China Requiring Anal Coronavirus Test For Travelers

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Man, and here I was thinking the nasal coronavirus test was unpleasant.

China’s controversial anal coronavirus test

China’s borders are largely closed to foreigners, and those arriving from abroad are subjected to a strict monitored quarantine. Not only is the quarantine now up to 21 days, but it also includes several tests throughout the quarantine.

It’s being reported that as of recently, China seems to now consistently be requiring anal swab tests for COVID-19 at certain airports, which has prompted complaints from tourists, diplomats, and more. The Japanese government recently complained about this policy after some Japanese visitors stated they went through “great psychological pain” because of this testing.

The way this works, a sterile cotton swab is inserted 3-5 centimeters (1.2-2 inches) into the anus before being rotated and then removed. As an alternative, and due to objections from some governments, select foreign visitors are now allowed to submit stool samples.

The anal coronavirus test is in addition to the nasal one — for example, during a 21 day quarantine it could be normal to have both two nasal tests and two anal tests.

Why anal?

The alleged reason for these anal swabs is that coronavirus traces can be detectable in the anus for much longer than in the respiratory tract. The virus lives longer in the anus than the respiratory tract, meaning that anal testing might provide fewer false negatives.

The general strategy seems to be to first perform a respiratory test, and then in the following weeks perform an anal test. A positive test doesn’t necessarily mean that someone can spread the virus, though — it’s believed that inactive traces unable to replicate could also show a positive result.

Bottom line

While China’s borders are largely closed, those arriving from abroad are not only being subjected to a quarantine of up to 21 days, but are also being requested to take multiple anal coronavirus tests. With this, a cotton swab is inserted 3-5 centimeters into the anus, twisted, and then removed.

I’ll be curious to see how long this testing policy sticks around. Here’s to hoping that coronavirus sniffing dogs are the future of testing, and not these anal swabs…

  1. Sounds like a fun free treat if you’re into it, and everyone with a prostate should be into it.

  2. with this kind of tests, airlines probably better off by sending RJs to PVG, PEK, CTU, CAN, etc because most people wouldn’t put up with this test + 21 day quarantine for long time to come.

  3. This is pretty common method of testing for STIs and not too bad at all. Honestly compared to the nasal one where they go all they way in, this sounds less uncomfortable. My testing site thankfully does the anterior nasal swab which is even better.

  4. China seems destined to be a much smaller part of the global aviation community than pre-covid.

  5. The emperor longed for the Olympics and then this anal thing happened .So what’s going on here?

  6. Well this is what happens when people subordinate their decision making process to the government.

  7. Lives are essentially back to normal there. So I’m not sure if it’s that a big deal for a sense of normalcy.

  8. Taking a leaf out of Emirates shower attendant, Airlines flying into China should have a bathroom attendant who can perform this swab test and then wipe your butt.

  9. “It’s being reported that as of recently…”

    Really, by whom — Qanon? The Russian “Internet Research Agency”?

    This has been a far right-wing screed for months. If you’re going to repeat Trumpist propaganda, I’d like to see your news source. Without that, this just looks like disinformation. Please cite a credible news source for this so people can judge your credibility…

  10. China is responsible for unleashing this plague on us and I refuse to support a totalitarian state with my travel dollars.

    The world needs to de-couple from China until the communist regime collapses.

  11. I’m probably wrong but isn’t main goal to identify those people who may be contagious? I know people can still test positive weeks after no longer being able to spread it. I

    I’ve never had any interest in visiting china with its current government.

  12. Have been to China a number of times. Until this policy is changed its off the list of countries I will visit. Hopefully there will an exemption for fully vaccinated people in the future.

  13. If this makes flying stop until the pandemic is not solve, why not. Nobody wants to stit their back just for the sake of flying. It should make people averse to fly for non essential reasons and for holidays.

  14. Consider yourself lucky you’re not a Uigher. They get the same procedure daily, except with a wooden bat. Yeah, China isn’t our enemy.

  15. That was a thorough and in-depth investigation that the WHO did into the origins of the virus. A dedicated team of professionals spent weeks investigating all possible avenues of infection. They discovered it was imported into China in frozen food.
    Well, that’s settled then. We can rest easy knowing that China has the world’s best interests at heart.

  16. One of the few countries that tried so hard to prevent its own citizens to come back to their own country 😀
    Yes, that’s my country – China
    Also Chinese government and WHO should be held accountable for this pandemic, they teamed up to cover this up at the beginning of outbreak. hehe

  17. Do you think this will stay in effect for visitors to China for the Olympics next year? What about for Olympic athletes? I find this very concerning.

  18. @Philly380 Wanna look up how full the flights are? Doesn’t look like using RJs will be able to accommodate such a large demand.

  19. All sewerage works are tested here to pick up traces of virus fragments. So then we know which locations to do a testing blitz. I guess that happens in China too as we use much the same virus control methodology as them.
    After you have been infected, the virus sheds out of your body in your waste. So a fecal sample is a really easy way to be sure what’s happening inside you and see if you are excreting viral particles from an old infection, or otherwise.
    Unfortunately as yet, there is still no proof that all the virus sheds in x amount of time or if it can remain latent in the body. That’s one reason why China is so picky about who it lets in.
    I guess this is a cultural thing as we old men have to do poo tests here for gut cancer, and that all seems ordinary procedure.
    The problem then would be for those who have had a previous infection, and still shedding viral fragments in their poo. They might be refused entry, or put in quarantine for a lengthy time. This has a possible ramification for those wishing to travel to China from countries where the virus has become widespread /endemic. A lot of countries have plateaued in daily infection levels at somewhat higher levels than their first wave … but saying their vaccination programs are a success. I guess China sees those daily infection graphs from its usual former trading partners of Germany, USA,Canada, UK, France, Italy, etc. etc… and says “pass me the anal swabs”, as one does.

  20. ” lot of countries have plateaued in daily infection levels at somewhat higher levels than their first wave … but saying their vaccination programs are a success.” Yep. The US is going to see another surge most likely because of the high plateau. Some of these states haven’t learned. They keep rushing to reopen and get slammed with a surge again. Just have to look to Europe to see how it plays out. Hopefully we avoid any variants that avoid the vaccine and can get back to normal by the end of summer when enough people are vaccinated.

  21. This is dumb. People stop being infectious well before they stop testing positive. Now they’ve figured out a way to prolong the non-infectious positive period…

  22. @Canadian Platinum

    At the present time it is believed Ben Dover is on vacation with Turner Rowned

  23. I wonder whether they really want to scare off travelers with this, because they don’t want many people entering the country at this point.

  24. Having just experienced a prostate examination with doctors finger and a separate Cytoscopy afterwards , an anal swab seems harmless .

    Look up Cytoscopy if you dont know , its a nasty !!!

  25. “…the swabs were going smooth until it got to Karen’s turn; she got really anal about them and called the police.”

  26. Censored like a domestic Chinese Bullletin board, that’s what OMAAT has become. Xie Xie Lucky!

  27. So – China is the place to go for where the sun doesn’t shine. I always wondered what that meant.

  28. Ben / Lucky –
    With China-US tensions so high at the moment I think that this post is inappropriate. It also has nothing to do with points and miles. While one or more Western media sources had an article about it, that doesn’t make it really true. If just a few people had the anal swab in China then they would report it. Consider that that most of the Western media is anti-China and they would find some small thing and turn it into a bigger thing. I know at least a handful of people that returned to China recently and NONE of them had the anal swab. Very few had 21 day quarantines as well. Many may not agree with China’s methods of handling the virus, but they had the only positive GDP last year. Once you are in China there are few travel restrictions within unless you go to a high risk place.

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