Ethiopian Airlines Adds Inflight Wifi On A350s

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While perhaps not cutting edge at this point, Ethiopian Airlines has just announced a nice improvement to their onboard product.

Ethiopian Airlines has just introduced wifi on their Airbus A350 aircraft. For this new service, Ethiopian is using Ka-band broadband satellite technology, so you can expect the speeds to be pretty good (it drives me nuts when airlines nowadays roll out wifi using the OnAir service). While the airline is starting by offering wifi on the A350s, they plan to eventually have wifi on other long haul aircraft as well.

Ethiopian Airlines A350-900

Ethiopian Airlines currently has a fleet of 12 Airbus A350-900s, with a further 12 A350-900s on order. Ethiopian Airlines’ CEO had the following to say about the introduction of inflight wifi:

“We are glad to introduce inflight internet connectivity with the latest broadband satellite technology, Ka-band, offering our passengers seamless digital experience as they fly Ethiopian. The launch of the onboard wi-fi internet is part of our relentless efforts to further add to passengers’ comfort keeping pace with the technology of the day. As customer-centric airline, we will remain focused on continuous service excellence, taking advantage of emerging technologies and infrastructure.”

In addition to being able to buy wifi onboard by logging on and paying with a debit card or credit card, you can also buy a wifi voucher at Ethiopian Airlines sales outlets, including at the Addis Ababa Airport customer service desk, at the boarding gate, and from flight attendants.

I would imagine this is intended to facilitate purchasing wifi with cash, though I can’t imagine that will be that popular.

Unfortunately Ethiopian Airlines hasn’t yet revealed the pricing of their new wifi service, or the timeline with which they plan to offer wifi on more of their planes.

Congrats to Ethiopian Airlines for finally introducing inflight wifi. They’re one of Africa’s all-around best and most global airlines, and it’s nice to see this further improvement to their experience.

  1. Their Business product on 350 and 787 are almost identical, but the 350 just felt better and more private. Glad they are adding wifi on the 350 product.

  2. Meaning they are using GX Aviation? Then basically OnAir 2.
    The speed seems to be similar to that of Panasonic.

  3. “I would imagine this is intended to facilitate purchasing wifi with cash, though I can’t imagine that will be that popular.”

    Ben, for a guy who travels as much as you do around the planet , I’m surprised you wouldn’t see that a lot of cultures remain cash-dominant, thus the reason to accept cash for airport and on-board purchases.

  4. Does this plane still have the call buttons where the elbow goes? My one flight on one, an overnight, it was constant from boarding to arrival, except a stretch in the middle I convinced the FAs to mute the sound.

  5. I wish Ethiopian Airlines all the success it deserves once it turns forever the page of Boeing Aircrafts and goes for Airbus because it is the best African Airline and expats working in Subsaharian Africa usually choose to fly with Ethiopian Airlines.

  6. First of all what do you “Cutting Edges”? Ethiopian did compromise in its 737 max fleets, it was all boeings faults! And I didn’t like the way you said “They’re one of Africa’s all-around best and most global airlines.” Ethiopian is one of the best airlines GLOBALLY! It even flies to more countries than Emirates!(Check the wikepedia page: Airlines by number of countries served!) Whether you like it or not Ethiopian is growing and will beat up asses of many European and American airlines!

  7. Easy cowboy.
    It was a clean and valid compliment.
    No cause for you to wet your diaper.
    ET having surpassed Kenya Airways about 3-4 years ago as the premier African airline, and competing globally, is what it is.
    If you think ET compares with EK, you’re definitely smoking crack, yabaa, or whatever cheap narcotic is available in your region.


  8. Ato Nahom,

    While I am as proud of ET as any fellow Ethiopian, they still have quite a ways to go before their hard and soft product on par with the top tier of EK, EY, QR, LH, etc., etc. Their continued habit of last-minute equipment swaps doesn’t help. But nevertheless I fly them whenever I can; I may need to get from Buenos Aires to Yangon this January and ET is looking like the fastest and cheapest way of getting there.

  9. I know Addis Ababa Airport does not belong to Ethiopian Airlines but God, can someone from ET tell the Airport Authority to sort out THE MESS at that airport PLEASE!!!

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