China Airlines A330 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Yesterday I flew from Los Angeles to Taipei on China Airlines’ brand new, gorgeous Boeing 777-300ER. I was very impressed by China Airlines, in particular the hard product, which is possibly the best business class product out there. Add in their reasonably priced and high quality wifi, and I’d fly them again in a heartbeat.

My flight from Los Angeles to Taipei was delayed by about 90 minutes, so I only had a very short connection in Taipei… or so I thought.

My Taipei to Singapore flight ended up being delayed by about an hour as well, due to a “technical fault” with the aircraft.

This flight was operated by an A330, which features angled seats. This is one of the more modern angled seats out there. These are the same types of seats which Singapore has on their A330s, and also the same seats Fiji Airways has throughout their longhaul fleet (which makes me less excited about flying them in a couple of months). Maybe it’s just me, but I’d prefer either a recliner seat or a fully flat seat, as angled seats are just uncomfortable in all positions, in my experience.

While I didn’t love the hard product on this flight, everything else really impressed me, in particular the crew. The flight attendants were fabulous, among the best I’ve had on any airline. The cabin manager came around the cabin during boarding to individually welcome each passenger aboard.

They also handled the insane lady seated behind me with grace. You can’t have anything by your feet during takeoff, and the lady behind me refused to put her bag up. At one point they had four flight attendants there trying to calm her down, as she chewed them out.

Anyway, I’ll have a full trip report soon, but in the meantime below are 10 pictures of my China Airlines business class flight from Taipei to Singapore.











  1. It’s official. They will strike at midnight. Ur lucky u made it onboard without being stranded!

  2. I thought that the Oman/JAL Apex seat was (possibly) the best business hard product out there? It becomes a little rote when everything is labeled with “one of the best, “possibly the best” or some other qualifier.

  3. He means reverse herringbone is the best product overall, regardless of whether you have a window or aisle seat. The Apex seat overall isn’t the best, according to Lucky, but the window Apex seat, and only the window Apex seat, is his favorite seat.

  4. @lucky two things: Did you get a chance to check out any of the CI lounges at TPE. Also, if you see a movie called Zootopia on an IFE system it is AMAZING. Also, when are your JAL flights

  5. Please… PLEASE review economy once in a while. Hardly anyone rides in business calls. Count the seats!

  6. Pardon by ignorance, but how are the seats pictured angled? Looks like they face straight ahead and aren’t angled at all.

  7. @ baltia: It is actually more of a Rorschach test, and it turned out that you have a bit of an anal fixation.

  8. @ Tommy: Angled refers to the seats not turning into a completely horizontal bed. It will make a straight surface, but it has a slope.

  9. @ Kevin: I don’t think economy class reviews are particularly useful. It is true the the majority of the population flies economy, however business and first class review are more interesting. Usually the minority is more important, such as those who fly private. Counting the number of seats is an odd tactic.

  10. the Chinese aerolines need to learn plating techniques. the food looks very poorly presented–like manure—Air France, Cathy Pacific are examples in which food presentation is usually very good.

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