Video: Emirates Flight Attendant Gets Inflight Marriage Proposal

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I love a good marriage proposal story, especially on a plane.

Some of them go to plan in terms of the other party saying ‘yes,’ though some airlines unfairly punish cabin crew for becoming engaged during a flight, as this very unfortunate China Eastern cabin crew member discovered a few months ago.

Emirates, on the other hand, fully supports romantic gestures during flights!

A female cabin crew member, Vittoria, was crewing an Emirates flight from Rome to Dubai. Her boyfriend, Stefano, was on board, and with the help of the other crew, prepared a very special and unique marriage proposal with the help of an entire section of the economy cabin.

As Vittoria entered the cabin she was surprised with roses, hand made signs, love hearts and even photographs of the boyfriend.

Clearly overwhelmed she entered the galley where her boyfriend was waiting and the answer was…?

Emirates has published the video themselves, congratulating the couple, which makes me think the crew member will not be in any trouble!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Have you ever witnessed a marriage proposal during a flight?

  1. No surprise, it’s Emirates.
    If it’s happen in QR, the crew would have get fired from Al Baker regime as soon as the plane landed.

  2. What if Stefano had proposed to his male crew member boyfriend? Would Emirates have published the video?

  3. I was on a flight once where a passenger proposed to his girlfriend and the girl was embarrased and said “Sorry but i don’t feel the same way”!!!!! The guy did this 2 hours into a 6 hour flight and the rest of the 4 hours were so awkward between them since they were seated one row infront of me. It was hilarious but I felt bad for the poor guy.

  4. ^^I was on a flight once where a passenger proposed to his girlfriend and the girl was embarrased and said “Sorry but i don’t feel the same way”!!!!!

    This is always a risk in a high profile proposal. Better that it be private.

  5. Proposals use to be private. Now they are over the top and a must see event. Many are staged. More women need to say no. This will help bring it back to where it should be Personal private and maybe a few close friends and family.

  6. I proposed to my girlfriend on an Alaska Airlines flight in 1987, we had met on an open seating inter-island Aloha flight 10 months earlier.

    Celebrated our 30th anniversary last summer, and I’ve been a 75k on Alaska the past 3 years ❤️✈️

  7. @Ray – Whatever happened to good tidings & cheer? If you can’t keep it classy, perhaps you should keep it to yourself.

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