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Maybe it’s just the economy plus fuel prices, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the growth strategy that the “new” American has been undertaking.

Doug Parker, as much as people give him crap, ran a really solid and lean operation at US Airways. So when the merger happened, many assumed he would be set in his ways when it came to the new combined airline’s premium cabin products and route network (US Airways never had three cabin first class, and their longhaul international service has long been primarily limited to Europe).

In late 2013, American announced new flights between Dallas and Hong Kong/Shanghai, which launched in the summer of 2014. A year prior to that American announced new flights between Dallas and Seoul Incheon.

Last September, American announced their intentions to also launch a Dallas to Beijing flight, though the details hadn’t yet been announced as the route was pending government approval.

Well, the route has now been approved, and American has revealed the details of their new daily flights between Dallas and Beijing as of May 7, 2015. The route will become bookable as of this Saturday, January 24, 2015.

The service will operate daily with the following schedule:

AA89 Dallas to Beijing departing 10:40AM arriving 2:15PM (+1 day)
AA88 Beijing to Dallas departing 4:25PM arriving 5:00PM

The route will be operated by a Boeing 777-200 aircraft. Based on how they wrote the press release, I suspect the route will initially be operated by one of the “old” three class 777s, and then will eventually be operated by one of the new two class 777s, featuring a fully flat business class product:

American will operate its service between DFW and Beijing with a Boeing 777-200 aircraft. The airline is retrofitting all 47 of its 777-200s to refresh the cabins and enhance the premium experience on international flights. The retrofitted 777-200 features a Business Class product designed especially for American’s customers, with a fully lie-flat seat, direct aisle access and a private flying experience. The plane has a modern interior – including a walk-up bar – with unique lighting, a dramatic archway and a spacious look. It also has Main Cabin Extra and all Main Cabin seats have in-seat entertainment systems.

American’s new 777-200 business class

This marks American’s sixth daily nonstop flight between Dallas and Asia, and their second daily flight to Beijing (the other frequency being out of Chicago).


Bottom line

I love seeing American’s recent growth to Asia. They’ve added a handful of flights in the past couple of years alone, and that’s exciting.

Personally I’d love to see some new destinations in Asia as opposed to additional routes to existing destinations. Though I also realize the synergies of operating multiple daily flights to one destination. And I also suspect that the 787 will allow American to operate some “long and thin” routes to Asia, the Middle East, etc.

Do you plan on taking American’s flight between Dallas and Beijing?

  1. When does AA start getting their 787s? Do you know what model(s) they ordered and how they will be configured?

  2. @ Doug — American has 16 787-8s and 26 787-9s on order. They’ll actually be taking delivery of their first 787-8 shortly, so we’ll potentially see it in service before the end of the quarter.

  3. I wish they’d add more flights from LAX to destinations in Asia. American says that LAX is their primary gateway to Asia, but it seems like DFW is now taking the post away from them. American’s really going to need to add more flights from LAX to Asian destinations (such as ICN, PEK, HND and TPE) or they could lose their presence their.

  4. Ben, one of the many things I love about your blog is that it always has me planning our next trip. My husband and I are two weeks away from our Middle East/Africa adventure. Using solely your tips (Cairo biz prices for our returns, using AA points for QR)
    I personally cannot wait to use the DFW flights as it’s an easy connection from our base at RDU. Thanks again for all of your endless work as I constantly give you credit for making our dream vacations possible!!!

  5. Lucky, do you know something about new routes from CX? Here in Mexico, many people are saying that since December, CX is going to start flights to MEX with stop in Anchorage, this with a 77W without First Class.

  6. Way, way, way back in the Steve Wolf days, US did operate A330s with 3 cabin service. One row of F – 6 seats. Or at least I don’t think I’m imagining that. Someone will chime in if I’m wrong about that, I’m sure.

    But to the topic at hand – I agree that It is nice to see American doing something besides contracting and offloading routes. This DFW-PEK route has been a long time coming.

  7. why would ANYONE flying economy want that flight ? 3-4-3 on regular Y where both DL and UA are 9-abreast 3-3-3.

  8. With more and more international destinations out of DFW (add in BA, QR, QF, etc) there really should be a Oneworld F lounge there. Really is a missed opportunity.

  9. @Aiden, AA has applied to service LAX-HND although this might replace LAX-NRT service. Some AA employees in S.Korea have been saying that the airline will launch service from another hub to ICN, and many people assume that’s referring to LAX, but it’s not clear.

    I definitely agree with you, although there’s more competition at LAX and they have a dated business product.

  10. @Doug & Lucky, Pilot friend of mine with AA is at 787 training in Miami right now, so shouldn’t be too long.

  11. Don’t give dui dougie any credit. He has single handedly destroyed a once great airline.
    Food is no longer edible.
    Seats are crammed.

  12. Ben, did you end up getting a 10-year China visa? How did that go? That’s my big to-do before returning to China.

  13. @ AlanT98 — Have heard that rumor as well, though it hasn’t officially been confirmed yet. I’ll post if I hear anything for sure. That would be a L-O-N-G flight.

  14. @ johnnyPHL — They might fly it if it’s cheapest, which seems to be what most economy passengers are concerned about.

  15. @ Chase — Totally agree in theory, though for me the Centurion Lounge solves that problem. 🙂

  16. I sure hope they start with some excellent (sub-$2,000) business class fares from CA and plenty of upgrade space to first. If so, I may re-consider my decision to NOT re-qualify for EXP this year since this would only require four round-trips!

  17. now how about a SIN TYO SIN flight that works out well for just that leg unlike UA and DL, both departing at 6am and arriving at 12am?

  18. Another useless flight from Dallas? So hard to connect there unless your flying to latam or mid west.

    If you’re coming from west coast or east coast you’re flying many extra miles to connect in dfw. As much as I don’t care for hubs such a Chicago, or Seattle for dl, they are better positioned.

    Guess it explains all of the relatively cheap fares on AA to Asia lately.

  19. Being based in Tampa, I am glad to see the new flights from DFW. Although it is slightly longer than connecting in ORD or JFK, in my opinion it is an easier connection, it is a better airport, and delays are far less likely.

  20. Paid for upgrade at gate, and received a back-facing window seat in the mini-cabin. It’s a pleasant flight, but nothing too spectacular to write home about.

  21. Why would ALL flights travel over alaska instead of straight across the Pacific?
    Google earth shows the distance many 1000s of Kms shorter.

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