Do yourself a favor and don’t read this post…

Last week I shared my picks for the best and worst airline hold music. Among my picks for worst was Turkish Airlines, with their “we are Turkish Airlines, we are globally yours” tune. It’s both catchy and annoying, much like a One Direction song. I posted this link to the song to give those of you that have yet to call Turkish an idea of what I’m talking about:

Then just a few days I suggested we form a Turkish Airlines hold music support group, because this song is seriously haunting me, day and night.

Well, things just got worse, because reader Sloan forwarded me a link to Turkish Airlines’ press website, which has links to all their “tunes.” The bad news? The website has the “Globally Yours” song exactly as it’s played while on hold. Go to this page and scroll to the third song from the bottom, which reads “Globally Yours 30sec.” That’s exactly the 30 second clip they play on the phone, over and over and over.

And in case that doesn’t satisfy your cravings, that page also has the Ramadan, Ethiopian, Manchester, sport, and mystic versions of the “Globally Yours” song, among others. Yep, Turkish takes this $&^# seriously!

On the plus side, your week can only get better from here…

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  1. You realize that this is now a challenge to find something even worse. I see a DL redemption fight in your future :p

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Last time I flew Turkish, they had just started the “Globally Yours” campaign a few months earlier. I couldn’t get the jingle out of my head for weeks!

  3. Your posts made me nervous, but I called today for my seat assignments and was only on hold for 2 minutes. That means the song should only be stuck in my head for hours, rather than days, right? 🙂
    And wow, now I get what everyone was saying about their call center being in a cave. There was more background noise than if he were standing on a big city sidewalk during rush hour!

  4. It gets really fun if you start them all at once on that page. Or at least with a few moments of time inbetween them.

    The best (worst) mixup you will ever hear.

  5. Quote:
    “Zach said,
    oh dear.. now it’s stuck in my head.”

    +1 thanks lucky… we all still love you though

  6. Air Pacific. “You mean the world to me, my Fiji. You mean the world to me, my Fiji.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

    It’s really, really bad. It’s been hanging me for going on two years since m or honeymoon. Curious if anyone could find a link to it

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