Video: This Airport Ramper Is Having A Bit Too Much Fun

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It’s not often you’ll notice the “wing walkers” who help guide out your aircraft as you push back unless you’re specifically looking for them. They’re there to make sure that your plane pushes back safely without colliding with anything else on the ground. Really they’re there for the tug driver, to advise him/her if they notice any potential danger.

Typically the most memorable ground crew are at airports in Japan. Once push back is complete and they’ve finished their duties, they’ll line up next to the plane and wave as you begin your taxi. If you haven’t noticed it, look for it the next time you depart the airport.

However, I don’t think any ground crew has quite as much fun with their job at this guy, who was recorded by a Facebook user at Rochester Airport just a few days ago. Here’s a video of his epic dance moves as a plane pushes back:

The guy can’t help but put a smile on my face for his positive attitude. I’m sure some will say he wasn’t doing his job properly and was too focused on his dance routine, though it looks to me like he was still looking in all directions. 😉

Apparently the guy works for a contract company, or else I would have said that maybe he was just doing his version of the Southwest Shuffle:

  1. That’s not at LGA, that’s at ROC. The ramp there is contract (JetStream). The ramper’s name is Kyran, I used to work with him. Great guy.

  2. I got the goodbye wave by the groud crew also on my flight from Taipeh-TSA to Seoul-GMP in August. Great gesture!

  3. OK, I’ll be the negative one here. As a former airline employee I must say I’m not impressed. The ramp is an extremely dangerous environment; one which requires strong situational awareness and adherence to established procedures and protocol. This guy is more concerned about his dance moves than he is about safely marshaling a plane from the gate. Do your damn job the way it’s supposed to be done, and practice your dance moves someplace else. I’m surprised pilots haven’t complained about his antics.

  4. Oh Mike… I look at the video and yes, hes looking around him… hes moving so fast and seeing more than a guy with straight face. BTW… you need to talk with Air Canada about their unsafe situations that been happening.

  5. With the exception of the Japanese folks waving bye, the dancing, grossly unprofessional. It’s dangerous out there, and apathy, complacency can get you in big trouble. Also, the corporation using their employees in silly commercials to sell their product is more disturbing given that coercion and group think that permeates us work places; if they say no to a the marketing/propaganda vid, it’s ba bye to their job given no employment.

  6. Those who think this is out of order are absolutely correct. It’s not about being up-tight or needing to ‘eat a Snickers’ (whatever that means), it’s about the potential negative impact that this kind of behaviour could have on safety. If you this this is ok in this kind of environment, then you clearly don’t understand the anatomy of accidents and how processes, culture and human performance all link up in this regard. I’m sure he’s a great guy and I wouldn’t discipline him here, but I would have a quiet word and help him find other ways or times to express his personality and entertain the passengers, which are both great things to do in the right situation.

  7. Their, not they’re! “Once push back is complete and they’ve finished (they’re) duties”

  8. Have always noticed the Japanese ground crew wave – consistent across a number of airports. Most we get in Europe is a wave from the crew chief. If that.

    As for Mr Dancer, the plane didn’t hit something so job done though I take the elf ‘n’ safety numpties’ point. Great fun for the pax. Now let’s see if he does it again after the social media publicity.

    What Air Canada incidents are other posters referring to?

  9. Respectfully–What does “eat snicksters” (sp.) mean? The behaviour of the ‘ramper’ is grossly unprofessional and potentially dangerous. This is what can cause serious trouble /accidents. Forensic accident reconstructions and human factors leading up to accidents have this apathy/complacency element, or a pattern of “chit chatter” funny times, and then you’re dead. Aeroflot 593. Being funny/entertainment has its’ place. Not here though.

  10. @Roxanni: the phrase “eat a Snickers” means “stop being so unnecessarily uptight and angry over a thing that doesn’t merit it”. It’s a reference to the numerous ads for the Snickers candy bar which have the tagline “You’re not yourself when you’re angry. Eat a Snickers bar.”

    Here’s one of the best such commercials, featuring Danny Trejo & Steve Buscemi:

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