Challenge: find a smaller chain hotel room

I need to spend a night in Frankfurt early next week, and am trying to decide where to stay. I’ve stayed at the InterContinental, Westin Grand, and Sheraton Airport, so I was tempted to try the Le Meridien (and back off grammar police, we’ve been through this before). 😉

The rate was surprisingly low at 99 Euros and I was about to make a booking until I saw the size of their entry level room:

108 square feet? Given that part of that is a bathroom, that’s tiny. I realize there are plenty of local hotels in Europe and Asia with rooms that size, though has anyone ever seen a room that small at one of the major hotel chains? Prior to this I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room at a Starwood hotel of under 180 square feet, so this is a further huge drop.

Can anyone do better than 108 square feet? There’s a Diet Coke with lime and hot nuts on the line…

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  1. Never stayed there Lucky, always do the Westin Grande or Sheraton airport. But damn, i though my room at the Intercon JNB Airport was small at 32M. This is a third of that! Are you sure it is not a typo?

  2. @ Carl — Given that the square meters and square footage suggest the same size, I suspect it’s not a typo, unfortunately. I’d like to be wrong, though!

  3. Interesting. I stayed there weeks ago and had a large, newly renovated room with a cool design and a somewhat fancy bathroom. The location is very convenient, just right outside the station. I’m surprised by the size too… but as a Platinum I wouldn’t worry if I were you. (Can’t comment on the Plat breakfast, btw, I had breakfast at the FCT instead 🙂

  4. LHR Yotel is about 7 sq meters. NYC Yotel is about 16. The NYC one isn’t bad with a queen bed, so I can see a single in 14 sq meters. And the bathroom might have been generous with a sq meter, so 13 sq meters wouldn’t be too bad 😛

  5. @ Pat+ — Same reason I want to stay there (proximity to the train station and there’s a nice restaurant nearby I’d like to eat at). And I’d be in the same boat regarding breakfast as you. 😀

  6. according to trip advisor, you don’t want one of the single rooms, that they are indeed super small and the toilet is tiny. chances are you get upgraded as a platinum anyway. but otherwise, reviews are decent and the price is excellent.

  7. The rooms are definitely small – but they serve ginger-flavored gummybears at their Casablanca bar downstairs.. hard to beat!

  8. Radisson Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel in London, I booked a single room there, and was apparently given a upgrade to a deluxe one. Still, I was shocked by the size. You can barely walk pass the bed… Thank god it was a mattress run, I got another room booked at Radisson Blu Grafton.

  9. I stayed there for 21 nights earlier this year. My room was fine – a bit small perhaps, but not painfully so, especially if you are not staying for long. I think the rooms in the historic wing are the small ones, though.

    The location is great if you will be traveling by train, but I think overall, if I had it to do over again, I would go for the Westin (which is better access to downtown, anyway).

  10. Remember the Steigenberger at the FRA airport I told you about? Single Standard room is 14-16 m². I’m close! hehe

  11. I don’t have a smaller example, but I stayed in a 14 m^2 “compact single” room at the Radisson Blu Royal, Copenhagen, and it was perfectly comfortable as a single traveller. Also, I have another example of a Starwood hotel below 180sqft: the W New York “cozy room” is 150-170.

  12. Stayed there one night and yes, it is small. Only reason I stayed there was that I had to take an early train. Good number of restaurants near by so the convenience makes up for the smallness of the room. As as a plat member, I’m sure they’ll upgrade you to a little bigger room.

  13. That’s an easy challenge – literally. There’s a European hotel chain called EasyHotel. For instance, the one in Amsterdam has a “small room with window” that is 8.5 to 9.5 square meters:

    Hey, at least it has a window! I haven’t stayed there, but I once stayed at the CitezenM at Amsterdam airport. The rooms have a very interesting design, boasting a “really big bed” taking up 4 of the room’s total of 14 square meters! The bathrooms are also… interesting:

  14. When I read the headline I figured you were up for trying one of the smaller chains like Omni or Millenium.

  15. Plug in 2 people and see what comes up in price and size.

    That size is equal to a small bedroom in a house. (9ft x 12 ft) equals to 108 sq ft or 10 sq meters. And those figures does not include the bathroom.

    Very small room.

  16. lucky,

    99 euros is a steal and since you’re a PLAT guest, they will not put you in that lowest category room. Possibly use a suite night award? 🙂 good-luck.. i’d stay there if I were you

  17. I have stayed at the 14m^2 compact rooms at Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen many times, works fine for a single business traveller.

  18. The the Meridien? I mean… like this is so typical american. Just assuming everyone speaks english and if they do know 2-3 words in another language they are genius. Why don’t you open a book? Why do everyone in the whole world can speak 2-3 languages AT LEAST, and you only know english and “uno momento porfavor” which is also wrong.

  19. In the category of smallest Double, I had a 17sq meter room at the Algonquin (Marriott) in NY last month.

    Odd thing was I was very grateful for it. Got stranded in NY by a storm and the whole City was sold out (apart from 1 Hampton Inn at $900 for the night). A collegue staying at the Algonquin with good relations there persuaded them to give me a room for $400 on the assumption they would lose guests due to the storm.

  20. My friends and I stayed at that hotel. Our room was plenty large although the bathroom was small. We had a large bed and a rollaway and LOTS of space to spread out our suitcases after we’d shopped at the Christmas markets. We did Cash and Points and paid maybe $45 a night. It was really close to the train station. It wasn’t luxurious but it was great for what we needed.

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