All Cathay Pacific Planes Will Feature Wifi By 2020

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Earlier this year we learned about changes that Cathay Pacific will be making to their 777s in hopes of improving profitability. Specifically, Cathay Pacific has been one of the few major airlines to still only offer nine abreast seating in economy on the 777, though will finally follow the industry trend and install 10 seats per row. Fortunately there was some positive news with this announcement as well — Cathay Pacific will also be adding wifi on the 777s. While they already have wifi on their A350s, it’s great that it will be expanded to more planes.

We knew when the announcement was first made that 777s would be reconfigured over the course of a few years, and that the process would start in mid-2018. We now have even more information, including the provider that Cathay Pacific has selected for the service.

Cathay Pacific has announced that they plan to install Gogo’s 2Ku satellite-based wifi on their Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft, including those operated by Cathay Dragon. This process should start around mid-2018, and will be completed by 2020. At that point all of Cathay Pacific’s aircraft, and all of Cathay Dragon’s widebody aircraft, will have wifi.

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon will be the first major carriers in Asia to offer Gogo’s 2Ku satellite-based wifi. For those of you not familiar with Gogo’s 2Ku, it’s their wifi that’s actually legitimately high speed. I had 2Ku on a recent Delta flight, and wifi was almost as fast as it would be on the ground.

While we already knew that Cathay Pacific would install wifi on their 777s, I’m especially excited to hear that all Cathay Pacific and all Cathay Dragon widebody aircraft are getting the service. Furthermore, Gogo’s 2Ku is an unbeatable product. Based on all the wifi plans I’ve seen from Gogo up until now, I suspect they’ll charge based on how long you connect, rather than how much data you use, which is always my preference.

Well done, Cathay Pacific!

  1. But that 10 abreast Y, it will only lose more share to its competitors who are still keenly offering 9 abreast. The only reason why people fly 10 abreast 777s are because they mostly don’t have a choice. AsiaPac is a different ball game and I am the quite sure this strategy would fail CX.

  2. The world over low cost carriers are making money. The ones offering top line experience can’t make money.

    Most posers traveling in first or business fly for free because they can’t afford it or won’t part with their money. Everyone will be flying low cost airlines soon because that’s will be left.

  3. @JamesW I agree. Especially if compared to Korean carriers offering 33″-34″ of seat pitch, and not to mention Singapore Airlines’s nonstop to SFO

  4. @rizzo @jamesW Sometimes I think that people who most people who pay for economy don’t really look at seat pitch or seat width, they tend to not be informed enough about that.

    Frequent flyers who are more informed tend to pick Premium Economy or Business.

  5. I would always choose a 9 abreast economy over a 10 ab with wifi. Specially on an airline like CX, which has a really good entertainment system.

  6. Yikes, one of the many reasons I enjoy flying Cathay Pacific is specifically because they have no/no WiFI

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