Review: Condor Business Class 767 New Orleans To Frankfurt

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Condor invited me to join this flight to promote their new route from Frankfurt to New Orleans. While I didn’t pay for this ticket, my primary reason for taking the flight was to make people aware of the new route, not to promote their business class product. All opinions expressed below about the onboard experience are my own. 

While Ben grew up flying Condor, I hadn’t flown them until earlier this year. I had a great experience on my outbound flight to Cape Town, though wasn’t overly impressed by my return in their Premium Class. In any case, I was excited to try their new business class product on the 767 onboard the inaugural flight from New Orleans to Frankfurt.

A Condor 767 after arriving in New Orleans.

It’s important to consider that Condor is a leisure airline, so most of their markets have little or no competition, and their passengers on most routes are Germans going on vacation. What makes them unique in comparison to other Thomas Cook Group airlines is that you can easily book roundtrip or even one-way tickets with them. Meanwhile, Thomas Cook Scandinavia only sells flights as a part of vacation packages.

I arrived at the airport around 5:30pm ahead of the 6:00pm water canon salute and media event.

Check-in for the inaugural flight.
Check-in for the inaugural flight.

Sure enough, the 767-300 sporting Condor’s new livery pulled in at 6:08pm with the German and American flags flying high.

My aircraft after arriving in New Orleans.
My aircraft after arriving in New Orleans.

After the ribbon cutting and a press conference, it was time to depart. Unfortunately thunderstorms in New Orleans prevented the ground staff from cleaning and loading the aircraft, meaning we had to wait for an additional hour before we could board.

Condor New Orleans to Frankfurt

One perk of being on a special flight is that it’s entirely reasonable to ask if you can board early to snap some photos of the cabin 😉 When the aircraft was ready for boarding I had the cabin for two minutes before they let anyone else on.

Condor Business Class Condor Business Class Condor Business Class

Condor has two different 767 configurations. One has five rows of 2-2-2 business class, for a total of 30 seats. Meanwhile, the aircraft I was on had only three rows, also in a 2-2-2 layout. While I can’t quite make sense of it, the airline always blocks seats 1H and 1K for the crew, and even have a privacy curtain for them. While this is nice for the crew, I imagine the long-run cost of always blocking two seats must be high.

Regardless, I was lucky to get a window seat in row 2. The seats have no privacy since you can see your entire row if you glance over, but there was a privacy partition that was helpful when going to sleep.

Condor Business Class Privacy

My seat itself was comfortable for sitting, and had a highly adjustable headrest.

Condor 767 Business Class

Part of the right armrest could be lowered with the click of a button to widen the bed. Further up that armrest were the seat controls and a drink tray.

Condor 767 Business Class Seat Controls

Underneath it was an ejectable remote.

Condor 767 Business Class remote

The left armrest contained the tray table, which was sturdy. When reclined, the entire armrest automatically lowered.

Condor 767 Business Class Condor 767 Business Class

In the center armrest there were also two power ports. Allegedly there were USB ports at the seat as well, though I couldn’t find them.

Condor 767 Business Class

The entertainment screen was large and responsive to touch.

Condor 767 Business Class

The entertainment selection was average, but more than enough for the 10 hour flight.

Condor 767 Business Class Condor 767 Business Class

I ended up using the Condor headphones for most of my flight. They canceled almost all outside noise – color me impressed.

Condor 767 Business Class

As a storage-freak, I really appreciated the relatively big storage area above the screen. I wish more airlines would implement simple solutions like this in their forward facing business class.

Condor 767 Business Class Storage

Next to the storage are were two coat hooks.
Next to the storage are were two coat hooks.

The amenity kit was a winner with me. I don’t usually have a preference for branded amenity kits (apart from Rimowa), and I actually really liked the tablet/laptop case design.

Condor Business Class amenity kit.
Condor Business Class amenity kit.

It contained the bare-essentials and was identical to the premium economy kit.

Condor 767 Business Class amenity kit

The bedding and pillow were nice.

Condor Business Class pillow

As soon as I settled in the crew offered me a welcome beverage. Choosing between orange juice and sparkling wine, I took the latter.

Condor Business Class departure beverage

Sadly the weather delays continued once we were onboard, and we ended up taking off two hours behind schedule. Part of the delay was caused by the ground handlers not knowing how to push back a 767, which was amusing and reminded me that this inaugural flight was a big deal for so many people.

Condor Business Class

Once in the air, I decided to watch Black Swan, which I’d never seen before.

As soon as they could, the crew rolled out the beverage carts and distributed the menus.

Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu

And the drink menu read as follows:

Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu Condor Business Class Menu

First the crew served a packet of almonds, which I snacked on with some “bitter lemon juice.”

Condor Business Class

Before presenting the first course, the crew gave out hot towels.

Condor Business Class hot towels

Next, the appetizer was served. It’s worth noting that I ordered a special meal, hence the lack of dairy products.

My appetizer.
The appetizer was my favorite part of the meal service.

The main course was served soon after.

Rise and grilled vegetables for my main course.
Rice and grilled vegetables for my main course.

I finished my dessert when we had 6:50h left to Frankfurt.

Dessert was a simple fruit plate for me.
Dessert was a fruit plate for me.

Two and a half hours isn’t too bad to complete the meal service, and I guess the slow start can be blamed on the bad weather. Overall, I enjoyed the meal.

The two business class flight attendants were quite a typical German crew in the sense that they were professional and charming, but not overly attentive.

There was only one restroom in the business class cabin, so after a little wait, I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed.

As I mentioned, the seat is angled, and not in the Emirates or EgyptAir way. While the seat is flat, it stays about 25-35 degrees off the floor.

Condor 767 Business Class bed

When I first laid down I was a little startled at how steep the angle felt, though it clearly wasn’t much of an issue since I fell asleep within minutes. Despite a small-looking footwell, my legs could move freely and the space didn’t really restrict me.

Without the sheets the angle becomes more visible.
Without the sheets the angle becomes more visible.

Condor doesn’t have individual air vents, but thankfully the crew kept the temperature perfect. Given how much I’ve been flying the 787 recently, I was expecting to be bothered by the low cabin humidity on the 767. To my surprise, I didn’t even notice a difference.

Five hours later I abruptly woke up in the middle of the breakfast service. This meal reminded me a lot of my dinner of Norwegian last autumn, and was fresh-tasting.

Condor Business Class breakfast

Before I knew it we were descending into Frankfurt.

Condor 767 Approaching Frankfurt

Before taking their seats, the crew handed me a little farewell chocolate.

Condor Business Class chocolate

We finally touched down at 2:20pm local time, 1:30h behind schedule.

Approaching Frankfurt on Condor

As we were taxiing to the gate, the captain announced that we’d brought the thunderstorms with us from New Orleans, because the entire airport suddenly suspended operations. All outbound aircraft were stopped for a good two hours, at which time we just stood on the tarmac.

It was fascinating as arriving traffic started to pile up. Eventually every taxiway at Frankfurt Airport was occupied by aircraft waiting for parking positions.

Frankfurt Chaos
All these aircraft were waiting for a parking position.
Not a single flight departed from Frankfurt.
Not a single flight departed from Frankfurt.

In the meantime, the crew, who were clearly just as frustrated as the passengers, did their best to make it comfortable by letting us move around the cabin. They also served drinks and snacks.

We finally got to our bus gate at 4:30pm.

Condor 767 in Frankfurt

If you’re interested, you can watch my YouTube review here:

Bottom Line 

In my eyes, Condor Business Class has become 10x more attractive since they partnered with Alaska’s Milage Plan. For many of us here at OMAAT, the possibility to earn miles is of utmost importance. With that in mind, I would definitely fly Condor Business Class again. While there are certainly areas for improvement, Condor is a good option if traveling from most of their North American destinations to Europe. They have great fares, (angled) lie flat seats, good service and solid meals. I’m excited to see what the Alaska redemption rates will look like for this product.

Have you ever flown Condor? What did you think?

  1. Comon Daniel! Not even a critical word about thos horrible option over the Atlantic???

  2. @Cristoffer Cedergren

    Daniel flew at Condor’s expense or did you miss that part? Hence the non-criticism.

  3. This looks like below average business class product for a flight accross the atlantic. Yet no critisism.

    I guess its payed advertisement then.

    Makes me wonder how much more of this is on this blog?


  4. “Condor invited me to join this flight to promote their new route from Frankfurt to New Orleans. While I didn’t pay for this ticket, my primary reason for taking the flight was to make people aware of the new route, not to promote their business class product.”

    What exactly is the difference between making people aware of the new route and promoting it?

    This is pure shilling. I have no idea how Daniel continues to be allowed to write for this blog. The product also looks like crap, PE with a bit more recline.

  5. I flew Condor Biz from Baltimore to Frankfurt last year, connecting to Barcelona on Iberia.
    Look, it’s not a fancy business class, but for the price I paid – about $3000 less than a comparable fare on Lufthansa all the way, it was perfect for my needs. The food was good, service was fine, and the seat was way better than I would have gotten in Economy. Not as fancy as a full flat/ all aisle access flight. But I wasnt paying for that. This is a budget airline, and their business class pricing and service/ offering was exactly in line with it. And I was happy with my experience. I’d do it again.

  6. The frozen veggies on a plate does not vegan make. Cost cutting is deep when no tofu, bean curd, black bean or mushroom patties are present in the main. A vegan version of a mother sauce would show an attempt to elevate the meal.

    One sentence read “feel asleep”, did you mean fell asleep?

    Thanks for the inaugural presentation!

  7. @C, a fair evaluation would be for the author to sate if would pay for future fares or use his own Mileage Plan points given the alternatives.

  8. Enjoy reading the OMAAT blog, but Daniel’s content is indeed subpar. This is a paid promotion, not a review, and should be noted as such right from the title. If it was a review, comparison would be made to the lie flat business products, etc.

    @Lucky, we enjoy and trust your honest reviews. I think you need to hold all writers to the same standard. I think I will just skip over any articles that Daniel writes.

  9. @C – agreed! I guess it’s Newspeak?

    “Making people aware of the new route” would be perhaps a blog post about it. Taking a comped flight then publishing a review is definitely promoting it! How dumb do you think your readers are?

    Considering the uncritical eye with which this was obviously written, I guess Daniel takes us for fools?

  10. This was written at a lower level of sophistication than my 1st grade son’s latest school project. Think he should start a blog. I have no problem with a 7 year old pimping credit cards.

  11. Will stop reading this blog. From the incessant promotions of Amex cards (which have become so ridiculously bad in value I don’t know why anyone would use them) to now a child flying around the world for free and posting boasting reviews of an incredibly subpar product – I just don’t see the value anymore. Pity.

  12. *goes on omaat*
    *gets excitet about new post from daniel*
    *sees all the hate comments*
    Daniel, live your videos and posts. Keep up the great content!

  13. Great post Daniel, keep up the good work.

    And all the other reactions here are just jealous people that’s all.

    I am a fan of you here and at your youtube channel!

  14. Geez, what do you expect the guy to do? He says upfront it’s a free ticket, is not exactly singing their praises. It’s a decent review of a “non-premium” product. Some of us have an interest in that…in addition to the NEVER-ending reviews at the top end.
    Give the guy a break: the message is clear, the photos are good, the information detailed.
    STF Up with the whining, bullying bullshit, FFS.

  15. Not knowing how to push back a 767?

    That’s a rather ridiculous thing to say, as Delta had just sent a 767 there earlier that morning as a substitution……. which they’ve regularly done for decades.

    Also, MSY had daily scheduled 767 service prior to that airline retiring its 767-200As. Don’t quite think they’d forgotten. 😉

  16. I’m really bored by all the people who just give Daniel a hard time. He’s a teenager and he travels. Good luck to the lad, everybody has to start somewhere. Ben’s reviews are not perfect either and I have no interest in reading the family oriented blogs on here – but I don’t dis them. Guess why? I don’t read them. Don’t like Daniel? Don’t read him – but give the kid a break! The only person who gets everything right all the time is Tiffany. She can do no wrong.

  17. @Daniel, I just want you to know that you are doing great. For someone your age, you have done more than what most of the readers here, including myself. Don’t let these negative comments get into you, instead use it to make yourself better.

    To those who hate, I understand his post may not be to your liking, but clearly Lucky encourages this, hence he invited Daniel to write about it. It’s an advertisement, and any business need it to stay afloat. OMAAT is an enterprise regardless how you see it, and Lucky is in his every right to invite contributors to write paid-advertisements or push credit cards so he can afford to fly the premium carriers which he writes most of time in which we truly enjoy.

  18. @Daniel, what’s the app/website that shows you all the airplane locations in tellow on the tarmac like that (during the thunderstorm in FRA)? I’ve never seen that before and would love to check it out…thanks!

  19. Thoroughly enjoyed the review. Not sure why the hate. Daniel says from the beginning that it was a comped ticket. The review was honest with comparisons for things like seat angles and privacy screens. You can get a good idea of the product from the review and it’s not like a glowing review. It just seems like a good product for the price, but it obviously doesn’t seem comparable to the more premium carriers.

  20. Daniel, I loved your review because it emphasizes the positive. There are so many people out there who seem to thrive on finding the shortcomings in anything or situation. It is too bad, but that is just the way it is. Don’t let them influence the way you do your reviews.
    As you said, Condor is an airline that caters to tourists, not business travellers. Your comments seemed to be right in line with what you would expect of a vacation airline. I found your review to be entertaining and informative.
    It is so nice to see reviews written from a young person’s point of view. I cannot wait until your next one.

  21. Having never even heard of this airline before a few days ago, I’m glad to have this review and pictures. While Daniel says quite clearly that he didn’t pay, I guess unless he trashes the entire experience from top to bottom a great percentage of OMAAT readers will think it’s a paid shill advert. It’s very helpful seeing the picture, the actual slant of the “not flat seats,” and the whole general atmosphere inside the cabin. I wish he wouldn’t have ordered a special meal as I would have been keenly interested in what their normal catering looks like.
    They certainly don’t compete with the best, but they don’t want to. But I guess unless Daniel spent 2000 words completely decimating Condor, this mildly positive review is useless to them.
    That’s a shame.

  22. “And all the other reactions here are just jealous people that’s all.”

    Oh please. People can be critical of a review or trip report without being jealous, haters, etc.

  23. One thing I’ve liked about this blog for years is Lucky’s ultra rare use of free trips. This now seems to be reversed and is a shame since we’re no longer getting original, honest content. Maybe Daniel is just a bad writer, which is consistent with his earlier posts, but this is no honest review.

  24. The review tells you what you need to know to make an informed decision. The seats are angled 25-35 degrees and may feel steep for sleeping. You’re mad that he doesn’t come right out and say it’s a terrible product, I guess. Does he need to in order for you to form your own opinion? For a bunch of supposed free thinkers who decry even the faintest whiff of advertorial bias, these people really want to be told what to think.

  25. I’m flying them BWI-FRA in a few weeks. It’s a 767, but there is no business class at all. Only premium eco (which I booked in) and eco. It says the flight is operated by Thomas Cook. Anyone know the seat layout on this one? Can’t seem to find it on their site nor on SeatGuru.

    I think Condor business class (and hopefully premium eco) fills a niche — a step up from economy, but not the cost of business class on other airlines. Isn’t IcelandAir similar — their C product was just US domestic-style recliner seats last I checked.

  26. @YYC thanks for the supportive words. Condor actually reached out to me about this (with my YouTube channel in mind). Technically, it wasn’t supposed to be on OMAAT, but of course I wanted to share the experience with you all!

  27. I don’t understand why some people are so hateful on here.
    1. It’s a free blog, it’s your choice whether you want to read it.
    2. Do you go on yelp and tell people you don’t like their reviews? No! If you don’t agree with the reviews, move on! People have different opinions.
    3. Though he’s gotten the ticket for free, he’s not praising it like it’s CX F so relax! it’s also his job for God’s sake.

    @Daniel: Thank you for the reviews, I enjoyed reading it 🙂

  28. I wanted to know more about Condor and this blog has filled my needs. Unstated inferences tell the story very well and it appears that Condor is what I thought it would be …. a cheap way to experience an acceptable flight from North America to South Africa – now if I can only get their web site to connect the two flights (admittedly have not tried it in the last few weeks so it might work now) I would be able to price a flight for Dec.

    There are no expectations that this is the lap of luxury. If anyone knows anything about Thomas Cook Travel then Condor is a huge step above their regular product (29″ seat pitch UK-Cairo) but appears to be OK as long as you are flying in business class.

    I absolutely love and crave Klein Zalze Sauvignon Blanc – this is the bevvy that Ben should have ordered for the Apartment as it is so much better than Cloudy Bay which is almost plonk.

    I recently flew Qatar 777 and found the business product sub par. At least with Condor it appears that the price is right for what you are about to receive. Hopefully the reward costs will reflect that it is not CX. 45,000 AS points NA – CPT in J OW would be a great redemption.

  29. Sheesh, calm down folks, it’s not the end of world if he didn’t rip it to shreds. Honestly, I can understand the appeal of Condor. It’s a leisure airline that goes to more offbeat destinations and has a middle of the road product.

  30. This looks like a better experience than the ANA 787-9 business I had last month, where they only served one meal on a 10 hour flight overnight, and I barely got sleep due to high temperatures onboard – and that’s a “5 star airline.”

    Sure it wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t claim it was. The meals, seating compartment and even the morning after marzipan were still better than a premium business class on ANA though, so it looks a good product; even if it isn’t Emirates or Etihad.

  31. Daniel I love your reports so ignore the naysayers and jealous twats. Some of you here need to grow up and stop being petty. Daniel has a “hobby ” we’d all love so put your begrudging aside.

    Keep them coming mate…

  32. Daniel, I enjoy your report and I think you did a good job in writing both the positives and negatives of this flight: You talked about the lack of privacy, average entertainment selection, angled seat etc. I don’t understand the hate. Thank you and I look forward to your future reviews!

  33. “Sheesh, calm down folks, it’s not the end of world if he didn’t rip it to shreds”

    I don’t think issue is whether or not he did or didn’t rip it to shreds, or people being jealous/petty/haters/etc. I think the issue is we are starting to get comped and free trips and hotel stays being passed off as “reviews”. If, as the author claimed, the “primary reason for taking the flight was to make people aware of the new route”, then we wouldn’t need a comped “review”, he could have just written an article about it.

    Truth be told, I have to hand it to Daniel, he seems to have a good set up on here trying to get more people to his primary money maker, his YT page. All while trying to hide behind the “Aw shucks, what’d I do wrong?” young manboy routine. Get those coins, Daniel!

  34. Ignore the haters, Daniel. I think you’re doing a great job. I thought this was an interesting and well-balanced review, and as one who can’t always stretch to the top end of the products featured it was particularly useful for me.

  35. Re the blocked seats for crew, I would assume there is no crew rest area in this config so those seats will be required to allow the flight to operate. No blocked seats no flight.
    Blocking just 1 seat with a passenger in the adjoining seat would not be satisfactory under most flight time limitation schemes.

  36. LH AUS-FRA one stop change plane $7901.60 one way J Class 01 JUN 2017
    DE AUS-FRA non-stop $1429.99 one way J Class 01 JUN 2017

    Makes Condor (DE) Business very inviting for those of us who buy one way tickets. And while LH Business is nice, it isn’t six thousand four hundred seventy-one dollars (and a carrier and plan change) nicer.

  37. Condor seems to be a budget airline with a decent, but definitely not premium, product.

    Daniel lays that out multiple times. From describing the lack of privacy, to showing the angled seats, to pointing out that the meal is good but not great.

    And my interest is the same as his: a new NA – EUR partnership that soon can earn great miles on a major American airline: Alaska. So if you’re interested in paying to get to Europe at a discount while earning AS miles this review shows you exactly what you’re getting.

    Chalk me up as “pro Daniel” on this one.

  38. I thought it was a useful review. 19″ width and 59 inch pitch is an older J product, but it’s better than what I was flying ORD-ARN on AA for work 15 years ago on 767s.

    The review was upfront about it being comped, it wasn’t gushing and didn’t try to say that the Condor J seat matched up with current US3 J seats. But it certainly appears to be equal to or better than Premium Economy on BA/VS/AF/AZ/IB.

    Using ITA Matrix, I found a few routes that still have sub-$1000 one-way eastbound J fares this summer. For somebody without airline status trying to do a trip with a combination of cash and miles, having an option of PIT-FRA for $851 one-way with two free checked bags, that’s a useful tool.

    The biggest challenge is the limited schedule. PIT-FRA for example only has business class only Monday and Friday from July 7 through September 1.

  39. I am thinking of using Condor to go to Germany in August so I reread this.

    While it’s easy to read between the lines and discern that this is more of an advertisement than a review, I am baffled by the closing comment, “They have great fares, (angled) lie flat seats…” Maybe I am just not conversant enough with the terminology, but how can a lie flat seat be constructed, by design, to be angled? Doesn’t the seat either lie flat (180 degrees) or not? It seems to me that “lie flat” should not be used when describing this seat unless it, indeed, lies flat. I’m not being mean-spirited when I say this, but I believe that bloggers, particularly when they are paid by the airline, should go out of their way to use objective, unambiguous descriptors.

  40. I flew Condors business class from Seattle to Frankfurt November 2016 and back in February 2017 and I find Daniels review to be pretty spot on. Nobody kissed our backside, but service was friendly. Food was good to very good. The wine helps a lot in that department. Entertainment package more than adequate to cover the duration of the flight. I was however a little disappointed in the “lay flat” seats. As Daniel indicated they had a slant to them, that I found a little annoying as I found myself actually slipping down on them and having to slide myself back up. Sleep was a little erratic as a result, but certainly better than being stuck in a regular economy seat that might only recline a little. Additionally, my expectations were likely a little too high where it involved boarding the aircraft. There was no boarding priority given to the business class, but not being a frequent flyer, that aspect might be normal. No time to be snooty.
    All in all though, it met my expectations for a discount business class, and likely as not, I will do it again on my next trip to Germany.

  41. Helpful review – you get business class with angled flat seat at a premium economy price and earn Alaska miles – sounds good to me and I’ve signed up for their price alerts!

  42. I had the worst experience flying with CONDOR, i literally ended up crying while boarding from a terrible customer tratment! I was flying from Cancun to Vienna ane then back from Vienna to Cancun since i live in Cancun, and it was the 4th time in past 2 years i have been flying this destination. On my way there, Condor even charged me for terrible quality earphones which are available for free with any other company! It is ridiculous, are they in red numbers!? The flight ticket cost €1650 for economy class which is the highest rate i have ever had to pay and i have been traveling during christmas time the same destination!! Dry nasty pasta which stinked with a piece of bread and cabbage salad which was probably already after the date of consumption and its the same on the way back, of course. Totally not worth even €1 to pay for flying with this “joke” which is called Condor. When i was doing check in of the baggage, the employee “helping” me was super rude, wasnt helpful at all and seemed like i was bothering him while he was only doing his job!!! Arriving to Munich, i came to boarding and then waited in the line with my boarding pass and my passport. When I came to the entrance, the lady told me to show her return ticket. I kindly told her that i live in cancun thats why i dont have a return ticket. She said that i cant fly until i show her a return ticket!!!!!! I couldnt believe my ears, i started shaking, trying to explain that i dont have it, that cancun is my home, that i have my papers there and everything. She sent me to a guy that was the rudest guy i have ever experienced, honestly. There were two other girls having the same problem, he was very very very rude, yelling at 3 girls who had never had a problem like this before since all 3 of us happened to be traveling WITHOUT a return ticket a lot! He even told me that he sent someone to get out my luggage out of the plane! He wasn’t at all trying to help or resolve the situation as any company should! I felt he was trying to make the situation even worse and find out how to make it impossible for me to enter the plane. I have never ever heard more stupid thing than this! They literally made us buy completely worthless flight tickets that we will never ever use! I showed them my visa, my number of tramit, everything i have to confirm I’m telling them the truth but they just didn’t care! I asked for their complete names because i truly feel this should be punished and someone competent should know this, but of course they refused! Its not okay to yell at customers, they are feeding them! Without us, there is no company, traveling should be a pleasant time and not stress! I had to buy two more tickets which cost me another €300 and this money is thrown away to trash, i will never ever see it again. I ended up crying my eyes out from so much stress and desperation from such a bad bad customer treatment.
    I dont expect anyone from the worst Condor to even read it but if my story could help someone to avoid CONDOR, and stress and throwing away their money, thats my satisfaction. I wish he gave me his name but im sure he knew why he didnt. It was the worst service i have ever had,i will never ever fly with them again, id rather stay home then travel with Condor, i feel harassed, i paid to get a service, not yelling and bullying.
    We are the customers, we should be treated like we deserve, and most of all, we are all humans, this is unacceptable.
    Thank you for reading, i truly hope it helped

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