EVA Air Is Now Serving Krug Champagne In Business Class!

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One of the aspects of flying I really enjoy is the variety of champagne airlines serve. I feel like I’ve actually become pretty well versed on champagne through flying alone.

EVA Air, the Taiwanese Star Alliance airline, has long offered one of the most impressive business class champagne selections of any airline.


For years they served Dom Perignon in business class, making them one of the only airlines to do so. Then late last year they changed up their champagne, from Dom Perignon 2004 to Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame 2004. On the surface I realize that probably sounds like a downgrade, though I do prefer La Grande Dame to Dom Perignon, even if it doesn’t have the same name recognition. So I considered that to be an upgrade.

Well, it looks like EVA Air has just upped their champagne game even further. Per EVA Air’s website:

Krug Champagne Debuts in Royal Laurel Class

Starting this June, passengers in Royal Laurel Class on flights to New York, Paris, and Houston will be able to enjoy Krug Champagne. Established in 1843, Krug is a prestigious family-owned Champagne house known for its craftsmanship and adherence to tradition.

Wow, so EVA Air is serving Krug champagne in business class on three of their longhaul routes. Now that’s impressive!


There are a few airlines which serve Krug in first class, and for a long time Qatar Airways even served it in their regional first class, though to my knowledge EVA Air is the first airline to serve Krug in business class.

That certainly makes me want to fly them again, especially given what a well rounded product they offer in business class, in particular with last year’s soft product enhancements.

EVA Air is flying one of their Hello Kitty 777s to Houston as of this month, so between Krug and Hello Kitty, I think I’ve found a new home!


(Tip of the hat to Kelt)

  1. Lucky,

    It seems that the reward space for EVA has disappeared on United. Any way we can still book it besides becoming their member like SQ??

  2. EVA is marketing their Royal Laurel as a pseudo-first class. Not only champaign being first class grade, their food comes in 5-6 courses. In my last flight between BKK to LHR, it consisted of appetizer, soup, salad, main, cheese/fruit plate and dessert. (I know the quality may not be up there with SQ or EY, but I would say at least as good as AA first) You also get pajama and Rimowa amenity kit. The price is also cheaper than many business class (sometimes about the same as some PE). Overall it’s good value for money.

    My only complain with EVA is it’s livery. Very ugly green mixed with dumb orange and a stupid logo. They need better designer.

  3. Lol @ Krug being family owned!

    It’s owned by LVMH, same group who owns Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Moët & Chandon (dom perignon) and Krug.

  4. Also wondering about availability redeeming with United miles. My recent searches have found nothing. But maybe I am not looking at the right place.

  5. Lucky – how many bottles is EVA stocking? YYZ-TPE I drank the plane dry of Dom. Wouldn’t want to have that happen again 🙂

  6. Ben, I do not know if its just me but in the last few months your site has become less and less interesting and more and more “materialistic”.

    Doesnt change the fact your still one of the best in the biz, but im wondering if its just me,

  7. they got 3 flights to LAX and they dont feel its as important market. I dont get their logic

  8. @Michael Kao

    “would say at least as good as AA first”…

    By which do you mean, as many blog trip reports have agreed with my recent experience, (including Lucky), INEDIBLE? Or are you “damning them with faint praise”?

  9. @Robert Hanson:

    A bit of both I guess. In Lucky’s recent report on AA first class, he pretty much commented the food was “borderline inedible”.

    I wouldn’t say EVA’s catering is as bad as completely inedible (although I agree my steak was as tough and dry as a rubber). I am a man easily pleased so perhaps I don’t have the same tongue with many experienced blogger.

    But maybe culture play a role as well. Me being Taiwanese in origin, I find EVA’s food is tailored more towards Taiwanese taste rather than Caucasian. Even amongst Caucasian I find the tongues to be quite different. Aussies find Dr Pepper undrinkable and Americans think that Aussies ruins hamburgers by adding pineapple and beetroot to it. So I guess it’s a very subjective thing.

    To me, the worst airline meal I had was Air Canada’s business class from YYZ-LAX. It’s the first and only time I couldn’t finish an airline meal. Others that’s equally bad is Jetstar paid meal in coach that costs $25 each.

    EVA IMO was better than the above 2.

  10. Wow! Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame 2004 being replaced by Dom Perigon? Say it ain’t so….the world just keeps getting better and better.

    Next on the list: economic equality perhaps, so we can ALL afford to fly, be it economy, business or even first class, and enjoy quaffing this apparently fine beverage at 11000 or so metres?

  11. “It’s owned by LVMH”

    Well, the Arnault family kind of runs the company and has the majority shares…

  12. @David, I could not agree more with you. I suppose we should all go out of our way to fly BR to those destinations just because of the champagne they serve.

  13. @David
    agree. he’s clearly making so much money from credit cards and the booking service (i’m guessing north of $1mm/year) that he has completely lost touch with the average reader. he claims he does no MS, but he’s in first or bus (usually 1st) 2-3x per week. except for a few mistake fares, this doesn’t compute. unless he’s found a way to get paid in miles or he’s being comped a bunch of flights, even @ $1mm/year, after taxes, isn’t enough for his ‘last minute’ flying in the front of the plane.

    other than that douche justin ross lee, i can’t think of many who can relate to many of his posts anymore. then again, we live in the most narcissistic time in human history (by a factor of 10), so perhaps i’m wrong and don’t get it. after all, a selfie stick would not ‘change my life’…

  14. @ David, Al, and abby…
    I couldn’t agree more, especially the narcissism aspect. (I don’t think it’s OK to refer to jrl as a ‘douche’, though. Possibly a narcissist, who knows?)

    I find it completely ironic that this blog is called ‘One Mile At A Time,’ when clearly the only people that it addresses are those who accumulate tens of thousands of miles at a time. Misleading advertising?

    And why do I keep reading it? Well, to keep in touch with how the self-determined ‘elite’ live, similar to how I believe those same ‘elite’ should read materials about how the vast majority of the world’s population lives. There is a lot of informed commentary around; one possibility is the New Internationalist, http://newint.org/ . It might not help that Dom Perignon go down so well, but that could be a good thing….

  15. I love this blog, I really do!

    But I question whether anyone really would choose an airline over which champagne is on offer. Yes I have drunk Krug and Dom Perignon (and paid for it) but I’m really just as happy with Cava if I’m honest.

    Personally I would like to see a bit more Business Class on here and less First. I also think for those who like to play the points game First is going to get even harder to achieve – with the trends of devaluation etc. so the First reports become less relevant (maybe that’s an argument FOR the reports? Hmmmm.)

    However….Ben it’s your blog honey and you have every right to travel and report back exactly how you wish….but just remember the Krug vs Dom interest maybe not be a burning issue for that many people.

    Just sayin’. Otherwise loving your work.

  16. Wow!
    Do you know you can actually BUY Krug???
    What a F***ing bunch of freeloaders

  17. I don’t know why I feel compelled, after seeing comments like abby’s to say THANK YOU for what you do. I appreciate the FREE advice and the FREE news and the FREE sense of humor. I love Nick and Tiffany. And though I don’t travel the way Travis does, I like having that FREE POV as well.

    And hey all, some of us just might choose a flight for the champers. Or the amenity kit. I live in NY – I can get pretty much anywhere direct/nonstop, often with multiple choices. And my company’s travel agent always has options. So if I prefer Rimowa to Tumi, or Krug to swill, why not try to make it work?

    Likers gonna like.

  18. Well if people do not wish to read about the topic, there is such an easy obvious solution…just don’t click on it and read. No need for attacks!
    My travel is very different from Ben’s, but I have learned a great deal from his blog and appreciate his blog as a resource.
    Ben, I am still hoping to get your insights about availability of Eva air for award seats.

  19. So much thinly veiled jealousy in Lucky’s comments. I don’t know why some gay men (definitely the demographic and vibe i get from these comments) let themselves become so bitter and jealous and bitchy. If you want to fly first and business class, take control of your life and do something about it instead of sitting online showering your insecurities and negativity all over someone’s comment section. If you don’t like this blog then don’t read it and please don’t try to dress your inadequacies up as some sort of faux-concern about social justice or egalitarianism or whatever. Try being kinder to yourself and you might start to live and let live a little more…

  20. Ben,
    My friend flew EVA SGN-TPE-YYZ three days ago in J and reports Veuve Cliquot flowed freely on the long leg. “If this is Veuve Cliquot, we must be Toronto-bound!”

    BTW for paid tickets YYZ-BKK-YYZ in J, EVA is CAD$4,400 while Cathay is $7,900. Cathay: no pyjamas, no serious bubbly, J cabin always full full full YYZ-HKG, price thousands higher. EVA: better food, better tea service, jammies, Veuve Cliquot, less crowded J cabin, better lounge at the Asian gateway.

    Release of award inventory is sporadic on EVA’s YYZ flights. While CX usually releases remaining unoccupied seats HKG-YYZ in the final 24h, EVA sometimes stops releasing J seats TPE-YYZ 3-4 days out. They fly with empty J seats. Frustrating for those of us who’ve “discovered” EVA and want that seat!

    If you live in the US Northeast, YYZ is an option for Asia travel. Fly EVA using United miles ???-YYZ-TPE. Your North American leg can be on United or on Air Canada. You’ll be happier on EVA than on any other J product I know of.

  21. Remember, they will only load a couple of bottles and so after 1 hour there will be none left..I would never fly BR just to drink Krug spend $100 and buy a bottle

  22. @alexisonsmith
    Logically, your assertion seems to make sense. But in practice, there’s plenty for those who want it. I suppose it depends on your route. In my experience (and that of my friend who flies EVA YYZ-TPE-SGN) the J cabin is mostly non-drinkers. He’s reported more than once that the flight attendant told him nobody else was taking Champagne or wine.

    Hoard your United miles if you live in the US (or Aeroplan if in Canada, or both!) and fly this service. You’ll get as much excellent bubbly as you need 😉

  23. Whether Dom is better than Krug MV is vintage dependant. I’d take 90,96, 02, 04 over Krug MV most of the time. Krug MV goes through cycles dependant on the base years in the MV blend.

  24. @TZ: “…Try being kinder to yourself and you might start to live and let live a little more…”

    Oh, the irony and contradictions in your comments! ” … Live and let live… ”
    Physician, heal thyself

  25. @ stephen trowell — How is buying a ticket on an airline which advertises offering certain amenities “freeloading?”

  26. @ Leo — Totally agree it’s not a burning issue, which is why I posted it at 8PM on a Saturday night. Not everything I post is deep. Sometimes I’m just sharing changes I think are cool — they take me a few minutes to write, and they take less than a minute to read.

    But I do appreciate the feedback, and thanks for reading.

  27. @ abby — If that’s how you feel, the “door” is at the top left or right at your browser (depending on your operating system). Cheers!

  28. @ Kate — Availability on EVA has indeed gotten pretty bad lately if redeeming partner miles. Availability directly through their program remains quite good.

  29. @ Ginny — Sometimes there’s space close to departure, but that’s about it, unfortunately.

  30. the only issue I have with Ben is he rarely reply any email unless it is for his own benefit. Other blogs do better

  31. Ben awesome childish ‘don’t let the door hit you in the ass’ comment. as someone who has used your affiliate links to sign up for 3 credit cards in my name and 2 others in someone else’s (that includes 2 high affiliate earn ink bold cards)… thanks for reinforcing in my mind that there will be no others.

    mine was a reply to another poster. as you can see there were several agreeing with him. if you weren’t so full of yourself at this point, you’d step back and contemplate what actually got you to this point. it wasn’t being a snotty little self entitled acting boy-child. what MADE YOU was that you were relate-able. now you’re the polar opposite. grow up enough to identify constructive criticism.

    you still have a lot of readers based upon what you were. if you can’t tell from the comments that a lot of us now find your content unrepresentative of any reality, then you missed that. the only negative thing i said was calling jrl a douche- hardly a revelation. you have your fanboys who will come to your aid- lots of ’em. you have that niche sewed up.

    finally, it’s not my business how much you make and i am not an anti-affiliate link person (obviously). that said, a lot of the bloggers in this area have some visibility. you don’t. you’re constantly in in first and make a point of the last minute nature of your travel. i was living in hotels long before you (by 3 years) and also travel last minute. i know how much it costs in either $ or miles and, without MS (which you say you do not do), there is no way you have enough miles to do what you do- the math just doesn’t work.

    people click on affiliate links because a blogger provides useful content and, maybe more importantly, because they like you. ask yourself: is my content genuinely more, or less useful than 2-3 years ago? am i more or less likable now or then? if you’re being honest and self-aware, the answer to both is ‘less’. what you’re reaping now was sown then. what you’ll be reaping in the future is being sown now…

  32. Gonna disagree with Shannon on the email thing. I’ve emailed Ben a handful of times w/ questions about booking an award ticket. I’m sure he gets a ton of emails, but he’s always replied to those with helpful answers.

  33. @Benny – agree completely. I was startled to see that, of any insults. Lucky routinely and quickly answers individual questions on his blog and via email all the time. More than many, actually.

    At what point does he become the doctor at a dinner party with regard to expected free advice? This is his occupation. He’s amazingly helpful with free advice.

  34. No one ask you to stay here if you hate the blogger, just click on top-right/left corner—-so simple:)

  35. @Him: how do you equate constructive criticism with ‘hate’??!!
    Even though we might disagree, we still (for now…) have the freedom to comment.

    In my own case, I find the pickiness of some of the comments hilarious in the extreme, especially considering that the vast majority of world’s population have absolutely ZERO opportunity to afford a plane ticket, let alone quibble over which is the better champagne, or what a first-class shower is like — many don’t even have a shower in their homes. Think about it!

    In my own case, I originally subscribed to the blog because its title implies the gradual acquisition of points — an obviously false assumption. Now I see it as an opportunity to help the ‘elite’ to be thankful for the wealth that they have, and hopefully to lead them to sources which will open their eyes to the sad social inequality around the world — often as a result, I believe, precisely of the exploitation of the poor by the rich to acquire the necessary wealth and time to flit around the world.

    Yes, in a sad way, I DO find it hilarious to read what people complain about, which is the only reason I continue to subscribe….and I think we already know how to unsubscribe if that is our choice!

  36. @ Shannon — I’m genuinely confused, as I have been in the dozen or so blog comments where you’ve mentioned this. You keep saying I don’t reply to your emails, yet searching my inbox I’ve only ever received a single email from you, which I replied to. You always have time to bring this up, but never actually respond to me.

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