Cathay Pacific’s Shanghai Lounge Closing For Renovations

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Update: Cathay Pacific’s new Shanghai Lounge has reopened.

Earlier I wrote about how Cathay Pacific’s arrivals lounge in Hong Kong will be closing permanently. This isn’t the only lounge that will be closing soon (at least for some amount of time).

Cathay Pacific has announced that their Shanghai Pudong Airport lounge will be closing on October 29, 2018. This lounge isn’t just used by Cathay Pacific passengers, but also by several other oneworld carriers. The lounge will be closing for renovation, and is expected to reopen in the third quarter of 2019.

Cathay Pacific’s Shanghai Lounge

That seems like a fairly realistic timeframe, though airport lounge renovations are notorious for delays, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that timeline slip. Cathay Pacific says that the lounge is being renovated to reflect the carrier’s new design philosophy, which they’re slowly rolling out at lounges throughout the world.

Eligible oneworld passengers traveling through the airport who would have lounge access will be directed to the No. 77 China Eastern Plaza Premium Lounge, located near Gate 77 in Terminal 2. This lounge can also be accessed by Priority Pass members, and based on the pictures it looks like it might just be on par with the current Cathay Pacific Lounge.

While a lounge being closed for this long of a period is obviously inconvenient for passengers, I consider this development to be great news. Cathay Pacific’s Shanghai Lounge is not especially nice. The decor is alright though completely uninspiring, while the food selection is especially disappointing, and among the worst in the system, in my opinion.

Cathay Pacific’s Shanghai Lounge

Cathay Pacific’s Shanghai Lounge

Cathay Pacific’s new lounge design, on the other hand, is one of my favorites of any airline. So it will be fantastic to see this design spread to a key business market like Shanghai. I imagine the new lounge won’t just feature improved decor, but also a better food and beverage selection, hopefully including a noodle bar.

Cathay Pacific’s London Lounge

Cathay Pacific’s London Lounge

Cathay Pacific’s London Lounge

Are you excited to see what Cathay Pacific comes up with at PVG? Has anyone been to the lounge that Cathay Pacific passengers will have access to in the meantime?

(Tip of the hat to Will)

  1. I was flying home from PVG Sunday. AA sent me to the Air China first class lounge. It was ok for the hour or so I was in there. Most importantly it was very quiet.

  2. Cathay Pacific’s design team consistently project a good image with most aspects of their operation. Font style, corporate colouring and overall identity set the airline apart. Although those photos of their London lounge are pretty grim (all those wood tones and dated leather), it is hoped that their new lounge “design philosophy” will follow on from the pleasant and relaxing experience that they create in the air.

  3. This is great news. So glad the Ilse Crawford Cathay design is coming to Shanghai

    In fact I have used the China Eastern lounge. Surprisingly, its is quite nice—nicer than the current Cathay lounge—and has a made-to-order noodle bar.

  4. That Plaza Premium / China Eastern #77 lounge I think was actually better than the CX lounge. I was disappointed at what the PVG CX lounge was like.

  5. Agreed this lounge is long overdue for a makeover. The food and beverage selection was terrible and it felt out of sync with Cathay’s other lounges. Particularly surprising since there are so many Cathay flights daily between PVG and HKG that are always delayed.

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