Great Deal: Earn 300 Starbucks Stars For One Purchase With Chase Pay

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Over time we’ve seen Starbucks offer all kinds of promotions in conjunction with mobile payment services. This has been a fantastic opportunity to score discounts on Starbucks purchases. The latest such promotion has just been introduced.

At the moment you can earn 300 bonus Starbucks Stars if you make a single Starbucks purchase using Chase Pay by March 19, 2018. Starbucks requires 125 Stars for a free drink or food item, so this is enough for two free items, and you’ll have an extra 50 Stars towards a third reward.

This is a no brainer to take advantage of, and the good news is that it’s super easy as well. If you don’t yet have the Chase Pay app, you can download it in the app store. You’ll be directed to log-in with your Chase credentials.

You should see the offer on the homepage, near the center. Click on “Offer details” there.

That will bring you to the page outlining the promotion, where you have to click “Activate this offer.”

When you click “Activate this offer” you’ll be brought to the Starbucks website, where you have to log in with your Starbucks Rewards log-in details. This is so that they know in which account to deposit your Stars.

And that’s it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be brought back to the Chase Pay app.

Then when you actually go to Starbucks, you’ll just want to open the Chase Pay app and pay using the QR code there. You can select which of your linked Chase cards you want to use for the purchase. You’ll see the “Pay” button at the bottom of the app, which is shown in the second screenshot of the post.

It will take up to five days for bonus Stars to post to your Starbucks Rewards account.

Ordinarily you earn two Stars per dollar spent at Starbucks, so earning 300 Stars is what you’d usually earn for $150 worth of spend. You get all that for just a single purchase, even if it’s a $2 cup of coffee. Last fall there was an offer for 300 bonus Stars when you reload your Starbucks balance using Chase Pay, which I took advantage of. I’ll gladly take another 300 free points!

Do you plan on taking advantage of this Starbucks & Chase Pay promotion?

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

PS: Don’t worry, I’ll charge my phone shortly. 😉

  1. There’s a map of merchants on the Chase Pay app – hopefully that knows which ones have Chase Pay and not just showing all Starbucks.

  2. Adding as FYI, DOC comments suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the app I’d you don’t see the offer. It worked for me.

  3. @david, the chase app shows the store that couldn’t scan my QR code as accepting Chase Pay; YMMV

  4. My Chase Pay app shows no offers despite gps on and being 2 blocks from 3 Starbucks. I assume app requires prior customer activity data to generate that offer.

  5. @ Jon — The terms don’t state for sure one way or another, though if it’s done in-store I see no reason it wouldn’t.

  6. PSA here. I just got a message back from Starbucks customer service that you can only earn the 300 points in the following (“participating”) states: Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This was very poorly communicated on their part, as well as Chase’s part.

  7. @Mike L: Superb lead, thank you for the report, I just transacted one but likely the profit mode from the promo made that detail worth hiding until we threaten legal action so start Tweeting, folks.

  8. This just took me 2 calls to Chase to get an “ID code” and then 8 mins on hold having to re-enter my info 3 different times. It took 15 seconds to set up Apple Pay…if anyone is curious whether traditional banks are going to be a thing of the past I have a great 20 min example of their demise.

  9. @Richard Chen. Seeing as how that was my only reason for making the drink purchase from them this morning, I’ll be disputing the charge with Chase. I’d suggest anyone else who was duped do the same. I’ll add those screen shots saying I’m registered for the promotion to my dispute as well.

  10. Pulled the trigger on this one and will see if the offer will come through.

    I believe this is like the MoviePass deal – they want to access your info on the Starbucks app and will probably track your consumer habits that way.

    @Mike L, the T&C does not say this offer is limited to certain states. We will see what happens in couple of days.

  11. Had to take the phone off of wifi for the offer to appear. If you’re not seeing it, try that ! 🙂

  12. I had to do the same, i.e., take my phone off WiFi for the offer to appear. Paul, thanks for the tip.

  13. Thank you, Lucky. I just signed up for this promo for myself. My husband tried to use his Chase Ink card to sign up for Chase Pay and it didn’t go thru since he is just an authorized user for my Ink card… then he tried to add his brand new Chase Amazon card and he was also unable to add it to Chase Pay due to his Amazon card was just opened and it requires 10 business day waiting periods…

  14. I turned Wifi off and “Offer details” did appear. I clicked on it and it brings up the same screen in Lucky’s example except there is no “Activate this offer” button for me to push to link my Starbucks account. I logged out of Chase Pay, restarted my phone and logged back in to Chase Pay but still no Activate option.

  15. The 300 stars get you to the Gold level but you do not receive a free beverage/food item until you’ve earned 125 stars on top of that. Very misleading.

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