INSANE DEAL: $770 Roundtrip Business Class Tickets From Bangkok To Toronto

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While this won’t be useful to everyone, this is an insanely good deal that I can’t not share. Per this FlyerTalk thread, Ethiopian has published some crazy low business class fares from Bangkok to Toronto. You can fly roundtrip refundable business class for $770 (select “Cloud 9 Deluxe” rather than “Cloud 9 Restricted,” since it’s only marginally more but gives you a lot more flexibility).


This is bookable directly on Ethiopian’s website, which is the best place to search, since not all availability shows up on Google Flights.

Ethiopian-1 Ethiopian-2

The total roundtrip fare is 26470THB, or ~770USD.


The fare books into the “D” fare class — you can see here as to how many miles you’d earn for that fare class with various frequent flyer programs. For most Star Alliance programs you’ll earn anywhere between 125% and 200% elite qualifying miles. The itinerary covers a distance of ~23,000 flown miles, so you can earn up to ~46,000 elite qualifying miles with some programs for an itinerary like this. That’s a lot of miles.

Keep in mind that this itinerary routes through Addis Ababa, which is why the flown distance is so long.


Unfortunately one-way fares price out significantly higher than roundtrips, so this is best for roundtrips only.

All segments are operated by the 787, which at a minimum have angled seats in business class. Many 787s now even have fully flat beds, so it’s a fairly good product. Here’s my review of Ethiopian’s old 787 business class product between Beijing and Addis Ababa.


I can’t imagine this fare will last, so I’d recommend booking sooner rather than later, if you’re interested.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this great deal?

(Tip of the hat to MightyTravels and zoqfotpik)

  1. If this is a mistake fare ET will simply downgrade your tickets to Y without even bothering to tell you.

  2. A few comments:

    1.) mine booked into “C” fare fwiw

    2.) I am reading a lot of stories about Ethiopian downgrades. There seems to be a similar fare to South Africa where they emailed everyone and said it was “actually economy”

    3.) I will be very bummed getting on a packed y seat at 1am in bangkok to Ethiopia. In fact, nothing sounds worse.

  3. If they did come back later to try to say it’s a mistake, would you be able to cancel for free, since it’s a mistake?

  4. You do realise that this schedule has 16-18 hour layovers in Addis each way? Granted you will get STPC at the Hilton but still.

  5. Every few months we see a screw-up like this from ET and they always seem to end the same with last minute downgrades to Y.
    Pretty horrific to get downgraded at the gate prior to a 49hr trip from BKK to YYZ……and very little options

  6. @Sean, some people will go great lengths to earn elite status 😀

    I would do it if it’s available the other way.

  7. Don’t forget that you need a yellow fever shot with certificate for the return!
    Otherwise you’ll be denied boarded / be stuck in the airport for a long time / be put in quarantine upon arrival in BKK.

  8. @Bruno and all

    It’s wise for the international traveler going outside of Europe to have Yellow Fever vaccine with card in hand regardless of destination. It’s a crummy way to be denied boarding.

  9. My payment isn’t going through either … anyone else having this problem? Got through on the “pay agent” option, but when I called in to pay he said “the system is broken” … makes no sense though since that would mean that the airline couldn’t book any flights right now …

  10. Fyi: the oslo ef from ethiopian in January went through without problems. People are flying it to various destinations as JNB, CPT, SE etc.

    No downgrades!

  11. @ C – perhaps so but without blogs such as OMAAT you wouldn’t have known about it to start with!

  12. @Markus

    It is a bit early to declare that ET’s ex-OSL business class “fare sale” that took place earlier this year will not be downgraded for anyone who bought. The initial ex-OSL ET flight took place only yesterday (March 27) and so the success reports are skimpy. We need a few more weeks of trip reports to know if ET is going to honor ALL the ex-OSL fares. FYI, in 2016 ET certainly did not honor all the ex-BRU fares that it sold at cheap (error) prices.

  13. It’s gone now and this was clearly a ‘fat-finger’ mistake on the part of ET’s pricing team — see historic fare here (dated 27MAR, when it was still available):

    1X DEERTCC D R 66.00 E28MR S27MR – 3/12M AT01

    and see historic fare from (KUL another ET SE Asian market):

    1 DEERTCC D R 6907.00 —- – 3/12M AT01

    both origins use the same fare basis (DEERTCC) but BKK is obviously missing 2 digits from the fare.

  14. I booked and paid for April BKKADDYYZ ret
    Got the 26,400 baht fare
    Let’s see if they dare downgrade

  15. For everyone interested, they are NOT honoring this fare. I just called to check on my ticket because it dissappeared from my Amex statement.

    They said it was a mistake fare, and they are not honoring it. They *did* offer to let me pay the $3,000 difference to book the ticket in business class, though 😉

  16. Booked it on 29th March 2017. Credit card status was on “pending” until 04th April 2017. Now fully charged. So fare no cancelation email/ call from Ethiopian Airlines.

    Let’s see…

  17. Dear Valued Customer,

    Upon careful assessment, we have determined your ticket was done with wrong fare calculation. Ethiopian regrets the error and will offer you the following options:

    1. Refund full amount in the same form of payment and currency
    2. Make use of the ticket in economy class in the same itinerary by waiving additional charges.
    3. Utilize the value of the ticket as a payment to purchase a ticket on any Ethiopian route with the applicable additional charges if any,

    Please let us know your preference and your ticket will be sent to you on a separate email. If you wish to cancel this ticket, kindly advise us and we will promptly cancel your reservation and process full refund.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and cordially expect your kindest understanding.

    Ethiopian Airlines Team

  18. @JC
    in September 2017. However I will not fight for it. “1. Refund full amount in the same form of payment and currency” is ok for me.

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