Buy Hyatt Points With Up To 40% Bonus (Last Chance)

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In mid-November, World of Hyatt rolled out their current promotion on purchased points, which is in line with the best offers they have. This is a reminder of that, as this promotion ends in just a couple of days.

Buy Hyatt Points With Up To A 40% Bonus

Through Tuesday, December 31, 2019, World of Hyatt is offering a 40% bonus when you buy at least 5,000 points in one transaction.

World of Hyatt lets you buy up to 55,000 points (pre-bonus) per account per calendar year. That means the most points you can buy through this promo is 77,000 at a cost of $1,320, which is a rate of ~1.71 cents per World of Hyatt point.

Hyatt offers a bonus on purchased points a few times per year, and when they do, we typically see bonuses in the range of 30-40%. So the 40% bonus is generally as good as it gets.

So if you’re someone who finds value in buying Hyatt points, this is the time to buy.

Best Credit Card For Buying Hyatt Points

Hyatt points purchases are processed by, meaning they don’t count as a hotel purchase for the purposes of credit card spending.

I’d recommend using a card with which you’re trying to reach a minimum spend, or a credit card that maximizes your return on everyday spending, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® (review) or Citi® Double Cash Card (review).

When in doubt, review which credit cards are best for buying points and miles.

Great cards for everyday spending

Combining Hyatt Points

While Hyatt limits how many points you can buy per year, Hyatt also lets you combine points across accounts for the purposes of redemption, which could be a good deal. There are two major restrictions to be aware of:

  • You can only transfer points to another member “in order to have a sufficient number of points to redeem a particular award”
  • You can only combine points (regardless of whether you’re sending or receiving) once every 30 days

In order to combine points, you’ll need to complete Hyatt’s point combining request form.

Is Buying Hyatt Points With A 40% Bonus A Good Deal?

I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, though they can definitely be redeemed for a lot more than that. I just think that’s a fair number.

At the rate of ~1.71 cents per point, you can purchase enough points for a free night at a Category 7 property for ~$513, or a Category 6 property for ~$423, while paid rates at those hotels are often $1,000+ per night.

For example, the Park Hyatt Maldives is a Category 7 property (standard price of 30,000 points per night), and cash rates are often $1,200+ per night.

There’s even a lot of value on the other end of the spectrum. For example, the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a Category 1 property (5,000 points per night) with paid rates often being $180+ per night including the 25% tax and service charge, which you don’t have to pay on an award booking. Meanwhile, if buying points, your cost would be about $85 per night.

While it doesn’t apply yet, note that as of March 2020 Hyatt will be introducing peak and off-peak award pricing, which will create some variability in terms of award pricing. Fortunately the changes could have been much worse, in my opinion.

Other Ways To Earn Hyatt Points

There are lots of circumstances under which it could make sense to buy World of Hyatt points.

However, if you want to acquire World of Hyatt points at a lower out of pocket, there are some other options involving credit cards.

In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with The World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), you can also transfer over points from Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Earn Hyatt points

See this post for everything you need to know about earning Hyatt points with credit cards.

Hyatt Buy Points Summary

As is always the case, you should crunch the numbers and see if this promotion works for you. A 40% bonus is as good as it gets on the purchase of World of Hyatt points, so if you’re in the market for buying points, this is an excellent opportunity.

I know many people find it worthwhile to buy World of Hyatt points, especially those outside the US, who don’t have access to lucrative credit cards.

Just remember that there are also other ways to earn World of Hyatt points, like by transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards.

If you’ve been considering buying points but haven’t done so yet, you have just a couple of days remaining to do so.

Do you plan on buying Hyatt points with a 40% bonus?

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  1. This promo allows the annual limit to be doubled to prebonus 110k.

    Used this last time to book a couple nights at the new Park Hyatt Kyoto and got globalist upgrade to a Park Suite. Great use of points. Standard rooms were running about 100000Y.

    Beautiful new hotel in the Higashiyama-Ku district within walking distance to many famous temples.

  2. Seems the picture in headline is Park Hyatt Shenzhen.
    Lucky you need to review it !!!!!!!!
    It is one of highest Hyatt hotels in the world!!!!!!
    And please review Shenzhen Airlines, especially Shenzhen Airlines lounge in Shenzhen airport!!! It is the best in China!
    I will stop my love with your blog if you don’t review it! @[email protected]

  3. So for $1320 I can buy 77,000 points which gives me enough for 3 nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai (25,000 points a night) which is right now at $632 a night ($1896 total) By doing this I can save $576. haha, feels like there should be a “catch” here but I guess not!?

  4. @Meredith Marlin, That’s exactly what I used them for but with taxes and resort fees it was closed to $800 a night! I buy whenever I can!

  5. @anthony thank you so much for replying! Guess it’s not a “catch” and really just pays to crunch the numbers 🙂

  6. I always take this offer. Will get $0.025, $0.03, or better. A globalist so hit 60+ night a year. Not all hotels will have a $0.03+ yield but if the yield is $0.02 I’ll pay the cash rate. Some examples $540 Hyatt Hill County in April or 15000 points $0.036. $1064 Park Hyatt NYC in April or 30000 points $0.0355. Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest €525 GP weekend in August or 20000 points $0.0294. All trips I’ll make in 2020. So when they let me get 77000 points usual twice year (as late in the year they usually waive the max purchase) I buy in. The examples I have here 5 night for $3380 or 105000 point average $0.032. My cost buying 105000 points $1800 so saving $1580 on those 5 night. Also can have my wife buy in then transfer points to me. For me, this one is a no brainer. And no I wound not pay $1000-$1500 for Park Hyatt NYC but happy there at $514 for a night. Fly in Saturday morning, they have always had a room ready and usually a suite upgrade with late checkout Sunday at 4 pm. Get the weekend in NYC for 30000 points at $514 a great deal. I think Lucky you $0.015 valuation is too low. $0.018 to $0.020 is the value I consider about 2/3 of what I manage on my points yield. Perhaps as a Globalist with free breakfast, helpful concierge, waived resort fees, free parking, and room upgrades, I might be biased/entitled to push the valuation.

  7. Me too Meredith. Got $4200 worth of hotel for 100k points. But the trick was finding availability. They don’t make it easy, especially is Hawaii.

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