Cathay Pacific’s Gorgeous New Shanghai Lounge

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Shanghai is a major market for Cathay Pacific, as they often operate over a dozen flights from there to Hong Kong, given how connected the cities are. Up until now Cathay Pacific has had a rather lackluster lounge at the airport, which I’ve reviewed before.

In October 2018 I wrote about how Cathay Pacific closed their lounge at PVG for renovations, and there’s finally some good news on that front, about nine months later.

Cathay Pacific’s new Shanghai Pudong Airport Lounge is now open. The lounge is:

  • 970 square meters (~10,440 square feet), and has seating for 305 people
  • Open daily from 5:30AM until 9PM
  • Available to all oneworld first and business class passengers, as well as all oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members traveling on a oneworld flight same day
  • Located in Terminal 2, near gate D69

Cathay Pacific has used their signature lounge design for this space, developed by London-based Studioilse, and it looks beautiful.

The lounge has a terrace, which is L-shaped and there’s also an open-ceiling verandah that offers views of the apron and runway.

There’s also an open-ceiling food fall, with a selection of self-serve international hot and cold dishes, freshly baked treats, cheese, and cold cuts. Then there are a variety of self-serve drinks, including beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails.

The lounge also has a noodle bar, which is a staple in Cathay Pacific lounges. This offers a communal long table and private booths, and guests can order everything from wonton egg noodles to dan dan noodles to xiao long bao dumplings.

Cathay Pacific’s Chief Customer and Commercial Officer, Paul Loo, had the following to say:

“We are delighted to bring our signature lounge design to mainland China, ensuring our customers traveling through Pudong Airport have an even more enjoyable experience when they fly with us. Shanghai is one of our most popular destinations for business and leisure, and a favourite among our most loyal customers. Our premium passengers can now look forward to a multitude of new and improved features at the lounge, especially when it comes to the F&B options they can enjoy.”

Bottom line

Shanghai Pudong Airport is an airport that mostly lacks great lounges, and prior to these updates, the Cathay Pacific lounge was exceedingly mediocre. These changes to the lounge look awesome, so if you’re flying a oneworld airline, this is definitely the lounge to visit going forward.

I absolutely love Cathay Pacific’s new lounge design, and it ranks among my favorite of any lounges out there. I love seeing it introduced at more airports.

  1. I’ve had dozens of flights in First class (paid ticket) from Shanghai with Cathay of JAL and the lounge offering was pretty bad. A welcome change indeed. However be aware the the food options in CX lounges in Hong-Kong have dramatically deteriorated. I’ll have a word with Cathay board about this during a cocktail event in the near future

  2. Endre the clam didn’t realize due to JL’s in bed with MU, JL leave in PVG T1 and use an exclusive lounge shared with AF.

  3. @Ethan, well we all know he is a troll who pretends he has wealth. None of my wealthy friends ever post that they are wealthy or have to point out paid first class. It just shows what he really is.

  4. rule one of being Endre on OMAAT comment section is knowing your stuff. so for this one, CX does not have first class from Shanghai, neither does JL. oof.

  5. @morley
    thus I said CX. doubt any reincarnation of Endre would even entertain the horrific idea of flying KA 😉 I bet he does not even acknowledge KA exist 😛

  6. This is easily the nicest space in either Pudong Terminals. I was there 2 weeks ago, just missed this! Also they said opening was fall 2019, glad this is done already

  7. If I’m flying JAL out of terminal 1, is it possible to access CX lounge in terminal 2 post security?

  8. @morley Have you tried to look for F space on KA? It’s very very sporadic, I have tried. Plus the seat is same as CX J, so if you get on the correct the CX PVG flights (there are only 3 per day), you get the same seat

  9. So excited to know that the new lounge has already opened! Will visit it next month when I fly out of PVG with KA.

  10. Unfortunately AA, QF, JL and UL departs from Terminal 1. This will be a big boost for BA and MH pax.

  11. Unfortunately AA, QF, JL and UL depart from Terminal 1. This will be a big boost for BA and MH pax

  12. You should have written Pudong with Shanghai at the start of the article. Shanghai airport to most is SHA (Hongqiao) airport, and Pudong is known as Pudong so it’s a little misleading. There are Cathay flights from SHA airport as well to Hong Kong.

  13. @Steve – No, PVG has its two terminal buildings completely seperated and transfer bus is only offered at the land side. The lounge JAL uses in T1 is decent though, if you don’t care too much about how stylish a lounge should be.

  14. @WilliamC no, AA definitely leaves from T2. However IIRC they get routed to another lounge, not CX.

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