday that flew, I followed the rules and took care of passengers. You have NO idea what it’s like! Based on the city you fly to, passengers are very very problematic. These people are looking for a social media opportunity! It’s DISGUSTING! Who in their right mind would reward these people? If you can’t follow the rules… off you go! As a Purser, that was my philosophy! I asked once, I asked twice! Very nicely! If you didn’t comply, I called the captain and we turned the plane around and called the Air Marshals. No questions asked! You were banned from flying for 20+ years! It was that simple! You were interfering with duties of a crew member and not complying with FAA or company policies.

    Moral of the story! STOP blaming the airlines! Follow the rules! Of all places to fly to Florida!!! Unreal!!!!

  106. I think parents need to be more diligent.. when my 2 yr old grandson wouldn’t wear a mask at first, we left his butt home.. hes not dumb.. even though we didn’t go in public and around people with him.. he got the message that no car ride if i don’t put on my mask… Lol

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