Pictures Of Dublin Airport’s New 51st & Green Pre-Clearance Lounge

On Friday I posted about the new US Pre-Clearance Lounge which would be opening today in Dublin. The lounge is called 51st & Green, and is located past the US Pre-Clearance facility. Etihad added a similar lounge after their Pre-Clearance facility in Abu Dhabi a while back as well.

Passengers on select US-bound flights from Dublin clear immigration before departure, meaning they have to leave the lounge earlier than they’d otherwise have to. Since you have to allow some buffer, it’s fantastic that there’s a lounge after the facility, so that you don’t have to sit in the gate area.

The lounge is open to premium passengers on Aer Lingus, American, Delta, and United.


The lounge officially opened today, and longtime reader Sam (who also recently wrote about maximizing American’s Business Extra program) was among the first guests to use it.

Below I’ll share the pictures that Sam sent me. He said that the lounge is beautiful with minimalist decor, and that the staff were very clearly proud of the lounge.

The lounge also has shower rooms (as you’ll see pictured below), though oddly they apparently don’t have anything else in them. No toilet, no sink, no mirror, no garbage can, etc.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the lounge that Sam shared, and I hope to check out the lounge soon myself:
















Thanks again to Sam for sharing the pictures of this new lounge!


  1. I’ll be there tomorrow morning. Should I skip the DAA Lounge that American uses and go straight to this one?

  2. Just know that if you are flying AA they do not accept mobile boarding passes here, and if you do not have a printed one you’ll wait in line for 40 minutes to get to the one machine that will print it. That’s in the priority line, which is for anyone who has any kind of card and needs any kind of service.

    Once you have your printed boarding pass, you go through security (no priority lines), walk through a shopping mall to get to US preclearance, and go through security all over again (shoes off, no precheck, even though it says it on the boarding pass).

    It took me 1h20 to get from the kerb to the gate. This was a couple of weeks ago, before the lounge opened, but I wouldn’t have had time anyway. Never again.

  3. Who qualifies as “premium” passengers? Obviously, premium cabin passengers are eligible, but what about ST Elite Plus, *G, OWE, and OWS?

    I’m assuming those with regular lounge memberships (DL, UA, AA) are excluded, or else it’d get really, really crowded.

  4. Wow, missed out by just 2 days. Actually looks nicer than the Aer Lingus lounge, better food too.

  5. Why is it being described as a preclearance lounge? If it is after preclearance, it is a Post-Clearance Lounge. Or maybe a Post-Preclerarance Lounge.

  6. Grumpy,

    You’re saving as much as an hour at the US side because you land as a domestic flyer. So the net time lost is minimal but of course that means arriving earlier at Dublin airport as you’d expect. If I want to enjoy lounge access then I arrive 3 hours before my flight

    And I could never really enjoy the lounge before US pre-clear because it’s hard to know how long the pre-clear will take. So this is a big deal to have the lounge after pre-clear.

    Security is another thing though. It seems that you go through security once too often. But that’s true of some other airports, like Zurich

  7. Anybody know what time the lounge opens/closes? Can’t seem to find that info anywhere.

  8. That’s my question too, what time is it open/closed. I fly out of DUB on 01/01/17 at 9:30 am, and would like to have breakfast in the lounge.

  9. It’s a lovely lounge, with great views of the runways to watch the planes come and go. There is a quiet area if you’re so inclined, but we just made sure to sit a distance away from the chattiest folks. The side tables have power outlets (Ireland/UK style) and there are newspapers and televisions (on mute). The food spread was good: yogurt smoothies, soda bread, brown bread, pancakes, pastries,fruit, fruit juices, cereals, porridge, teas, self-serve coffee drinks. There is also a coffee and liquor bar with a bartender/barista. The staff were friendly and polite.

  10. One point to consider is that Preclearance opens at 7 a.m. I was there at 6 a.m., so I was first in line, but oh well, there was no use going back. The lounge was nice as most are first thing in the morning before the stampede begins, the choice of food was more for those who love anything sweet for breakfast.

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