This Is Cool: 360 Degree Tour Of An Emirates A380 Cockpit

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While I’ve had the good fortunate to visit a countless number of airline cockpits over the years (it’s still something you can ask to do), I know many others are mystified by what airplane cockpits look like and how they work.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what the cockpit of the world’s largest airliner looks like,Ā Emirates put together a fantastic 360 degree cockpit tour of one of their Airbus A380s.

It’s only about three minutes long, and in the video a captain from New Zealand and a first officer from the UAE walk you through all the basic functions of the cockpit.

Since it’s a 360 degree tour, you can use your mouse to scroll directionally throughout the video (much like with Etihad’s recent virtual reality film starring Nicole Kidman, though admittedly the production quality in this Emirates video isn’t quite as high).

Here’s the video:

Cool, eh?

  1. Wait, someone from the UAE is actually working on one of their planes? I’m not convinced that isn’t just a stunt for this video.

  2. I actually made a 180ish view of the Etihad First Apartment for my Facebook friends. It just so happened Facebook added support when I was flying around for a month. Definitely a good way to show perspective on airline suites and luxury hotel rooms. No special equipment was needed for still photographs, just your iPhone and an app.

  3. If you view it on your iPhone you just move your phone around! If you do it in a public place however, bear in mind that the people around you will think your videoing them.

  4. Pretty cool! I just found it funny they called it the airbus 380 fleet. Whenever I’m with my avgeek friends, they always correct me that it’s the airbus A380 (yes you gotta include that A with the 380) but now I can show them this video that even the captains call the plane airbus 380. šŸ˜‰

  5. @Joey Well, the A stands for Airbus. So A380 = Airbus 380.

    Personally I do find the Airbus cockpits to much more comfortable than others. Much more space and room, and it strikes me as there is put some thought into comfort during design. Yesterday I got to sit in the cockpit of an A321 the entire flight, and it’s really something else compared to a B737.

  6. @M Google Streetview. The app lets you take 360 degree photographs by taking a series and automatically links them together. It won’t be perfect, but usually it’s nearly just that (photo stitching and tilt issues).

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