LOL: Emirates Will No Longer Display Expensive Drinks At First Class Bar

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Emirates has just provided an update regarding the champagne they’ll be serving in first and business class, and a change in how they display some of their alcohol.

Here are some of the updates:

Emirates will no longer display expensive alcohol

Emirates is known for their over-the-top alcohol selection, especially for the Hennessy Paradis they have in first class, which retails for $900 per bottle. Heck, last year they were even serving Hennessy Paradis Imperial in first class, which retails for $3,000 per bottle.

On the A380 the airline generally displays all the alcohol at a bar at the front of the cabin.

I’ve gone up there before and have taken down the bottles of Hennessy Paradis and Dom Perignon to get pictures of the bottles.

Well, as of this month, Emirates will no longer display Dom Perignon, Hennessy Paradis, Tessero, and the Emirates Vintage Collection at the first class bar. These items will continue to be available, and will instead just be in the first class bar cart.

Emirates says that this change is being made “to avoid high value items being removed.”

Some of you have been naughty, apparently!

Emirates updates first class champagne selection

Emirates will be updating the vintage of Dom Perignon that they serve in first class:

  • From the end of April onwards, Emirates will gradually be switching from Dom Perignon 2009 to 2008
  • From May onwards, Emirates will for a limited time serve Dom Perignon Rose 2006 on flights to Australia, Asia, and Europe, excluding the UK; this is extremely rare

Those are some exceptional champagnes.

Emirates updates business class champagne selection

From the end of May, Emirates will introduce Veuve Clicquot Extra Brut Extra Old in business class, on routes to North America, South America, and Europe.

Emirates previously served just the standard Veuve Clicquot Brut. In terms of cost, the current one retails for $50 per bottle, while the new one retails for $85 per bottle, so it’s certainly an investment. I can’t say how much better it is, since I haven’t had it.

Bottom line

Emirates sure does invest in their wine program, and it seems they’re upping their champagne game in first and business class even more.

I am amused by the fact that Emirates will be removing expensive drinks from the first class bar area to avoid people taking them. Emirates loves to show off, and this takes away one element of that.

What’s it really like to fly Emirates?

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  1. Hi, a fan from venezuela here, i just read that mahan air inaugurated today flights from IKA to CCS, i must say that i’m shocked and would like to know your opinion about it.
    Greetings from venezuela and sorry for the off topic

  2. Lucky, the fact that you continue to let Debit write this garbage on every single post, and pollute the discourse on this blog is a disservice to your readers.

  3. @Giuseppe
    Do you have any other information on this flight? I tried to look for it but couldn’t (I tried google flights).

    Thank you

  4. @Debit

    I’m the furthest from a conservative or a Republican you’ll (n)ever meet, but your shit is tiring and well, dumb.

    But man, I actually LOL’d (I’m laughing AT you) when I read your response to DB calling him a “snowflake” and “thin skinned hypocrites” because he didn’t just “ignore a comment and move on”.

    You may have just won the internet for the most hypocritical post, ever.

    By posting this, I realize I’m giving you the attention you crave, but I’m doing it to call you out and I’m hoping Ben sees enough people telling you to get lost that he finally does something about it.

  5. I still remember this asshole in the business class lounge at the back….he was a business class passenger, and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Duh.)

    What was wrong is how he BEGGED for a sample of Hennessy Paradis. Yeesh….have some self-respect. Thankfully, he was told no.

    /Actually, he was told many times until he gave up.

  6. I dont know. This stuff doesnt really taste any better than a random cremant that you´d buy for 10$ in a French supermarket and 90% of folks wouldnt tell a $500 bottle from a 5$ anyways. In fact I´m fairly sure most would prefer a cheap “drinkable” sparkle.

  7. @Lucky Extra Brut Extra Old is one of my favorites – highly recommended and glad to see this switch!

  8. I don’t think you can get away with removing the whole bottle but let’s just say my Evian in my living room is from a different part of France. 😉

  9. I saw a man from economy steal a bottle from the bar at the front of the upper deck of the plane. I could’ve stopped him but I was jetlagged and hungover so that wasn’t going to happen

  10. am I the only one who finds Debit’s comments amusing?
    lighten up, people! 🙂
    I sometimes scroll down just to see if Debit added his two cents to the discussion (or – as he/she would probably put it “$2 because these pesky republicans devalued our hard earned money”)…
    it wouldn’t be the same here without Debit 🙂

  11. I’m still hoping to enjoy the revamped lounge.

    Four flights from IAH and SFO to DXB, in the last three months, were still the original layout and lighting.

  12. NIck L – I was served the paradis once when in business. I just asked for a cognac and that was what I was given.

    Bl00dy enormous serve as well – more like a glass of wine!

    On top of all the other booze I’d consumed I woke up feeling pretty ordinary in Dubai!

  13. @Lucky – in many of your reviews, you seem to equate the price of alcohol with it’s quality, as though an airline serving something that retails for a lot of money makes it good alcohol. I would encourage you to do some further exploration in this area – you’ll find that in many cases, you’re paying mainly for brand and marketing, and this doesn’t correlate to how good the alcohol actually is.

    The fact that 90% of airlines serve Jonnhie Walker Black/Blue in First doesn’t make it the best scotch out there; it’s a decent scotch, but there are dozens of scotches that are better, for a quarter of the price. Same with your Hennessy above – there are many cognac’s that are better for less. Both of these examples have branding/marketing, and the fact that they can be mass-produced, on their side – but that’s about it.

  14. @Debit keep your political prejudices to yourself, this is an article about Emirates alcohol selection and has nothing to do with US politics. Most Emirates flyers (and people interested in this article) are not Americans and don’t want to put up with you politicising everything.

  15. @Rob_Riyadh, good point! Maybe not the regular No. 7 (too ordinary) but the No. 27 Gold would be absolutely welcomed – smoothest American whiskey I’ve ever tasted.

  16. I feel you basically judge a champagne by its price and have no actual insight into how to taste champagne. From the sounds of your alcoholic grievings it would appear you have the signs of an alcoholic

  17. Somebody please help me understand, what happens to previously opened bottles upon landing? I always understood for legal and other reasons they were discarded.

  18. I concur with Donato, it was my understanding that open bottles were dumped at the end of every flight though not sure if this is the case with hard liquor but certainly wines. Many decades ago, my late wife and I flew AF in First and the FA gave us the half bottle of the Martel XO Supreme that was 3/4s full at the end of the flight. I always suspected those left over bottles of spirits may have made their way back into the bars of the airline’s premium lounges…after making the return flight to home base.

  19. No laughing matter. Have you checked out the clientele in first and business lately? What a vaudeville show! The points guys (yes you) are the worst. Next come connecting pax who sucked up to corporate bosses to land there. For the love of god, at least dress properly. Snob? Yes. At least when it comes to decorum.

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