The Trick To Using Club Carlson “Free Fridays” Rewards

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Club Carlson is currently running a pretty good promotion called “Free Fridays” in which you can earn your choice of 10,000 bonus Gold Points or a free stay on a Friday night after two stays. The promotion started in July and ends on September 30, 2017. You can earn up to three rewards, so it’s capped at either 30,000 bonus points or three free Friday nights.

My family had the opportunity to take advantage of this promotion while road tripping across the US in July. We stayed at two different Country Inn and Suites which were conveniently located to where we planned to stop for the night. I chose to earn the Free Friday certificate as my family has found good uses for similar Club Carlson certificates in the past.

Well, the good news is that the the Free Friday e-cert has posted to my account. The bad news is that it apparently requires a trick to be able to use it.

The Radisson Blu Longyearbyen would be a good use for a free night

Using the Club Carlson “Free Friday” e-cert

When I log on to my Club Carlson account, the “Free Friday” e-cert shows up in the My E-certs section of My Account.

I figured I’d test it to see how it worked. I haven’t stayed at the Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago but it looks cool, so I tried to make a reservation. I put my E-cert code in the field as you’d expect and chose a Friday night in November.

But then I got a message that my E-cert wasn’t valid. That seemed odd since the hotel was available. And the dates were within the validity window.

I checked FlyerTalk to see if anyone else had experienced this problem. Sure enough nickdel had posted that Club Carlson is aware of the issue.

And fortunately, there is a work around. It turns out that in addition to entering your E-cert code, you also need to put freefri in the Promotion field.

But of course.

And sure enough, that did the trick.

From there, I was able to continue to the reservation page and complete the booking.

Bottom line

I’m glad to see that the Club Carlson Free Friday E-certs are posting in a timely manner. It’s just too bad that they don’t come with better instructions for using them.

Perhaps it’s just a glitch that will be fixed soon, but hopefully this will help you to be able to use your Free Friday certificate in the meantime.

Did you earn any Club Carlson Free Friday e-certs? Where do you plan to use them?

  1. wow i was just playing around with this e-cert all day as i saw it today at my account and couldn’t find it to work. Thanks for the post

  2. This instructions were clearly stated in the emails they sent out once the cert was added to your account. Maybe reading your email would help. I dont find any fault with them in regards to their promo.

  3. I didn’t receive an email Mike. Seems like the folks on FT didn’t either. Glad you did though!

  4. That’s me on FT, this article randomly appeared on my Google news feed!

    Still not received any notification from CC concerning the E-Cert and even if it has been clearly explained in the email, it seems like a completely pointless step in the process. Never had to do this for previous E-Certs.

  5. Do we really need a story about how to redeem a promotional free night when the instructions were emailed to all the recipients of the free night?

  6. At Mike and Mitch,

    Yes, we need this post, since apparently many of us did not receive the email. Or even if it was buried in the details of the T&C, this was very useful information.

    Is that not reasonable?

  7. Thanks !! When I called Club Carlson last night they did not mention this, they were going to have me contact the Sales department at the hotel. It worked perfectly now.

  8. Has anyone else found that the certificates have different availability than a standard award? I just tried booking Dec 8th at the Radisson in Anaheim but it won’t accept the e-cert (while the Country Inns in the area will). The hotel is showing standard room availability for reservations booked with points on the same night. I called Club Carlson and after a fairly unhelpful agent tried a couple of other answers (“There are no standard rooms”……) she settled on “The hotel only accepts a certain number of certificates and then won’t accept any more”. If true, that seems to make these certificates pretty useless.

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