No More Dom Perignon In Business Class

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As least in terms of “mass” name recognition, Dom Perignon is considered to be one of the best first class airplane champagnes out there. Personally I’m not a huge fan of Dom Perignon, at least the 2003 vintage, which up until recently was primarily the one being served on planes.

Their 2004 vintage was much better, though still not as good as my beloved Krug.


Over the past couple of years the 2004 vintage has become the norm for airlines serving Dom Perignon in first class, so that’s good news.

Anyway, historically a few airlines have stood out when it comes to their business class champagne selection.

Back in the day, Jet Airways served Dom Perignon in business class. Through all their financial troubles they’ve eliminated it, in favor of Billecart-Salmon Brut. That’s a perfectly nice business class champagne, though not in the same league as Dom Perignon.


More recently, EVA Air, the Taiwanese Star Alliance carrier, has served Dom Perignon in their business class (Royal Laurel Class). EVA Air offers an absolutely fantastic business class product, perhaps with the exception of their food. Of course I’m more than happy to sacrifice food for some good champagne. 😉


Anyway, I’ve received quite a few messages and comments lately from people pointing out that EVA Air is no longer serving Dom Perignon in Royal Laurel Class.

Instead they’re now serving Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame 2004. The most common response I’ve gotten is “Veuve, really?!” I think it’s worth pointing out this isn’t the entry level Veuve that every Real Housewives franchise seems to have a sponsorship deal with.

The La Grande Dame variety is actually fantastic, and I think I even prefer it to Dom 2004 (definitely prefer it to Dom 2003). I was also served it in the spring in Lufthansa first class, as it was part of their champagne rotation.


So if you’ve been looking forward to Dom on EVA, you’re out of luck. That being said, I’d argue the replacement is at least as good, even if it doesn’t come with quite the same name recognition.

On the plus side, you’ll still get a Rimowa amenity kit. 😉


  1. Grand Dame is one of the Champagnes available at the Singapore Private Room…definitely a great champagne.

  2. Glad I did my part by having 4-5 glasses of the 2004 Dom when flying EVA BKK-LHR in September 😉

    It was my first time having Dom and honestly was a little underwhelming, but I reserve proper judgement until I have it on the ground (Don’t trust my test buds in the air)

  3. Just got off BR67. Was offered a 7 course lunch, rimowa kit, PJs and grande dame.


    I would say that given the daytime BKK-LHR flight is on a 346. The in flight experience is not materially different to TG F.

  4. This to me is great news. I’ve never understood what people see in DP. It has never appeared very highly on my lists. The VC LGD is however a long time favourite. My wife and I are booked with EVA next month on a pairb of flights (need some serious Hello Kitty goodies for two 5 year olds) so I’m sure we will enjoy a bottle between us. We aren’t as accomplished as you Ben when consuming bubbly!

  5. Click bait headline that has a happy ending. That said, can’t stand more than a single glass or two of champagne. Prefer a proper wine with the meal.

  6. Moet is Dom and it’s arch rivals Veuve is La Grand Dame, they are of the same quality standard. Personally I prefer a champagne made by a tart than a monk! Her story is much more party / celebration.

  7. Not sure if this will help dry your fizz-deprived tears, Ben, but at least Singapore Airlines is now serving Taittinger’s Prelude Grands Crus in business class [].

  8. How much does it cost the Krug and the Dom Perignon?
    Months ago, I saw the Krug in $300. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the types of champagne as you, so do not know if it was the same as that served in first class.

  9. Had the Dom on EVA a few months ago. It was completely uninteresting. I’m fairly certain that’s because Dom is an overrated brand that is more hype than anything else, because the only other time I’ve had Dom (on the ground), it was equally bad. However, being 6 miles in the air probably didn’t help either. Personally, I’d be much happier if airlines focused on finding wines for business/first class that taste good in an airplane, rather than those that have an impressive brand name.

  10. Echoing everyone else’s comments, I also think La Grande Dame is way better than Dom Perignon. I flew SIN-TPE-LAX on EVA in Royal Laurel this past July and for a nice surprise had LA Grande Dame on the SIN-TPE leg (they introduced it as a new selection they were trying out) and Dom on the TPE-LAX leg. @Lucky, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of food because of your earlier reviews, but I had one of the best steaks ever on a plane. Even beat the steak I had on SQ a few days before! So pleasant surprises all around. And yes, the coveted Rimowa amenity kit is fabulous!

  11. @ Brandon — The only airline that has “my brand” in business class is Qatar Airways, at the A380 bar.

  12. @ David — No fizz-deprived tears here, unless they’re of happiness. And that is good about Singapore!

  13. @ AlanT98 — All depends where you buy it and the vintage. I know a place that sells Krug for $125 per bottle, which is a steal.

  14. Wow, I guess my wife and I got in just under the Dom wire…we flew Eva on 10/4 and had a few glasses of it. Neither of us were terribly impressed, but glad we had the chance to try it. Krug in CX F on the return trip really impressed both of us.

  15. lucky says
    October 26, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    @ AlanT98 — All depends where you buy it and the vintage. I know a place that sells Krug for $125 per bottle, which is a steal.

    Krug Grande Cuvee isn’t a vintage champagne.

    Wait till you try the 96 Krug!

  16. And if they slapped a Krug label on a bottle of ripple, you’d be in heaven. It’s been proven dozen’s of times at wine tasting conventions. Candid camera and a few others did it to some the “experts”. Not one of them could tell the difference, and I suspect you neither. lol

  17. @ Luis

    No, he’s not.

    Individuals who are unaware of the price do not derive more enjoyment from more expensive wine. In a sample of more than 6,000 blind tastings, we find that the correlation between price and overall rating is small and negative, suggesting that individuals on average enjoy more expensive wines slightly less. For individuals with wine training, however, we find indications of a positive relationship between price and enjoyment. Our results are robust to the inclusion of individual fixed effects, and are not driven by outliers: when omitting the top and bottom deciles of the price distribution, our qualitative results are strengthened, and the statistical significance is improved further. Our results indicate that both the prices of wines and wine recommendations by experts may be poor guides for non-expert wine consumers.

    I wonder if drinking lots of champagne in a pressurized cabin at 8,000 feet makes you an expert… 😉

  18. I was on BR68 LHR to BKK and they served Veuve. It was really nice. On a different note, the Rimowa case is no longer green but rather silver. Are you going to hunt this?

  19. In my view Dom Pérignon 2003 forever ended the claim that vintage meant anything important for champagnes. As with Lucky I prefer Krug and find the US price acceptable for special occasions, even though it’s NV. Even though Dom is technically a vintage champagne it is mass produced and is extremely easy to find almost anywhere. If you want to impress someone who is unfamiliar with champagne it’s a lot easier to bring Dom than trying to explain why you chose something the host has never heard of. The unfortunate side affect of familiarity is that Dom often benefits from irrational exuberance and I’ve seen it priced up to $800 a bottle in high tariff countries. I’ve never actually tried Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame, mainly because their standard issue tastes absolutely horrible to my palate. This is why I enjoy distilled spirits. Same taste all over the world. You can order with confidence because you know exactly what you’re getting. You may never seen the same wine twice on a trip around the world but if you can find a half dozen spirits you enjoy you’ll never be at a loss for what to order or have any care over which year it was made.

    Thanks for the post Lucky. I appreciate the update.

  20. @eponymous – did you even read what jakc said? He said that even “experts” which i’m guessing he’s referring to people with actual wine knowledge couldn’t tell the difference between cheap and expensive champagne. And then you reply with text that says average people couldn’t tell the difference but people with wine training or “experts” could tell the difference.

    what is your point?

  21. Reminds me of the time my fiancee and I tried about 6 different sparkling wines to serve with our wedding cake. We picked out a range of prices and brands and tasted them blind. The overall favorite was the domestic $5/bottle brand that we threw in for laughs. This one won out mostly because it was slightly sweeter than the others and it complemented the cake nicely, whereas the others lost their subtlety and complexity to the sweet cake.

    At 30,000 feet, you definitely can’t get all that subtlety and complexity, which is why I’d be just as happy, if not happier, drinking some robustly-flavored near-plonk in a plane than expensive wine that would disappoint me. One of the best wines I had on a plane was the Malbec that United used to serve in business class to Europe about 7 or 8 years ago. It retails for $10 bottle. (Actually it sucked when I bought some to drink on the ground – but I loved it on the plane. Go figure.)

  22. Krug is a great wine, no doubt. That said, as first class Champagnes go, I actually prefer the Salon that JAL serve (when available). Salon is fantastic, and I would put it above Krug’s multiple vintage on my list.

  23. Hmm… Never tried LGD but don’t really care for Veuve because of the blend they use (much prefer Krug). We did some extensive champagne testing recently with a sommelier (the “group” was only the two of us so we spent 2-2.5 hours instead of just 1) and figured out we prefer blanc de blancs champagnes (exclusively from Chardonnay grapes). Something like Pierre Peters Cuvee de Reserve Blanc De Blancs Grand Cru can be had for around $60.

    P.S. After tasting champagne out of flutes and out of wine glass side-by-side, it became clear why many are switching to wine glasses 😀

  24. Okay, this is a tangent but . . . I was flying in Delta business class from Amsterdam to Boston yesterday and asked to have champagne (certainly not Dom or Krug or Veuve) with my salmon appetizer. The more senior flight attendant asked for it from the galley (wasn’t on her cart) and her colleague said it’s only available pre-departure. The more senior one who was helping me said — you mean the glasses? The reply — no, it’s only served then; we just covered that in training. The one helping me went and opened another bottle for me, and we both agreed that’s very strange. Particularly since it’s on the menu.

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