10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Miles & Points: Evil Kermit Edition

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If you spend any amount of time on the internet, chances are that you’ve seen the “Evil Kermit” memes (if you have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s some context).

Well, if you’re miles or points obsessed, I’m guessing you fairly frequently find yourself in an “Evil Kermit” kind of situation. This morning I couldn’t help but make one that addresses a situation I’m facing at the moment for an upcoming trip:


As many of you may remember, Andrew B won a trip to Helsinki a few years back thanks to his excellent meme-making skills, and we’ve been friends ever since. So I asked if he had a few more memes to contribute, since I’m sure many of us can relate to these “issues.” Here are nine hilarious ones he came up with:










If you have your own to add, you can check out the Evil Kermit meme generator here. Feel free to post the image link below, or otherwise just the “Me” and “Also Me” text, and maybe I’ll do a follow-up post with some of the best submissions from you guys.

  1. Me: Oh look, here’s a nice Cathay Lounge right next to my gate
    Also Me: Walk 45 minutes to spend 15 minutes at The Pier

  2. https://imgflip.com/i/1f117t

    Me: Make friendly chitchat with my family over the holidays.

    Also Me: Start sounding like an evangelist trying to convince them that they CAN afford to travel if they would just see the light, follow my advice, and sign up for the damn credit card!

  3. Me: Oh look, here’s a nice Tokyo to Boston itinerary with a two hour layover in San Francisco. Short transpacific flight, enough time to stop in the SFO Centurion Lounge, let’s go!

    Also me: Need more EQMs!!!! Let’s do Tokyo to Houston to Newark to Boston. Looks like there are only middle seats left on the tpac flight :/

    True story. Took the Houston itinerary!

  4. 11 months ago

    Me: I can fly San Diego to Seattle and first class Emirates to Dubai on a 777 with Alaska Miles.

    Also Me: I can fly San Diego to Seattle to Dallas, spend the night at the Grand Hyatt DFW with points, then fly first class Emirates to Dubai on a 380 and take a shower on a plane with the same amount of miles.

    I don’t need to do that again, but it was pretty fun.

  5. Me: Mail in entry? That’s a lot of work.
    Also me: 5x office supplies and points values exceeds calculated hours to complete. Cancel your plans.

    Me: I’m okay at maths.
    Also me: Whats the approximate credited mileage of complex routes, factoring in elite earn, in 6 frequent flyer programs?

    Me: I didn’t study law.
    Also me: Lets review Terms and Conditions for arbitrage opportunities.

  6. Me: Oh look, I qualified for the 50% off SPG purchases.
    Also me: Looks like everyone in my family is getting 30,000 starpoints for their Xmas gift.

  7. Me: Those fares out of Cairo are amazing. Too bad I would have to spend extra to re-position from JFK.
    Also me: Turkish has a good fare to Cairo and I can use this opportunity to status match and complete their challenge to retain Star Alliance Gold for a year.

  8. Me: I can spend 50% less by booking non-Hilton hotels
    Travel With Leo: I’m Gold and I want my FREE breakfast!

  9. Me: Concur says you have to fly American Direct as its cheaper/in policy.

    Also me: manipulate concur to have them pay double the cost so you’ll get 1K

  10. Me: Longhaul travel can be exhausting, I’ll take a break for the end of the year.
    Also me: What are some good Black Friday sales that can get me to Asia in two weeks?

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